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How about coffee?

Now that my non work days are no longer dedicated study days I have had time to dedicate to my own projects – some of which will be revealed soon. I’ve also had time for coffee out with friends – one of my favourite things to do. Yesterday morning my two closest girlfriends surprised me for what we later called a power coffee – they had places to be so the coffee was consumed quickly. I spent this morning at the Australian Museum Store with my yoga, cycling, swimming and walking partner in crime who thinks of coffee as her drug of choice and it’s the most reliable currency we can use with her. We arrived 10 minutes before the store opened so we sat in the museum’s giant sunny foyer and drank coffee. Are you a coffee drinker? Or am I speaking a foreign language right now? I wouldn’t call myself an addict and I’m strictly a single (very large) cup a day girl but I do feel my day is complete after a coffee.

I have probably mentioned this before but I’m big fan of the coffee cup motif. I think it all started with the Java logo. Here are some other gorgeous coffee cup finds:

From top left: Miniature Food Necklace: Breakfast with Croissant and Espresso Coffee Cup by Allart’s Kitchen, coffee cup vinyl wall decal by beep art!, Tour de Cafe Latte short sleeve t-shirt by Aprés Velo after cycle wear, Fuel III short sleeve t-shirt by Aprés Velo after cycle wear

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Special delivery :: snail mail for me

What is guaranteed to brighten a cold grey winter day? For me it was coming home to find one piece of mail in my mailbox; a hand addressed envelope for me! My beautiful friend Jess of Brown Paper Bunny is also part of the Creative Collective, who have declared June to be the month of snail mail and all those involved have set about to brighten someone’s day with some hand written goodness. I’m so touched to be on the receiving end. Do you still send snail mail?

My little package was so beautifully put together and included many treasures; a Japanese origami crane, colour yourself tattoos, a note written in invisible ink (we haven’t heated it yet), a cute book by Jess called books with a story and photos of her book collection, a limited edition autumn leaf print by Jess (it’s already in a frame) and not one but two Lego posters for my boys. They are both not so secretly in love with Jess and it’s not difficult to see why.

Pictures taken with Instagram – my new favourite toy.

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Up, up and away


I am so very tired today but there is a good reason for this. I bounded out of bed at 5:07 this morning to be on the doorstep of a friend’s house for her 35th birthday surprise. It was instigated by her husband and I was a mere player in the scheme. Amazingly she was clueless when I came in the front door and was a whole world of grumpy (she’s really not a morning person). My part in the plan was to make sure her children were fed and clothed after they woke up. I’m pretty sure she still had no idea what was in store until they arrived at the launch site of one of the many Hot Air Balloon companies here in Canberra.

With the winter chill definitely upon us, the morning balloons are a very pretty sight in the early morning especially when commuting to work. I haven’t been up in one yet but I’d like to try as I think there’s something magical about being at the mercy of the wind. Have you ever flown in one?

My balloon finds are all via etsy, from top: Pepe’s Village 5 x 5 Illustration Print by Virginia Kraljevic, Cool Morning Sunshine Yellow and Green Hot Air Balloon voyage illustration dictionary page book altered art print by Collage-o-rama, Heart Balloon – 4×4 fine art photo print by Elgarbo Art



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80th Birthday Invites and Ma Joie Press

Birthday Invites by Ma Joie Press

Birthday Invites by Ma Joie Press

Birthday Invites by Ma Joie Press

Birthday Invites by Ma Joie Press

I’m so excited to share with you the finished product of my Dad’s 80th Birthday invites. These were created by the ever talented Katrina at Ma Joie Press. I’m not sure how we became blogging friends but I have always loved her work so when making plans for my Dad’s birthday I knew I had to ask her if she was up for the challenge.

My Dad turns 80 on the 31st of October (yes I know Halloween in some parts of the world but fortunately for him it’s not celebrated here). I wanted to create something special and opted for a ‘in this year’, including two sporting records from horse racing and cricket in 1930. My Dad is a sport trivia freak and short of explaining the finer points of cricket to her Katrina happily accepted that cricket has 1 innings or 2 innings. I sent her two paragraphs and Katrina took my idea and made it something special. She created a 1930’s newspaper style and I love the result and I know his old mates will too.

She blogged about the process here Custom Headline Folded Invitations and Reich Paper Review which gave me an insight into the finer points if paper selection.

Thanks Katrina for all your hard work, to say I’m happy with the results is an understatement.

{Images copyright of Ma Joie Press and used with permission}

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Birthday Hearts

I just wanted to wish a Happy Birthday to my oldest friend in the world. It’s quite rare these days that you can boast of knowing someone for 37 years. We grew up in a small outback town, went to university in different cities, lived at opposite ends of the earth on more that one occasion and now find ourselves once again living in the same place. She is a big fan of hearts and I know would love these little goodies from Kikki-K.

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Mmmm Koko Black

About two weeks ago after stumbling home from a doctor visit nursing the worst flu I have ever had there was this on my doorstep. The biggest box of Koko Black chocolates I have ever seen. They were a present from my gorgeous friend Mel by way of thanks for finally finishing her website, which I should plug here – www. . And about a week ago I regained my appetite enough to taste them – an indication of just how sick I was. 64 chocolates in all and if I pace myself they may last at least 2 months. Oh… and about 4 days after the chocolates half a dozen bottles of wine arrived. So there you have it… if you need a website done I happily take payment in chocolates and alcohol.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums out there. I spent my morning with a number pinned to me (a first for me), did a short aerobic warm up with 1000 other people and walked a 5km circuit along the shores of Lake Burley Griffin for the Mother’s Day Classic walk or run for breast cancer. The top photo was taken on my iPhone while we waited to get started. You can see what a spectacular day we had and also the number of participants – apparently over 4000! The bottom photo are me (in the middle) and my good friends and walking buddies after we’d made it home with our ‘medals’. We are already planning the next one.

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More Presents

Look what arrived in the post this week! These beautiful earrings are from my gorgeous Californian friend, who many years ago was my room mate in Japan. The earrings are by Simone Walsh who is based in Australia but cleverly has both a US and Australian online store. Somehow my friend bought from the AU store and had it shipped to my address but with her name on the package. This really confused my darling husband who didn’t recognise her married name! I was prewarned. How did she know I was a fan? Facebook of course.

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Clever Friend #2

I went fabric shopping with my mother last week. We had a lovely time choosing colour combinations for the quilt she’s making for my youngest and he’s very excited about it. This started me thinking about my dear friend Anita; quilter, pilates instructor and author of these (and many other) books. Anita and I met when we were exchange students in Japan. I also managed to see her when we lived in Atlanta and we still write to each other… amazing. You can find out all about her on her web site and if you are interested in Japanese fabrics then these are the books for you. She will probably correct me on this but I think all the fabrics showcased come from her own collection!

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