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My roses are confused

5 rose images

I’m not complaining but my poor roses are very confused this year. We have had almost no summer heat and too much rain and March (which is officially the beginning of autumn) has been warm and sunny. So my roses have started blooming for the third time since October, which is an unusual occurrence, and they are producing some magnificent blooms.

Inspired by the flowers and the sunshine I decided to take some photos in my garden this morning. Then inspired by my new obsession with Photoshop actions, thanks to Brandi at Brandi Girl Blog, I decided to test out one of my photos with a few different actions. Since I couldn’t choose a favourite I decided to show you all of them and I really like seeing them all together. Which do you like? Oh and if you haven’t guess already the centre image is the original.

P.S. For those rose enthusiasts this is a David Austin rose variety called The Alnwick Rose. It has a beautiful scent.

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Illuminate me… would you fake it?

PH5 Poul Henningsen

Can you spot the difference? Could you tell which one is worth AUD$1200 new and which is worth $300? Look closely… if you guessed that the top one is the more expensive then you’d be correct.

Since returning from Denmark I have been on quest to replace all the lights fittings in our house starting with the dining room, which has the weirdest most ineffective lighting possible. The friends we stayed with in Denmark had this light hanging low over their dining table. This seems to be a very Danish thing – the low hanging lights and now I think about it this is one of the things I loved about living in the US. Australians tend to hang lights in the centre of the room so you’re always ducking and weaving away from your own shadow when standing in the room – impossible.

Anyway back to my light quest – so I have resolved to buy one of these lights. It’s called a PH5 and was designed by Poul Henningson (a Dane) in 1958. A Google search returned any number of sellers around the world but where possible I like to support local stores. I found one right here in Canberra – $1200 – seriously! I found the bottom one online from an Australian store – a modest $300. The reason for the difference – well the bottom one is a replica and I just can’t bring myself to buy a replica. What about you? Would you get the great design and a quarter of the price? I have no explanation for my hesitation. As a compromise I found a second hand one for not much more than the replica from Danish Red in Melbourne –  and they have made the experience such a pleasure that I’ve already set my sights on a new dining room table they sell.

P.S. If you’re wondering the answer is yes I’m back to blogging. Thanks for your patience and sweet words – I’ve really missed you.

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Can You See The Connection?

I promise this was a happy coincidence. I survived my visit to the handmade market last weekend… it was really busy but I managed to get my lamp from The Owls Are Hunting and even came home with some money in my wallet! My lamp is now sitting on a recycled wooden bookshelf in our family room and on the same wall sits my Party of Nine from Yumi Yumi etsy store. I did not make the connection in the colours until I gave my lamp a home. Do you think we are attracted to certain colours? I’m not sure I could have made this match so well if I tried.

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Celebrations, Smiles and Frowns

What a week it has been! We celebrated the boys 4 and 6 birthdays last Saturday complete with jumping castle and castle cake. Note to self – never let them choose another cake that has royal blue icing. It’s really not an attractive food colour and it gets on everything! Saturday was also the arrival of the final pieces of my desk puzzle so I finally got to put it together on Sunday. I’ve still got a little bit to do and I had to compromise on the silver legs but I do like the industrial looking drawers. The frowns for the week came from a supreme act of stupidity on my part. I decided to rebuild my computer and thought I’d backed everything up but it turns out I hadn’t. So I inadvertently purged myself of many years worth of collecting web links and not so useless documents. Swampfire (my big boy’s alien in the bottom picture) was just menacing enough to remind me of my ordeal and I have carpet burn on my elbow from throwing myself on the floor in a dramatic turn upon the realisation that everything was gone. The only saving grace was all pictures were on a different drive. I’m trying to convince myself that this really is a blessing in disguise.

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The Unfolding Mystery

It’s quite strange buying a house in winter when all the shrubs and trees are dormant. It’s been such fun watching the garden bloom and trying to work out what’s what. Here’s three flowers that are currently enjoying Spring. The irises are dotted all over the garden. I have no clue what the centre one is but it changes colour from pinks to orange and finally a beautiful shade of purple just as the flowers are wilting. The roses are huge and smell divine.

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Happy Flags

Floriade is almost finished for another year, and not as awe inspiring as previous years. It could have been for the fact that we went on a Sunday (too crowded) and spent half our time looking for a lost pink pig that my youngest insisted on bringing with him (we didn’t find it). I did come home with these cute happy flags though. I have 3 of them arranged in the garden and they really do make you smile when you gaze outside and also make you momentarily forget about all the weeds out there that need to be pulled.

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New House!

Well it’s been too long between posts, my sincere apologies to the 3 people that actually read this. I include myself in that number. There is a good reason for my lack of inspiration – house hunting!!! To everyone who has ever done this you will know what a stressful and time consuming venture it is! Well the good news is that we have bought a house but we haven’t exchanged contracts yet. I had to include this photo even though it’s not one of mine. It was used in the advertising for the house, but wasn’t the reason we bought it. It just struck me as such a strange picture to use, but somehow I like it.

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It’s quite easy to overlook the humble passion fruit or at least take it for granted. A few years ago we made a trip to Canada to visit some friends and do some skiing. The only request from our friends in Newfoundland was tins of passion fruit pulp! So I carted many tins across the world for them to enjoy. Our garden has a passion fruit vine and it is already starting to flower – they are so amazing. Pretty soon we’ll be giving away bags full of passion fruit to neighbours and friends. I will also have to break out the pavlova recipe, because a pavlova is not complete unless it’s drizzled with passion fruit. If anyone has any other recipes let me know. I still have a freezer full of passion fruitfrom last year!

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