Meet My New Favourite Toy… I Mean Tool

I have a new toy.. it’s a free iPad app called Adobe Ideas. It’s become a nice little tool when researching colour which is what I’m doing at the moment for my next Uni assignment. We have to design a brochure for a new restaurant that serves North American West Coast cuisine… oh and by the way, if anyone can define that for me that would be so helpful. To start off I’ve been looking at restaurant interiors and using the top photo my little Adobe Ideas produces a 5 colour swatch that I then draw and colour with to create my swatches. I then put this into Photoshop to work out the Pantone equivalents to these colours. It’s a great time waster… I mean research tool.

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2 Responses to Meet My New Favourite Toy… I Mean Tool

  1. Robin G July 31, 2010 at 2:05 pm #

    Cool app. Awesome restaurant design.

    Don’t you just love all those cool new inventions that are supposed to make our lives so much easier and save us so much time? That we waste so much time on.

    Hm. Guess they didn’t really save us much time, did they?

  2. Yazmin @ A Pretty Rock July 31, 2010 at 6:52 pm #

    Oh man… that seems like fun… AND I’m slightly jealous of you having an iPad. Tara has one, too. 🙁

    Can’t justify getting one right now. *Shakes fist* Darn baby and debt snowball! Sometimes I long for the days of irresponsibility… lol ;D

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