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Finished up :: photomontage

Two women from different eras

Do you ever finish a creation and it really pleases you? I confess this doesn’t happen to me very often as I’m my own worst critic but every so often all the stars align and I produce something that just captures what I set out to achieve. This image is one of those times.

The challenge was to create 3 photo-montage images, in black and white using only images by a handful of early and late 20th century photographers. The key to our images was they had to make a statement, which could have been a cause or an ideology, serious or humorous. We were only allowed to use text if absolutely necessary. This is one of my 3 and I set out to make a statement about the ‘haves’ vs the ‘have nots’. I purposefully added the text so the viewer was left to decide who was the have and who was the have not.

I got my grade yesterday for the assignment (a distinction) and then our lecturer posted 17 examples from the class that ‘worked particularly well’ and this one was included in the line-up. So I’m a little bit chuffed with that.

What have you done lately that has really worked well for you?

The images I used were (left) Richard Avendon: Verushka dress by Kimberly, New York, January 1967 Image source:  and (right) Walker Evans, [Woman on the Street, Havana], 1933 Image source:

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Old fashioned phones and bee hives

Bee hives, 1950s image of a women on the phone and buzz logo

And I bet you thought I was going to show you a hairstyle, am I right? Sorry I’ve been so silent this week, Uni has been a lot of work and I’m starting to wonder if it’s all worth it. We have these ‘mini’ tasks we have to do each week and they are more epic than mini and take so much time (remember the circles). But that story is not at all related to this post.

I rediscovered the Graphics Fairy this week, do you know it? A website devoted to free vintage images and crafty projects. I signed up to her email and had to laugh at some of the things she posted this week, they all seemed to relate to what I’ve been working on. You see I’m taking a class in advertising this semester and we have to work in teams as ‘virtual’ agencies. This is quite difficult since I’m doing the class via distance and have to depend on chat and facebook to communicate and collaborate. One of our first tasks was to come up with a name and logo for our agency, can you see the connection yet? That’s my attempt at both name and logo in the bottom right and one of the many Graphics Fairy images that came in my inbox this week was of beehives, aren’t they gorgeous? Our client brief is from a mobile phone company and we’ve all been madly researching their current campaigns, target market and product offerings and then into my inbox comes these awesome 1940’s pictures of people on phones. Now I’m trying to work out how I can use them for our project. Wish me luck!

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Circle logo :: my final three

3 logos for circle and alternatives

Thanks so much to everyone who helped me choose my final 3 circle logos. I think choosing 3 was actually harder than creating 40. So these are the 3 I went with for a few reasons. I was very attached to the top one, I kind of liked the painterly circle that reminded me of a wine stain so I thought that fit the restaurant theme. The problem is it wasn’t as successful in black and white and then reversed. The other two I chose because I thought they were clean and minimal and they both translated well in black and white and reversed. I think though, my favourite would have to be the bottom one. I like the three little circles, almost like an ellipses and since I’m so fond of hidden meanings I like a restaurant logo that promises ‘but wait there’s more’.

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Circle logos :: help me choose three

20 circle logos and text

20 circles logos

Here is one challenge that has been messing with my head for the last 2 days. The task was to create a logo for a restaurant called ‘circle’ and we were allowed to use the word circle and the circle shape and we had to come up with 40 variations. Let me just say at number 28 I was ready to give up. The word ‘circle’ no longer looked like anything I recognised and my eyes couldn’t take in any more circles. This was a great challenge for me since I’m not great at pushing my ideas and that number 40 goal post certainly made me do that. Somewhere around number 16 I had a great idea in my head that I wanted to try and so I made a start and it would end up somewhere completely different , so I started again and then end up somewhere different. I never did execute my idea and I’m not doing 41! So now my bigger challenge is I have to pick 3 of these to present to the ‘client’ and so I’m enlisting your help. What are your 3 favourites? Leave a comment and let me know – I’ve even numbered them all to make it easy for you.

P.S. Click on each image (there are 2) to see a larger version

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And speaking of geometrics

Geometric shapes

Uni started back this week – my first week back since last June. I study via distance and they are usually very organised but one subject (I’m only doing 2) has been a bit of a fiasco this week; no lecturer, no material, broken links to readings, no answers to our queries on the subject forum. By Wednesday I was ready to drop the class and try again next time. The multiple calls to Student Services must have worked because they jumped into action on Thursday and I finally got set up and logged in to a new system by Friday morning. So I essentially missed a week and have spent the last 2 days trying to play catch-up, which is not a great start to semester.

On the positive side this subject had us playing around with combinations of primary shapes as preparation for logo design. We had to create 12 in all using just squares, circles and triangles and here are 6 of my efforts. This is probably what I enjoy most about returning to University, it gives me interesting challenges that I would not normally do, like drawing multiple shapes in Illustrator and then playing around with the Pathfinder tool to produce unexpected results. I’m pretty sure I could incorporate some of these in a fabric design, what do you think?

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Working on :: issey miyake

This is where most of my energy has been expended over the last week. This is assignment #2 for uni, which is due in 2 weeks, and it seems an extraordinary amount of work for the marks and time frame allowed… am I sounding grumpy? We have to produce an invite, catalogue and promotional gift for a showcase of some of Issey Miyake’s more elaborate clothes. We have 16 pieces we have to include in the catalogue and really up until today I’ve been solely focused on the invite. You can see my first and latest attempts above and if you can imagine it –  the whole invite is pleated (origami style) so an A4 page becomes about the size of a Penguin novel. I’m attempting to reproduce his art of pleating for which he’s so well known. The bottom image is two pages from the catalogue and I’ve had lots of fun creating repeating patterns (you know how I love them) and it’s even given me inspiration for my next screencast. Watch this space sometime after June 10 when my marketing exam is done and dusted.

It really doesn’t hurt that I’m a big fan of Issey Miyake and have been ever since I convinced my mother to make me this highly complicated shirt from one of his Vogue patterns circa 1984. Also this project is making me incredibly nostalgic for Japan and I even had to think back on my high school shodo (calligraphy) classed to write his name using Illustrator. It’s clearly written by a foreigner! So again friends if you have any insight to share in the form of constructive criticism I’ll be forever grateful.

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Update :: a cover story

This is what I’ve been toiling away at for the last month. My next Uni assignment which is due in a little over a week. It’s an 8 page magazine and the mock-ups to a 5 page website for a fictitious magazine called LOL – Life out Loud. Drawing on inspiration from magazines like Dumbo Feather and Cellar Door I really wanted the minimalist cover to work. I think I mentioned how much I wanted to use Kassia’s gorgeous photo which, to me, makes my first attempt sublime with very little effort on my part. I was, however, over-ruled and have been forced to find a photo of my own that is cover worthy. My second attempt uses a photo that I took of my beautiful friend Jess, owner and creator of Brown Paper Bunny. She agreed to become the subject of my interview and put up with me taking literally hundreds of photos of her one Sunday afternoon. My interview is included in this mag along with two others from my fellow students. If you would like to provide any feedback at all on my cover I would be oh so grateful.


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Design Dilemma – Help Please

I’m appealing to you for help with my next assignment… again. We have to design a small brochure for a restaurant opening and this is just the front cover. The assignment is quite prescriptive in terms of text content but the style of food that the restaurant serves is really up to us. I’m going for tappas style that’s fast and fresh. I know each of my designs are a variation on a theme but I’m really not sure which one to go for. Can you help?

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Meet My New Favourite Toy… I Mean Tool

I have a new toy.. it’s a free iPad app called Adobe Ideas. It’s become a nice little tool when researching colour which is what I’m doing at the moment for my next Uni assignment. We have to design a brochure for a new restaurant that serves North American West Coast cuisine… oh and by the way, if anyone can define that for me that would be so helpful. To start off I’ve been looking at restaurant interiors and using the top photo my little Adobe Ideas produces a 5 colour swatch that I then draw and colour with to create my swatches. I then put this into Photoshop to work out the Pantone equivalents to these colours. It’s a great time waster… I mean research tool.

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Face out of Fonts

Things have been a little quiet on my blog front… apologies. I’ve been settling back into normal work hours, fighting a cold and trying to make a start on my first Uni assignment which is due in a couple of weeks. This semester I’m doing Digital Publishing and Typography and part of my first assignment is to create faces out of fonts. We are not allowed to distort the characters but we can rotate, scale and reflect. Here’s two that I have come up with. My snobby man and my rich madam. The snobby man was my first attempt and I sat down to attempt a ‘pretty girl’ and he sort of evolved. My rich madam was my second attempt at a ‘pretty girl’. She may not be pretty but she doesn’t care because she’s incredibly rich! I’m not getting as much help from my fellow students this semester so I might appeal to you for a little feedback from time to time. I hope that’s OK. Feel free to comment on these two.



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