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Give me the child until seven…

Boy at 10 months and at 7

and I will show you the man. If you remember I did a similar post when my jolly monkey turned 7. Well the little one turns 7 today and thanks to this Jesuit motto it’s been looming on the horizon like some kind of use by date for me to get all my influence in before he becomes hard coded into the man. I don’t devote any space to my little men on this blog and I do this on purpose but this day, the 7th birthday, is my one exception.

My little one was a very serious baby, he studied us and the world around him like he knew the way of the world and we were clueless. We found ourselves thinking that he’d been here before. He was not a difficult baby, a bad sleeper or any trouble. He’s my cuddly one and still loves to snuggle at any opportunity. Here’s what I know, he’s got an inner sensitivity to his surroundings, he’ll stop to watch ants, pat a cat, give me a cuddle if he thinks I’m feeling sad. He gets excited by my new fabric purchases, he’s aware of changes and he pays compliments. He’s a man of few words and my brother summed it by saying he says so much in expression. The boy has turned into a truly funny kid, with a quick wit and strange sense of humour although he doesn’t laugh out loud very often. The bottom photo is him attempting his cackling witch impersonation because he only had one front tooth. He loves dancing and music.

To me he is somewhat of an enigma and the cyclist’s and my resounding question each week is ‘where did he come from?’. I have such a strange yearning in my core that wants to know what the world holds for him and at the same time I never want him to grow out of his eccentricities, like the random collections (rocks mostly), the way he assembles items on his toy box and his little drawings that appear all over the house. Here’s what I also know, he’s curious, smart and opens doors for women – I think the man will be just fine!

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It’s my birthday

First drawing done on my Intuos 4

Yes – it’s my birthday, again! I can’t believe this is now my 5th birthday post, which translates as I can’t believe this blog has been going for 4 years.

My birthday posts traditionally have involved technology of the Apple variety but this year is an exception, although technology is still involved. I’m the happy recipient of a Wacom Intuos 4 drawing tablet. It’s been a tonne of fun and also a giant learning curve and here’s my first drawing, done with Illustrator and coloured in Photoshop. Yes it’s very naive and the lines are a little funky but not bad for a first effort of stumbling blindly. I’m surprised at how few good tutorials there are for absolute beginners like me – I think I have the topic for my next screen-cast. What do you think? Oh and if you own one and would like to offer some pointers I would be ever so grateful.

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It’s My Birthday

Shimano Deore XT V Brakes

Do you know what this is? It’s my birthday present – new brakes for my bike. This is one of the many reasons I love my husband; his uncanny knack of buying practical and/or interesting birthday presents. Granted… I really needed new brakes. Over the years I have received some great presents. The first year I met him he gave me one of those wooden dinosaurs that you have to put together yourself – I still have it. Another year I got a Swiss Army Knife – I still use it. I should also point out that today also usually brings a box of Koko Black chocolates, my absolute favourite. Thanks sweetie for keeping me cycling safe and satisfying my sweet tooth.

P.S. For those bicycle buffs out there, these are Shimano Deore XT V Brakes and I’m sure to go over the handle bars the first time I use them.

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80th Birthday Invites and Ma Joie Press

Birthday Invites by Ma Joie Press

Birthday Invites by Ma Joie Press

Birthday Invites by Ma Joie Press

Birthday Invites by Ma Joie Press

I’m so excited to share with you the finished product of my Dad’s 80th Birthday invites. These were created by the ever talented Katrina at Ma Joie Press. I’m not sure how we became blogging friends but I have always loved her work so when making plans for my Dad’s birthday I knew I had to ask her if she was up for the challenge.

My Dad turns 80 on the 31st of October (yes I know Halloween in some parts of the world but fortunately for him it’s not celebrated here). I wanted to create something special and opted for a ‘in this year’, including two sporting records from horse racing and cricket in 1930. My Dad is a sport trivia freak and short of explaining the finer points of cricket to her Katrina happily accepted that cricket has 1 innings or 2 innings. I sent her two paragraphs and Katrina took my idea and made it something special. She created a 1930’s newspaper style and I love the result and I know his old mates will too.

She blogged about the process here Custom Headline Folded Invitations and Reich Paper Review which gave me an insight into the finer points if paper selection.

Thanks Katrina for all your hard work, to say I’m happy with the results is an understatement.

{Images copyright of Ma Joie Press and used with permission}

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Give me the child until seven…

and I will give you the man. This Jesuit motto has been running through my head leading up to my Jolly Monkey’s 7th birthday. Could it be that the person he will become has already been hardwired? Sometimes I find myself watching him and wondering what life has in store for him. This gives me a feeling that can only be described as heartache but not of the fearful kind. Here’s what I know… he has a vast imagination with such detailed stories of events and characters that I can’t believe they are not real. He has a spark that people are drawn to, which gives me comfort that he will survive socially but also fills me with trepidation. He has a strange sense of humour and he giggles uncontrollably when trying to tell a story he thinks funny – mostly he never makes it to the punchline. He loves words and reading and will pull single words out of something you’ve said to him just to know their meaning. Here’s what I also know… he’s the fussiest eater on the planet and I honestly believe every author of fussy eater cookbooks would be challenged by him. He has a quick temper especially when he feels an injustice has been served. Oh and did you notice he’s missing a tooth? We think he may have swallowed it and just so the tooth fairy wouldn’t forget him he made me take a picture of his missing tooth, print it and he put it on his door. He certainly knows how to plan ahead, especially when money is involved… I think the man will be just fine.

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Birthday Month Continues

My little man turns 5 today but we celebrated with a party last Saturday. Here he is ready for his party and posing in his birthday t-shirt (I’m not sure about this ‘smile’). The birthday t-shirts are now a tradition and they have definitely evolved over the last 5 years. They used to be made with printable iron-on transfers with a naff design hastily created in Illustrator. Then I started to make applique t-shirts and this year they have the same number of stars as their age; I love stars and odd numbers so this worked for me and they don’t seem to mind. The green alien was his choice and I’m just glad that it wasn’t blue this year.

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And So Begins Birthday Month

My darling husband, aka the cyclist, turns 42 today. He’s quite excited by this as up until last week he thought he was already 42 so he feels like he has won back a whole year. Just one of the many reasons I love him – if the details are not important then he doesn’t pay attention. I mean really, what is an age anyway? I admit I don’t devote much of my blog world to the cyclist – I kind of like to keep him to myself. He’s an extraordinary person who can be frustratingly grumpy and overwhelmingly thoughtful. Without exaggeration he’s so smart that I often struggle to keep up with the way his brain works. He has a quick wit and watching him with the boys is one of my favourite pastimes. Best of all, he puts up with me and after 22 years of knowing him and 11 years married to him he’s still the person I most want to spend my time with.
Happy Birthday sweetie – if you’re stuck for a new bike colour how about this one?

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Birthday Hearts

I just wanted to wish a Happy Birthday to my oldest friend in the world. It’s quite rare these days that you can boast of knowing someone for 37 years. We grew up in a small outback town, went to university in different cities, lived at opposite ends of the earth on more that one occasion and now find ourselves once again living in the same place. She is a big fan of hearts and I know would love these little goodies from Kikki-K.

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It’s My Birthday

We have broken with the Apple tradition this year for my birthday as was the case last year and the year before. Thank you to the Musee d’Orsay for closing down for refurbishments for a year. As a result I have spent this morning having breakfast with my darling husband in the National Botanical Gardens and then visiting Masterpieces from Paris, which opened today, at the National Gallery of Australia.  We were joined by my oldest friend in the world which made the morning even more perfect. Included are two of the most famous and standout paintings by Vincent Van Gogh; Van Gogh’s bedroom at Arles – 1889 (top) and Starry Night – 1888 (bottom).

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More Presents

Look what arrived in the post this week! These beautiful earrings are from my gorgeous Californian friend, who many years ago was my room mate in Japan. The earrings are by Simone Walsh who is based in Australia but cleverly has both a US and Australian online store. Somehow my friend bought from the AU store and had it shipped to my address but with her name on the package. This really confused my darling husband who didn’t recognise her married name! I was prewarned. How did she know I was a fan? Facebook of course.

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