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Palette and patterns :: ampersands

Using the gorgeous photo by Ji Young Yoon, I decided to create this candy palette. And in keeping with tradition I also created a couple of patterns but I just wanted to share one of them my aptly named and flowers for you – get it?. What I love about ColourLovers is how others use your pattern templates and it’s so cool to see what they do with your design. I thought I’d include 3 of them and I have to say they did a much better job with their colours.
They are clockwise from top right: Flowers for you (that’s mine), sweet cute sweet ˆˆ&@ , TimeToTweet


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Seeing ampersands

Do you ever have a time when you become aware of a thing, or word or colour and then you start seeing it everywhere? Does the awareness mean that you’re just taking notice or is it really everywhere? For me this week it has been the ampersand – I have been seeing them all over the place – and before you say anything they’re not just on my lazy written page. Who is it that thought to decorate with an ampersand? Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love these looks and in the last year I have become such a font nerd (if there is such a thing) – I say why not hang an ampersand from your dining room ceiling. So quirky, what do you think?

My ampersands are, clockwise from top left: Butterfly and ampersand by Worker Design, Ampersand Chandelier by Revival Design, Armchair by the Lisa Barrett at Tango and James – this is probably not for sale but Lisa sometimes incorporates ampersands into her gorgeous projects, Ampersand (&) Typographic Wall Wedding White Literary by Slippin Southern

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