These Boots Were Made for Walking

Bennets Boots Wide Calf Boots in Jude Black

Confession time again, I do that alot have you noticed? I have quite large calves… I notch this up to genetics, being a curvy girl, an extraordinarily large muscle at the top of my lower leg and my penchant for riding bicycles. Why is it that male cyclists are really lean and yet female cyclists aren’t? Not that I’m saying I’m in the same league as a professional cyclist but… anyway were was I? Oh that’s right, large calves and as a result I have never been able to buy myself tall boots. I spent all last year trying nevertheless and even the ones that are intended for wide calves really aren’t. Then I found Bennetts Boots based in Victoria and you can purchase from the aptly named Three widths to choose from and they fit! They arrived safe and beautifully packaged.

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