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Colour Me Happy Wednesday :: Light Green

I hope you’ll humour me with my colour me happy post today. I thought that light green would be in abundance and yield an array of eye catching results that would have me scratching my head and trying to work out which to use. How wrong I was, well that was until I found the image at top… look closely and you’ll see my colour. Once I landed at Lola’s Room Photography etsy store I couldn’t stop at one image, they are all beautiful and very nostalgic. So my light green comes to you today from the same place. The images are:
TOP: Cotton 8 x 8 Print
MIDDLE: Simplicity 8 x 8 Print
BOTTOM: Sunday 8 x 8 Print

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Colour Me Happy Wednesday :: Turquoise

I was very excited by my colour this week, I just had a good feeling that turquoise would yield some great results. It’s not a colour I normally go for, although I do have a turquoise shirt that I just love. Here’s what I found:
TOP: mlwdesigns Teal Sunflower print (close enough to turquoise to me).
MIDDLE: Elloh’s Secret Agent and the Red Balloon limited edition print. This one really made me smile… apparently it’s a part of a whole series. Go and have a look at her mini library book complete with library card… adorable.
BOTTOM: Kainkain’s Black Linen with Turquoise Chrysant Flower – there’s just nothing like a cushion cover to change the mood of the room, don’t you think?

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Colour Me Happy Wednesday :: Beige

Who knew that the colour associated with 1970s bland would yield such treasures in my colour search today. To be honest I didn’t hold out much hope with beige… but just look at what I found:
TOP: Badbird’s Gold Fish – this one made me smile because the last two weeks the little one has brought home books about fish from the preschool library. First it was “Ugly Fish” which is not a nice story about a fish that eats all the other fish that end up in his bowl and wonders why he doesn’t have any friends – I’m sure there’s a moral in there somewhere. The second one was the “Unhappy Gold Fish” who is in a bowl that is way too small for him and ends up being scooted around the town by a dog!
MIDDLE: Rock Anemone by Simone Russell – there’s definitely a theme developing in my choices today but I did love the organic shape of this table sculpture.
BOTTOM: Orla tea towel by Skinny Laminx. I confess I have been a fan of South African Heather Moore for quite some time now. I just love that she produces a pattern that some of us would look at and instantly think ‘Orla Kiely’ and she’s called it orla by way of dedication. She is not trying to steal someone else’s work and while I would love to vent on this topic right now I’ll save it for another time.

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Colour Me Happy Wednesday :: Navy

The colour pickers cannot understand these deep colours so once again I have resorted to just a keyword search. Isn’t it funny how a colour can have an instant association? Navy made me think nautical and France… I have also just returned from seeing the Masterpieces from Paris exhibition for the second time so I have had a whole morning of all things French! Not surprisingly my eye picked up the stripes. Here’s what I found:
TOP: Red Bird Style Navy and White Cowl/Scarf. I especially love the red buttons.
MIDDLE: Bayan Hippo Sailor Tote Bag makes me wish I was on a boat somewhere.
BOTTOM: Farouche happy happy giclee print actually made me smile.

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Colour Me Happy Wednesday :: Blue

Blue is not a colour that registers with either colour search engines… by the way. I should really have posted some of the results just to prove the point. So here’s what I found by searching for ‘blue’ which returned 14653 results.
TOP: Winter Lights Set of 3 prints from T R Mack Studio just made me feel cool and now I’m really starting to look forward to winter.
MIDDLE: Firebird House Vintage Blue and White Spun Glass Trade Beads Bracelet. I confess I was more enamored with the photo than the bracelet. So perfectly staged and definitely eye catching.
BOTTOM: Fringe Curiouser Neck Ruffle – which just had me bemused. I love the curiouser and curiouser embroidered on the ribbon. But where would I wear it?

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Colour Me Happy Wednesday :: Lavender


You’ll be pleased to know that the Etsy colour search tools did not let me down this week, here’s what I found:
TOP: Photoglassworks tree and bird glass pendant. I know it was the background that matched my colour but when this appeared I just couldn’t let it go. Isn’t it gorgeous?
MIDDLE: Sick on Sin’s polar bear magnet. He’s cute and he’s a magnet and if could see my fridge you would know why this little guy caught my eye.
BOTTOM: I know I know, it’s not lavender at all… well not in colour but these are lavender sachets filled with French lavender… can’t you just smell it? I love this design from Bloomsong. I also love the smell of lavender – it’s my number one headache cure. Do you love it? Or are you one of those people (like my darling husband) that just can’t stand the smell of it?

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Colour Me Happy Wednesday :: Indigo

I just knew that a search for indigo would yield something inspired by Japan. I was happy to see that I was right. I should add that the old Etsy colour search once again let me down. It just couldn’t understand my colour request and it returned some very strange results. Give it a go, does it do the same for you? My finds for this week are:
TOP: Alice in Paris print from an original painting. Called Hayley’s Dream – Moon, Cat & Girl.
MIDDLE: Japanese Obi inspired cushion cover from dgs Home. This filled me with a whole world of nostalgia for my Japan days {hisashiburi – as they would say}. This also makes me think I should go in search of my yukata (summer kimono).
BOTTOM: I love this top from Horis Japan Blue. Using traditional shibori dyeing for something new. This form of dyeing orginated in Nagoya which is where I used to live and work. I’m sure I still have some of my own shibori attempts stashed away somewhere. I wonder where they could be?

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Colour Me Happy Wednesday :: Purple

This week not only did the old and new Etsy colour search engines disappoint I had to completely abandon them in favour of a keyword search. I found nothing that grabbed me with either colour pickers but look at what I did find with my ‘purple’ search:
TOP: Andie’s Glass focal bead. The bead is beautiful but it’s the photo that grabbed my eye.
MIDDLE: Beautiful Bridget’s Girly Girl Swirly Swirl Ruffle Scarf. Now that would be perfect for our impending winter.
BOTTOM: TJRJewellery Amethyst Ring – I love simple silver rings and this one is just so understated.

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Lately I’ve been pondering my attraction to things that are flawed. I have a diamond in a ring with a giant flaw that I feel like I have to justify to any jeweller that ever looks at it. I like dog-eared books, odd numbers and the idea behind rug makers purposefully tying one knot in a different direction to ensure the rug is not perfect. I received an email this week from one of my favourite stores and here was the opening sentence…

We have discussed wabi-sabi before. It bears repetition. This poetic Japanese theory says everything is transitory and in a state of flux, and there is unique beauty in what we are often told to regard as imperfection. Simplicity, maturity and irregularity are to be celebrated.

So next time you’re over analysing a creation you think is not quite perfect, look closer… it may just be beautiful.
{image by Andii. on Flickr}

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Colour Me Happy Wednesday :: Fuchsia

Once again I thought this would be an easy task this week as fuchsia is such a bold garish colour that I assumed it would prevail in my colour search. Once again I almost gave up on the old search tool but that was until I found the top picture…
TOP – Jellybeans – A Spring of Love Print. This is so adorable and I have a good friend who loves hearts and trees – how perfect this would be for her.
MIDDLE – Terrific Tags Studio – photographic print. I can never go past a peony.
BOTTOM – Maddy and Me – Petit Lime Felted Bowl. Felt again… I’m quite obsessed with it at the moment. I just love the shocking green with the pink and it’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

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