Colour Me Happy Wednesday :: Black

I know I know, technically black is not a colour as the Jolly Monkey pointed out to me the other day and I couldn’t help but smile and think ‘that’s my boy’. So you will have to grant me a little blog artistic license today. Not surprisingly the colour search on Etsy doesn’t do black and surprisingly the keyword search yielded some interesting results. Here’s what I found:

TOP: Another Empire’s Acrylic Ampersand Brooch. What is it about the ampersand – it’s everywhere at the moment! I do love it but I also thought it was fitting since my next uni subject, which starts next week, is all about fonts.
MIDDLE: Brookish’s Jane Austen Quote Mug. These are so fun! She even has Mr Darcy’s proposal printed on a T-shirt, a must for any Jane Austen fan (like me). This mug just makes me want to sit inside and drink tea.
BOTTOM: Wall Decor’s Vinyl Decal Crystal Chandelier. So here’s where you need to humour me. I could not resist that wall, that chair, that rug! The chandelier is also available in black so it qualifies for my post today.

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  1. These are all beautiful, as always. You have such a great eye. I love the things you choose.

    The decal — awesome! Love it. You get all kinds of leeway on that one.

    As far as black being a color, defines it as such. It’s the 20th definition in the list, but it’s there. You win!

    I don’t know what happened with the following. You’re still showing in my reader. I had the same problem once and she showed up the next day again. If I don’t show up again soon, I’ll rejoin. No, you did nothing wrong. I am still following you. I love your stuff.

    • Thanks Robin for the validating my artistic license with your sharp dictionary skills!