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Inspired by :: Michaël Cailloux

Scarf design by Michaël Cailloux

In surface pattern design I sometimes get overwhelmed by florals. So when I spot something unusual that is not a floral I tend to sit up and take notice. I stumbled across Michaël Cailloux’s work, quite by accident and was immediately intrigued. Michaël is a French designer of ‘wall jewellery’, scarves (like the one above) and painted papers. I strongly recommend you visit his site (it’s in French and English) so you can really appreciate his work.

For me, I was struck by the unusual imagery he adds to his designs; gingko leaves with fish and eels. You’ll find frogs, pelicans, parrots and beetles and my personally I love that most of his designs include flies.

Scarf design by Michaël Cailloux

They are beautifully rendered and arranged and remind me somewhat of my fascination when I was at art school of trying to spot the beetles or flies in Renaissance paintings. In northern Renaissance religious art especially the fly was sometimes included as it was thought to repel real flies and in some Christian art the fly was symbol of evil, pestilence or sin.

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 12.37.17 pm

The fly is central to most of Michaël’s work as a symbol of life and death, he references 16th Century still life paintings as inspiration for his work. His graduating thesis was on the fly in 18th century art. I think that’s why his work is so appealing to me.

You can view all Michaël’s work on his website and get a glimpse of what he’s working on via twitter.

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An eye for :: orange & pink

A selection of orange and pink products and images

Ever since Miss Brandi released her week 26 colour palette (#1) I have had an eye for orange and pink. I cannot seem to get away from it and when doing some research for uni this week I had to incorporate these colours into an assignment. To satisfy my current obsession I put together a glorious range of orange and pink. Enjoy!

  1. Week 26 Color Palette from Brandi Girl Blog
  2. I don’t know the name of the photographer – I found this image here – via a Google image search. It’s the Indian Holi Feast.
  3. This gorgeous image is prolific on Pinterest and attributed to this Flickr member I could not find it among their photos
  4. Amy Borrell Print 1, The Big Bang (detail) via Little Paper Planes Shop
  5. Fabrics from Rajistan, India via this Fickr group
  6. Pink/Orange/Red : Pattern art print via Matt Edward Society 6 store
  7. Pink-orange-red squares via Eleanor McCain Art Quilts
  8. Hot Pink and Orange Tablecloth from Sally Campbell Handmade Textiles
  9. The timeless art of Mark Rothko via Splendid Willow blog
  10. Pink and Orange with Black Grosgrain Ribbon and Burlap Pillow Cover from Bouteille Chic Etsy store

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Inspired by :: small prints

A collection of small print fabrics

I’m really taken with small print fabrics at the moment and am quietly considering developing my own collection of prints. I’ve been doodling a lot.

I have a theory that sometimes you are drawn to things because they ‘fix’ areas of your life. My work life has been hectic and stressful and a couple of weeks ago I had what could only be described as a panic attack – well that’s what I deduced after all the weirdness had passed. I did some reading about them and one suggestion was don’t try and tell yourself to calm down but instead do something random like count backwards from 10, in other words distract yourself. So my distraction has been focusing on the details in small prints wherever I am, noticing how much energy is in a small print when seen from a distance and loving that they are so simple in the placement of motifs and colours used.

To keep me inspired I have added some equally gorgeous patterns to my ever growing Patterns & Motifs Pinterest board.

I think I’m OK – is this part of growing older?

My gorgeous selections are from:

1. Desicraft Shop – gorgeous Indian fabrics and more
2, 3, 4 & 5: Pallavik fabrics & more Etsy store

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Feeling cross

Products that use a cross motif

No I’m not really feeling cross, just a play on words (get it?). There were others on my list – star crossed, double cross, cross over, cross out, OK I’ll stop now. It’s an awesome word if you think about it, so many uses.

I’ve been noticing crosses in everything lately, even the latest Country Road catalogue has used them in products in their autumn/winter catalogue. It took me a sum total of 20 minutes to put this collection together on my Feeling Cross Pinterest Board. I’ve been so inspired by this collection that it’s served as the inspiration for my next WordPress theme. I’m sure that will help me get over my current cross obsession.

What do you think of the cross motif that’s found it’s way into home decor (and beyond) lately?

Cross goodness pictured above are:

  1. Blanket image via Pinterest. Originally pinned from Made in Oregon but no longer on their site
  2. Painted cross wall via le petit bird told me
  3. Contact Voyaging Co. Cross paddle (Red Cross) from Atelier88 Etsy Store
  4. Black and white cross quilt via crafty blossom
  5. Crosses Charcoal Quilt Cover via Aura Home
  6. Noemie Blanket in Oat via Country Road
  7. Cross bed cover via Aktuellt blog
  8. Burlap tote (hessian) sackcloth screen printed from Modern Manual Etsy Store
  9. Mint cross via BasicHus blog
  10. “Speaking of History VI 2008” artwork by Ingo Kleinert | Boutwell Draper Gallery, Sydney
  11.  Red cross quilt via The Experimental Home blog
  12. Noemie Blanket in Charcoal via Country Road

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Inspired by :: ONEandMANY ceramic design

4 products from ONEandMANY ceramic design on Etsy

For those that know me well or have been reading this blog for a while, you will know I am a very big fan of well crafted ceramics. I almost made ceramics my major at art school but opted for design because I found working with clay more therapy than art. I still wonder if that was a good decision.

These beautiful pieces come from ONEandMANY an industrial design studio specialising in ceramic design founded by Ya’ara Landau-Katz. Ya’ara’s industrial design training really reflect in the form and function of her work and I think that’s what caught my eye. The simplicity of the shape and colour of the bowl (1) really took my eye and I think this bowl would sit so nicely in your hands. I love the elegance of the vase (2) and the 3 stackable (yes really) dishes (3). Don’t you think they would be wonderful for olives  or sea salt or dukkah? The bowl and tray combination (4) has given me a craving for bread dipped in really good olive oil – yum.

This is but a sample of her work and I urge you to check out the rest on her ONEandMANY etsy store or the ONEandMANY website.

All images are via ONEandMANY etsy store:

  1. Hand made ceramic bowl, three colors bowl, Decortive ceramic for home, white, black and gray, Glossy glaze, urban design, modern, Minimalist
  2. Gray vase with glossy glaze. Gives the house a modern urban chic.
  3. Hand made ceramic bowl, 3 different sized bowls, white Glossy glaze, urban design, modern, Minimalist
  4. Hand made black ceramic serving dish,black ceramic, mat glaze, urban design, modern, Minimalist

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Loving :: neon colours (especially pink)

4 products from Etsy featuring neon pink

I know I talked briefly about neon colours with my zing colour post a while back and I confess I haven’t been able to shift the colour out of my head. My first reaction to the increasing prevalence of neon colours was, what again? I remember neon from the 80’s and thought we’d got it out of our system then but it’s back…. and I’m loving it. It just adds a wonderful splash of the unexpected, don’t you think? I’m especially loving neon pink in the home and not in fashion. Does anyone else remember leg warmers and Choose Life t-shirts?

I think each of my gorgeous finds could easily be accommodated in my house. I promise I did not plan it this way but chose 4 products I loved. Numbers 1, 2 and 4 are all from Aussie Etsy sellers and number 3 is by a Danish friend… how cool is that?

So what do you think of the current neon trend? Are you a fan or should it have been left back in the 80’s?

All products are via Etsy and they are:

  1. Ply Bunting. Handpainted raw ply. Large Size, Ready to Hangfrom Raw + Neon Homewares
  2. Ampersand Pillowcase from Auntie Cookie
  3. Forever Spring – lasercut flowers in neon red acrylic from Spagat shop
  4. Upcycled Natural & Neon Rope Basket: Pink / Coiled / Medium from Find Your Happy

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Inspired by :: The Print Society

4 cushions from the print society store

When I first started my blog it was a quest to find my ‘thing’, share my projects and sources of inspiration. I don’t feel I’ve strayed far from my original intent and having a blog has certainly carved a path for me. Whether I would have taken the same journey without a blog I will never know.

What I love the most is looking back on my old posts and realising how much my tastes have changed and grown. I think new bloggers get caught up with what others are doing and lose their voice, well at least that’s what I see in myself. I lost my groove recently and it was a sweet comment from a blogging buddy that reminded me of the original reason I started this blog. (Thanks Nic)

So what does this have to do with these gorgeous cushions from The Print Society? Well I guess right now these screen printed gems represent my changing aesthetic. Aren’t they so nice? I love the colours (especially the yellow, which I cannot get out of head), I love that just turning them over can update a room, I love the haphazardness of those dots, I love the three prints together. Love, love, love.

So what about you friends? What’s inspiring you right now? What colour can you just not get enough of at the moment?

All cushions are by The Print Society – you can purchase these from The Print Society Etsy Store and the The Print Society Big Cartel store

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Inspired by :: knitting

4 images showing knitted products

My mother was a beautiful knitter. Every year she would allocate one project to someone in the family, what would turn out to be her last project was intended for me. She never got to finish it but it was lovingly completed by the mother of a dear friend and I treasure it.

On a recent visit to see my Dad he asked if I could find a home for all her wool. My intention was to pass it on the a knitting friend but somewhere in between sorting through all that wool and trying to work out her vast number of needles I discovered 2 knitting pattern books that inspired to take up knitting. Yes, I know I don’t really need a new creative outlet and the cynical cyclist keeps reminding me that knitting is for people who sit still. This has not deterred me and between my books and YouTube I have knitted my first few squares.

I now look at knitting in a whole new light and a greater appreciation for my mother’s talents. It’s probably not surprising then that my eye has been drawn to everything knitted. I’m even working on a couple of knitting inspired digital patterns.

Maybe one day I will be proficient enough to allocate a project a year to someone I love.

In the meantime be inspired by these gorgeous knitted treasures from Etsy:

  1. yellow mug cozy, mustard cup cozy, coffee sleeve, coffee cozy from Kampsun knitwear and accessories
  2. Evesham hand knitted beige cable cushion / pillow cover 16×16″ from Lindyknits
  3. Gray Infinity Scarf with Crochet Flower Chunky Hand Knit from The Knotty Needle
  4. Designer hand knit leafy handbag purse with wooden handles in burnt orange – A Walk Among Trees – eco-fashion from Evelda’s Neverland

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Inspired by :: inaluxe

Four prints by Inaluxe

I happened across these prints by inaluxe this week and I have not been able to get them out of my head. In the process of cleaning up my inbox I spotted the Morning Sun print (top left) in a Temple & Webster email and was immediately taken with the texture, wonderful use of colour and the irregular shapes. I think I’m drawn to them because they remind me of mid century modern shapes and colours and if you didn’t know already this is an era in design that I just adore.

Inaluxe is a small design team of two, Kristina Sostarko and Jason Odd, based in the Grampians Victoria here in Australia. They credit early Abstract Expressionists and Mark Rothko as some of the artists who inspire their work. They work in a range of media and their prints are professional Giclee reproductions of the originals.

It was difficult to limit my choice to 4 as they have such a wonderful range of imagery, especially the birds. You really need to go and see for yourself.

All images are copyright of inaluxe online store and are used with permission. They are clockwise from top left:

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Inspired by :: C by C Design Studio

4 illustrations from C by C

I have a very strong feeling that Christine of C by C Illustration and Design Studio and I are supposed to best friends. We certainly share the same love of mid century modern design, Eames chairs, medallions and folk art. There is seriously nothing in her store that I do not love.

These are 4 partial prints from her range and I implore you to go and discover for yourself, you will not be disappointed. Her work is both whimsical yet timeless and her colour choices are sublime.

All four images are copyright of C by C Illustration and Design Studio. The are clockwise from top left:

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