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Brown Trading Company

Like a lot of bloggers I am the recipient of many spam comments and they are easy to spot because they are usually on posts that are quite old, from dodgy websites and sometimes just plain weird. This means I almost ignored the lovely Keren from Brown Trading Company when she left a comment about my love of Bungalow post. Luckily I didn’t ignore it and we exchanged a few emails and she introduced me to her site, while I got to gush about my love of Bungalow. As the Australian distributors for Bungalow home wares I was instantly smitten but she is also Australian distributor for Jessie Steele as well as her own label which is soon to be released.

In Australia it’s hard to find the complete range of Bungalow in any online store and certainly not in Canberra. Since Brown Trading Co is the distributor they have the biggest range all in one place, so stop by there first and then ask your local stockist to order it for you – I always do this to Cherry Seed, my Bungalow stockist and they always order me what I need. Brown Trading Company will soon be offering online ordering but not sure if that’s just for wholesalers – watch this space as I have made her promise to let me know when that happens.

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Snowflake envy

Winter is upon us and while I live in one of the colder parts of Australia it doesn’t get snow (well not very often). I sometimes wish I lived in a snowy part of the world and the few times I have, well… I really loved it. I know some of you reading this probably want to slap some sense into me and I’ve never had to deal with digging a car out of driveway or dressing children for the snowy outdoors so it’s probably a very romanticised view of the world. I do love the exhilaration of the extreme cold, like the frozen landscape of Newfoundland, and the silence that comes with a good snowfall.

When I went to work in Japan I applied to live in Hokkaido – far northern island. I had visions of living in a frozen tundra and working myself into a creative frenzy. It wasn’t meant to be and I ended up in Nagoya, which I loved by the way, but it is affectionately referred to as the armpit of Japan as it’s so humid in summer. I really don’t function well in humidity – give me a cold day any time. And maybe a little snow.

P.S. I have snowflake decals on my family room wall (Christmas decorations from 2 years ago) and the boys won’t let me take them off. I also have that garland hanging in my kitchen – the cyclist wouldn’t let me pack it away after Christmas last year!! Seems I’m not the only snowflake fan.

My snowflakes have fallen from: (clockwise from top) Embroidery Pattern Set Winter Wonderland Snowflake and Monogram Patterns for Ornaments or other decor by September House, Snowflake Tree Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker Graphic Snow Flake Christmas by LKS Trading Post, Deck the halls paper garland by 3 Girls + a Goat, Snowflakes wall decal by Vinyl Design


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On ya bike

Tomorrow is the Big Canberra Bike Ride and I’ll be taking part with my good friend and cycling, swimming and walking buddy. I went for a ride yesterday in a new direction and just enjoyed the light filtering through the avenue of birch trees, the cool breeze, the warm sun and the whirring of my wheels. It made me realise how much I enjoy riding and how lucky I am to live in a city that makes it so easy to get across town without risking life and limb in traffic. It also helps to be married to the ‘the cyclist’ which means I have my very own support crew.

My bicycle finds are from top: Bicycle refillable journal by The Rabbit and the Duck, Bicycle Key Rack by Knob Creek Metal Arts, Life is a Beautiful Ride by Parada Creations

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Prints Charming – The Book

Prints Charming Book

As you know I recently did a screen printing on fabric course with the lovely Kate Ward. During the workshop (actually right from the beginning) she recommended I go and have a look at Prints Charming. She must have seen a similarity between styles that attract me and this store. I just love their fabric, prints and projects and best of all they have a book! My copy arrived this week and it’s got a lot of great projects for hand printed fabric. If breaking out the silk screen is not your thing you can also buy some of the projects from the book as kits. I really like the scarf so lets add that to the list of projects I want to complete.

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Dinosaur Designs Reminiscing

Dinosaus Designs Resin products

I have been researching e-commerce shopping carts for a friend who mentioned that she really likes the Dinosaur Designs website. I used to go to University (the same one as the Dinosaur Designs founders) up the road from their Sydney store and a regular Saturday Paddington Bazaar trip wasn’t complete without a visit to their store. I still have a green resin ring that I bought almost 20 years ago and will probably wear it again now that I’m over my corporate phase. Viewing their site made me just a little nostalgic and here’s a few resin pieces that I probably wouldn’t have bought 20 years ago because red is a new thing for me. Clockwise from top left: Drip Drop Vase, Long Dew Servers, Shell Soy Dish, Band Ring.

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mattt bags

mattt bags

The cyclist will almost definitely disagree with me on this but I’m pretty sure I need one of these bags. Mattt bags are proudly handmade in Melbourne using fabric from Australian designers. I’ve narrowed my favourites down to four that all use fabric by the very talented Lara Cameron who is also based in Melbourne. Which do you think I should go with?

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These Boots Were Made for Walking

Bennets Boots Wide Calf Boots in Jude Black

Confession time again, I do that alot have you noticed? I have quite large calves… I notch this up to genetics, being a curvy girl, an extraordinarily large muscle at the top of my lower leg and my penchant for riding bicycles. Why is it that male cyclists are really lean and yet female cyclists aren’t? Not that I’m saying I’m in the same league as a professional cyclist but… anyway were was I? Oh that’s right, large calves and as a result I have never been able to buy myself tall boots. I spent all last year trying nevertheless and even the ones that are intended for wide calves really aren’t. Then I found Bennetts Boots based in Victoria and you can purchase from the aptly named Three widths to choose from and they fit! They arrived safe and beautifully packaged.

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A Fabric Find and Hawthorne Threads

My gorgeous friend Rach sent me a link to Hawthorne Threads last week and I was besotted. I don’t think I’ve seen such a gorgeous range of fabric under one ‘virtual’ roof. Luckily for me I was in need of some fabric for my boys’ birthday t-shirts and then I was just so inspired by these – a selection from Echino fabrics. I just love the top right and even though I have no plans for it yet I bought a yard. These remind me of all the good design that exists in Japan. After living there in total for 3 years I experienced a lot of not so good design but this just shows that it’s out there. Now the only question is what should I do with it? I’m thinking of buying some foam and making a cushion for our hallway shoe rack, what do you think? Suggestions would be welcome.

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Seeing Green

No matter how I word the title today it just sounds wrong. Currently it would make me seem like the green-eyed monster, which I’m not. Previously I had stated simply what they are – Green Jugs – but there was something not quite right about that either. I love the colour green and it really overtakes when decisions of colour are required. This is especially true when green is pitted against blue. Which is why I was so taken with these green jugs in Studio Altenberg yesterday; not just the colour but also the shape especially those handles. Do you think they would look as lovely if there was just one? Please excuse the quality of the image. I have not perfected the art of iPhone photography and what to do with low light. My other faux pas was forgetting to take note of the artist’s name so I can give credit where it is due. In my defence I have emailed the Studio to ask them and will amend this post if or when they reply.
Update – I got a reply from the Studio and here it is. “Thank you for your enquiry the artist is Lene Jakobsen…  from memory the three prices of the jugs in this image you have sent – large to small are $180, $150 and $120

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