Fond farewell

I really hate endings however this one has been planned. I am saying a fond farewell to Current Observations, a space that has been my old friend these last 9.5 years. Oh what a ride.

This has been a tough decision for me and since I am by nature a very nostalgic person, most of the time it’s very hard to let go. Now that I have, I am so incredibly excited about my new adventure.

This blog started after reading an article that gave this advice

If you want to know what inspires you, keep a blog

I followed that advice and so in 2007 the Current Observations blog began on blogger and later moved here to WordPress. In that time I:

  • Gave up my job in corporate training to work in a digital agency
  • Honed my front end development skills and got seriously under the hood of WordPress
  • Developed and sold WordPress themes
  • Started a new career in user experience consulting and have never looked back
  • Completed my second degree in Design
  • Watched my two little boys grow into beautiful young men
  • Moved house and renovated

Along the way I found inspiration in unlikely places and this blog really did help me do that.

For now, Current Observations will remain here but you’ll now find me blogging over at

I love blogging too much to give it up completely so I hope you’ll come and join me.

Thanks for all your ongoing support.

Over and out.


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