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Back from a short break

Hey friends… sorry for my absence, did you miss me? I’ve had a very emotionally charged week that has left me feeling exhausted, confused and just plain angry. I’m hoping to get back on track next week.

About my photo – the high point of my week was visiting my parents house with the boys. They live in Braidwood, a gorgeous heritage listed village just an hour from us. The boys and I went out for morning tea at this awesome mud brick building complete with loft, raked ceilings and large picture windows (and lots of smurfs). Misty rain was falling and the autumn colours were in their glory and it was very cosy inside with sofas and lots of books. It was very serene, which is just what I needed and being with my little men made me realise what is important.

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Remember :: ANZAC day

Today is ANZAC day and I can’t help but stop and pause. As the granddaughter and niece of men who served (and one didn’t return) in both WWI and WWII today is always a day of reflection in our family. When I was young we stopped to remember those that had fought in the Boer War, the first and second World Wars, Korea and Vietnam and thought of war as something that happened in our distant past. Yet here we are today with thousands servicemen and women engaged in conflict. Will you join me today to stop and remember those that fought for us and didn’t come home?

Lest we forget.

Image via flickr Rosemary by Mike

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High tea anyone?

It’s school holidays and I’m hoping to take the boys to visit my parents next week. What does this have to do with high tea I hear you ask? Well, in my recent visits my mother has progressively been handing back all my treasures that have been stored in her house for way too long. Among my years of accumulated memories are two complete Royal Doulton cup, saucer and plate sets both of which were left to me. The first by my great aunt after whom I was named and one of the loveliest women I have ever known. The second was from my paternal grandmother a gorgeous woman who sat down to tea every morning at 10:30am on the dot and when I was home from boarding school my favourite thing to do was to join her for this ritual. I miss them both. Seeing this china again has made me wonder why we don’t do high tea… or do we? I know they are popular in 5 star hotels but does anyone hold high teas anymore? Do you? I’m thinking it would be a lovely thing to do with my girlfriends, especially if I make it home next week with my tea cups.

My high tea finds are from top: High tea giclee print by Lucy Joy, Alice Wanders Not Far Tea or Cupcake 3 Tier Stand of Pink Roses Vintage China for Garden Birthday Party or Wedding Dessert Table by High Tea for Alice, Spoon and cup fine art photography print by Chocolat Negro Photography and Vintage Accessories

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Update :: a cover story

This is what I’ve been toiling away at for the last month. My next Uni assignment which is due in a little over a week. It’s an 8 page magazine and the mock-ups to a 5 page website for a fictitious magazine called LOL – Life out Loud. Drawing on inspiration from magazines like Dumbo Feather and Cellar Door I really wanted the minimalist cover to work. I think I mentioned how much I wanted to use Kassia’s gorgeous photo which, to me, makes my first attempt sublime with very little effort on my part. I was, however, over-ruled and have been forced to find a photo of my own that is cover worthy. My second attempt uses a photo that I took of my beautiful friend Jess, owner and creator of Brown Paper Bunny. She agreed to become the subject of my interview and put up with me taking literally hundreds of photos of her one Sunday afternoon. My interview is included in this mag along with two others from my fellow students. If you would like to provide any feedback at all on my cover I would be oh so grateful.


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Fine feathers

Another reason to enjoy living in the bush capital is the abundance of bird life. The main road into Canberra (Northbourne Ave) was overtaken with white cockatoos this morning and even our garden has been know to house crimson rosellas, rainbow lorikeets and the odd king parrot – all of them stunningly colourful. We’re getting better at choosing bird attracting plants and we (especially the little one) enjoys finding the colourful feathers in our garden. I have a friend who thinks of feathers as good luck, that you must hold onto one if you find it and it will disappear when it is ready. She once gave me a tiny feather just as she was boarding a plane for a move to Canada – I kept it in my wallet for years and then one day it was gone. She and I now live in the same city. Do you have any feather superstitions?

My feathery finds are from top: Printable Wall Art – Three Feathers by Bates Mercantile CoFeather Dish from Have You Met Miss Jones, Falling Feather Kitchen towel by Little Lark

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Inspired by :: kassia photography

I confess I’m not usually immediately drawn to imagery with people in it. I sometimes look at the human form as detracting from a landscape or texture and if you have read my blog a while I’m sure you would know that about me by the images I choose. In a flickr search I came across the work of kassia photography and was so mesmerised by her images. She has the ability to capture that moment that attracts me to portrait photography. When I first started studying last year one of my lecturers got us to study faces on magazines – these images are why we buy them and in his words ‘the eyes have it’. Kassia has the knack of grabbing those moments of greatest depth, where you find yourself completely drawn in by a gaze wanting to know what they are thinking. Go and view her work on both her website, Kassia Photography and her blog.

I am so enamoured with the top image and I had high hopes of using it an assignment I am currently working on but alas I was overruled by my lecturer. Kassia gave me her permission and blessing and was so accommodating and helpful when I asked. She really is very special and oh so talented.

All images via flickr are copyright to Kassia Photography. They are from top lindsey, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. sort of and gina

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Made in Denmark

There is a joke in our house that we keep Scandinavia in business – betweeen my penchant for Georg Jensen jewellery, Stokke chairs and our many trips to Ikea we seem to represent almost all of it. Our heads are full on Denmark at the moment (Legoland for the boys) as we are planning a visit in September to see two friends (and Legoland). We have never been so it’s all very exciting. Have you been? Any suggestions on things to do?

My Danish finds are from top: I heart tea print by Roofchimp – Illustrations and prints by Marielle Lebrun, Sprint trees and Winter trees by MyMazing, Pink bicycle print by Eeli-Ethel Polli

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