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Summer trees free pattern download & a plan

A tree inspired pattern

I’m putting this out there today for you all to hear – by the end of this year I want to have created a full fabric collection of my own designs – there I said it! Ambitious? Definitely. Possible? Absolutely.

This has been a burning desire for a very long time but I seem to always be doing what I ‘have to’ do and not doing what I ‘want to’ do. This was an old adage of my mother’s and while she seemed to juggle both so well I’m going for a happy medium and I vow not to beat myself up along the way. I’m letting you know today since I suspect I’ll be running ideas by you as I go and I hope you’ll keep me focused.

The only reason I have not done this sooner is a belief that I couldn’t, didn’t have the skills, the time, didn’t know where to start – you name it I had many reasons for not just starting! Crazy right? That  all changed after I recently read Jessica Swift’s ebook Jump + Trust + Repeat. If you are even vaguely interested in the path to becoming a licensed surface designer then this book is for you. It’s hard to explain what I loved the most but I think it was Jessica’s absolute honesty in telling her story, what has worked for her, what hasn’t and most importantly of all the mistakes she has made along the way. She does not at all pretend to know the absolute truth but shares her version with humour and honesty. This is a girl you want in your corner. She is really inspiring.

In celebration of my ‘annoucement’, I thought I would share a little tree pattern I made this week, yes I’m still a little obsessed with trees. It’s here for you to download, just click the link below. The tile is a 500px square so feel free to size it down to create a smaller pattern, which is what I’ve done in the example above.

[download id=”7″ format=”1″] and don’t forget to read the Terms of Use and enjoy!

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Free download :: watercolour social media set

Preview of 10 social media icons for download

I have a little treat for you for a Monday morning.

I have been trying to collate for myself all of the the most used social media icons and put them in one place. So I thought while I’m at it why not create a new free download for you. The icons included are Instagram, email, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, RSS, Flickr, Google+, Twitter and Etsy. These icons are JPG files on white background at 72dpi. Each icon is 50×50 pixels.

Click the link to download and don’t forget to read the Terms of Use.

[download id=”5″ format=”1″] and enjoy!

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Pattern download :: rustic triangles

4 triangle patterns

It turns out I haven’t got triangles completely out of my system. I was working away through Chris Spooner’s tutorial on creating a retro triangle pattern in Illustrator and I thought I would do a few different colour-ways and share the results with you. I had a lot of fun with the Recolour Artwork in Illustrator combined with some of my palettes from ColourLovers. I’m thinking that might make a good screencast topic, what do you think? Would you like to know how?

Click on the link to download the pattern. All of them tile seamlessly.

  1. Green rustic triangle pattern – [download id=”1″ format=”1″]
  2. Brown rustic triangle pattern – [download id=”2″ format=”1″]
  3. Pink rustic triangle pattern – [download id=”3″ format=”1″]
  4. Blue rustic triangle pattern – [download id=”4″ format=”1″]

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Gift Tags :: Download

Downloadable Gift Tags

Do you need some gift tags? I’ve been playing around with some patterns and colours for an idea I have and thought I’d share my experimenting with you. These are not colours I normally go for but I do like how they go together. Here’s a PDF that you are welcome to print and use. And, once again for my antipodean friends I’ve included a US Letter version. Enjoy!

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Recipe File – Download

Recipe file banner image

One of the things I lost in the great computer crash (self-inflicted) of 2009 was my recipe file template. I decided to create a new one today and thought I’d share if anyone else wants to make use of it. To make it easier for all there are two versions: PDF printable for those that like handwritten recipes and Microsoft Word DOC and DOCX version for those that prefer them typed. I’ve even added a US Letter format for my antipodean friends. Click on the one that makes you happy!

Libby’s recipe template – A4 Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx 102kb)

Libby’s recipe template – A4 Microsoft Word 1997 – 2004  (.doc 82kb)

Libby’s recipe template –  A4 PDF (70kb)

Libby’s recipe template – US Letter PDF (70kb)

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