High tea anyone?

It’s school holidays and I’m hoping to take the boys to visit my parents next week. What does this have to do with high tea I hear you ask? Well, in my recent visits my mother has progressively been handing back all my treasures that have been stored in her house for way too long. Among my years of accumulated memories are two complete Royal Doulton cup, saucer and plate sets both of which were left to me. The first by my great aunt after whom I was named and one of the loveliest women I have ever known. The second was from my paternal grandmother a gorgeous woman who sat down to tea every morning at 10:30am on the dot and when I was home from boarding school my favourite thing to do was to join her for this ritual. I miss them both. Seeing this china again has made me wonder why we don’t do high tea… or do we? I know they are popular in 5 star hotels but does anyone hold high teas anymore? Do you? I’m thinking it would be a lovely thing to do with my girlfriends, especially if I make it home next week with my tea cups.

My high tea finds are from top: High tea giclee print by Lucy Joy, Alice Wanders Not Far Tea or Cupcake 3 Tier Stand of Pink Roses Vintage China for Garden Birthday Party or Wedding Dessert Table by High Tea for Alice, Spoon and cup fine art photography print by Chocolat Negro Photography and Vintage Accessories

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  1. Kazzy April 24, 2011 at 1:00 pm #

    That is a great print with so much detail.
    Kazzy recently very own womanhood

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