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OK so I think I’ve  got coffee cups out of my system for a while. My last coffee related post – for this month anyway is my palette inspired by this serene photo Coffee Cup and Book by Rebecca Nichols.

This afternoon I’m off to Rockhampton for 3 days of work. I’m not a fan of travelling for work as it seems to mess with my body and I just miss my boys too much. Hopefully this will be my last work trip for a long time and I make the time away from my little men easier to deal with by imagining the things I can do that are not always possible at home – like have a morning coffee and read a book without interruption.

My patterns inspired by theme and palette are top –  Coffee anyone? and bottom Afternoons and coffee. While I love the palette I don’t think it really captures the serenity of the photo so maybe back to the drawing board. Have a good week, do you have anything special planned?

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One Response to Palette and patterns :: coffee

  1. misssrobin August 18, 2011 at 1:52 pm #

    Great designs. Maybe not serene, but still nice. I think the serenity of the photo would be tough to match.

    I hope you got through the separation from your family okay. My 20-year old daughter is leaving for Russia in a little over a week. She will be gone for four months. I am trying to be supportive and not panic, but I can’t say I’m doing great. She is the oldest and craves this adventure. She will learn and grow and be better for it. And I will breathe when she returns.

    Sorry about doing my own personal therapy in your comment section. I guess you triggered something.

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