Palette and patterns :: France

Oh how I love Colour Lovers – here’s my latest palette which has been aptly named Musee France. Also my pattern attempts – I created the left modern looking Fleur de Lis, which I accidently saved without fixing those three lines in the centre and now they will forevermore bug me. There doesn’t seem any way to edit a pattern template once created and it only gives you a limited amount of shapes to work with which explains why it’s not very authentic looking. The left pattern is called Vestibule.


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One Response to Palette and patterns :: France

  1. misssrobin July 17, 2011 at 4:55 am #

    Fun palette, great patterns.

    If you hadn’t mentioned that the lines bugged you, I wouldn’t have suspected there was anything wrong with them. I kind of like the off-center look to it.

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