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It’s My Birthday

We have broken with the Apple tradition this year for my birthday as was the case last year and the year before. Thank you to the Musee d’Orsay for closing down for refurbishments for a year. As a result I have spent this morning having breakfast with my darling husband in the National Botanical Gardens and then visiting Masterpieces from Paris, which opened today, at the National Gallery of Australia.  We were joined by my oldest friend in the world which made the morning even more perfect. Included are two of the most famous and standout paintings by Vincent Van Gogh; Van Gogh’s bedroom at Arles – 1889 (top) and Starry Night – 1888 (bottom).

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Foam Letter Accidental Art

With a lot of ‘help’ from the boys, we cleaned the foam letters last weekend. We had a real production line going with frames, letters and inserts filling every available space. My darling husband decided they were not drying quickly enough laying flat on the table. So I came outside to find that he had slotted them all together to hasten the drying process. The overall effect was quite cool – we had created our own backyard installation.

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A couple of weeks ago I visited the Degas exhibition (it finishes today) at the NGA with good friend and Godmother to my eldest. After she’d gone home I found a magnet on my fridge with these pears on it. She knew I was admiring the glass ones for sale in the NGA shop. This sculpture, Pear – version 2 is by George Baldessin and it resides in the sculpture garden. Since my glass pear encounter I seem to be seeing pears in all sort of strange places; prints, T-shirts and appliqued on bags just to name a few.

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