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The advent season

DIY Advent calendar

I love advent calendars! Ever since I discovered them at around age 8 I have loved the surprise behind each window and the anticipation for the next day. This was also made even more wonderful since my birthday is in December and I treated that day as a special advent birthday present.

My Mum made a big deal out of Christmas, or maybe it was more that she didn’t stop me from making a big deal out of Christmas. She let me decorate the house; too much tinsel when I was young and strings of cinnamon sticks when I was older. She usually remembered to buy me an advent and it was always one of those traditional (Northern) Christmas scenes and behind each door was a chocolate in a different shape. Last year I was given a Lego City Advent calendar – now that was fun! I documented every single day on Instagram if you want to reminisce with me.

Well this year I have made my own 2013 Advent Calendar. Starting tomorrow until Christmas Eve, I will be posting one Etsy product each day as part of my Advent 2013. Think of it as my wish list and surprisingly this was harder to curate that you would think.

I would love it if you would share any product you also love and encourage friends and family to buy and support handmade.


The cute advent calendar pictured is a DIY Magnetic Holiday Advent project from Twig & Thistle blog

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Happy Australia Day!

Australia items on Etsy

Yes it’s Australia Day! The F18 have already done their flyover and the cyclist has done his annual 50km coffee ride with some of his cycling buddies. The boys are chilling out with their projects, one which is us attempting to make lamingtons by following this recipe. So all in all a typical Australia Day for us.

In celebration I did an Australia search on Etsy and here is what I found:

  1. Vintage Map Cufflinks Handmade Sydney Australia Recycled Sterling Silver by Sherry Truitt Studios(I like this one it features Canberra)
  2. Typography Text Map of Australia, Art Print 18×24 inch by artPause(although the ACT doesn’t feature the colours are awesome)
  3. Southern Cross Constellation Necklace Ray Trails Motif Sterling Silver Ball Chain by Jesika Jack my friend Yasmin over at A Pretty Rock blogged about these recently. I just love the Southern Cross.
  4. Tin Fishie Beastie wall hanging – a green corrugated iron mobile handmade in Australia by Kuber Store


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Blog Bling: Blog Photo Layouts (Part 5) from Pugly Pixel
Freebie: Scallop and Star Burst Medallions from Pugly Pixel
Villa Didot font from

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Random resolutions :: Happy New Year

Resolution - Create Create Create

Resolution - Perfom Random Acts of Kindness

Resolution - Trust My Instincts

People who know me well know that I’m not a fan of New Year’s Day… just as I’m not a fan of the first page of a book. I have no clue what it is but I always feel happier when the 2nd of January rolls around and when I turn to page 2. Maybe I should take up saying Bah Humbug to everything as well. No seriously I’m not that disagreeable. I also never make New Year resolutions but I do silently set myself some goals – is there a difference? I’m not sure. What I do love is randomness and what could be better than the New Year’s Resolution Generator thanks to Monina Velarde. Here’s what 3 clicks of the Gimme More button gave me – I think I can live with those. So what are your resolutions for the year? Better yet, have the generator pick one for you and come back and let me know what it is. This will be fun!

Happy New Year!

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Decorating the tree

Christmas decorations

We got our tree yesterday and decorated it in the afternoon. Here is a selection of photos of our decorations that I took while waiting for cookies to bake. We have a rather eclectic mix since we buy 3 new ornaments each year and these are some of my favourites. What about you? Do you have a Christmas tree tradition?

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It’s my birthday

First drawing done on my Intuos 4

Yes – it’s my birthday, again! I can’t believe this is now my 5th birthday post, which translates as I can’t believe this blog has been going for 4 years.

My birthday posts traditionally have involved technology of the Apple variety but this year is an exception, although technology is still involved. I’m the happy recipient of a Wacom Intuos 4 drawing tablet. It’s been a tonne of fun and also a giant learning curve and here’s my first drawing, done with Illustrator and coloured in Photoshop. Yes it’s very naive and the lines are a little funky but not bad for a first effort of stumbling blindly. I’m surprised at how few good tutorials there are for absolute beginners like me – I think I have the topic for my next screen-cast. What do you think? Oh and if you own one and would like to offer some pointers I would be ever so grateful.

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Decorating for easter

I made these cute eggs and bunnies a couple of years ago from a download courtesy of Sidsel at Spagat Blog. You can view all her downloads here which includes the Easter decorations. I misplaced them last year, I think they got buried in the bottom of the Christmas box. This year we found them again and thanks to the enormous number of eucalyptus trees in the nature strip in the front of our house which shed a great selection of branches and twigs we were able to create our cheery Easter display. Does anyone else decorate for Easter?

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Christmas and Paper Boat Press

Ceramic ornaments from Paper Boat Press

In our family we have a tradition of buying 3 (yes just 3) new ornaments for our tree each year. As you can imagine our tree has a very eclectic mix of one of a kind ornaments collected over the years. Fortunately this tradition has only been in existence since moving to Canberra so our tree still has room for more. These gorgeous ornaments are from Paper Boat Press – the creation of Brisbane based poet and ceramic artist Kylie Johnson. I absolutely love stars so these instantly appeal to me I really just love the simplicity of them. Do you have any Christmas traditions? I would love to hear them. Since we already have our 3 new ornaments for this year I think I’ll save these for next Christmas.

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It’s My Birthday

Shimano Deore XT V Brakes

Do you know what this is? It’s my birthday present – new brakes for my bike. This is one of the many reasons I love my husband; his uncanny knack of buying practical and/or interesting birthday presents. Granted… I really needed new brakes. Over the years I have received some great presents. The first year I met him he gave me one of those wooden dinosaurs that you have to put together yourself – I still have it. Another year I got a Swiss Army Knife – I still use it. I should also point out that today also usually brings a box of Koko Black chocolates, my absolute favourite. Thanks sweetie for keeping me cycling safe and satisfying my sweet tooth.

P.S. For those bicycle buffs out there, these are Shimano Deore XT V Brakes and I’m sure to go over the handle bars the first time I use them.

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Happy Mother’s Day

Mothers Day Classic 2010 - Starting Line

Mothers Day Classic 2010 - Storm Troopers

With my good friend and walking buddy and about 5100 other people I took part in the Mother’s Day Classic walk/run for breast cancer research this morning. So no breakfast in bed for me. Canberra turned on such a beautiful day. Please excuse the quality of the images they were taken on my iPhone but I wanted share the starting line where we had to queue to get started. Also the two storm troopers – this photo was for the benefit of my little boys and after all every mother’s day isn’t complete without storm troopers. Happy mother’s day to all mums near and far.

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