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Uppercase :: another reason I should be Canadian

With a tagline of ‘a magazine for the creative and curious’ it’s little wonder that I feel like Uppercase has been created just for me. This mag is a goldmine of stories and inspiration all focused around a loosely defined theme – bees for issue #9, which is reflected in the gorgeous use of honeycomb pattern throughout. I kind of wish I’d found this from issue #1 but the first issue in my newly purchased subscription (4 issues per year) arrived in record time all the way from Canada. I’m trying to pace myself but us curious folk are not very good at doing that, looks like I’ll be running to the mailbox everyday waiting for the next issue.

Yes I’m not kidding about being Canadian and at one point in our married life the cyclist and I had Canadian residency, which we didn’t get to use as Atlanta and babies kind of intervened. Sometimes I think I could easily pack up and move there.

P.S. What do you think of the blog redesign – I’ll share the gory details in my next post.
P.P.S Exams are done and I’m on sabbatical for the next 8 months so I’ll be posting a whole lot more.

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80th Birthday Invites and Ma Joie Press

Birthday Invites by Ma Joie Press

Birthday Invites by Ma Joie Press

Birthday Invites by Ma Joie Press

Birthday Invites by Ma Joie Press

I’m so excited to share with you the finished product of my Dad’s 80th Birthday invites. These were created by the ever talented Katrina at Ma Joie Press. I’m not sure how we became blogging friends but I have always loved her work so when making plans for my Dad’s birthday I knew I had to ask her if she was up for the challenge.

My Dad turns 80 on the 31st of October (yes I know Halloween in some parts of the world but fortunately for him it’s not celebrated here). I wanted to create something special and opted for a ‘in this year’, including two sporting records from horse racing and cricket in 1930. My Dad is a sport trivia freak and short of explaining the finer points of cricket to her Katrina happily accepted that cricket has 1 innings or 2 innings. I sent her two paragraphs and Katrina took my idea and made it something special. She created a 1930’s newspaper style and I love the result and I know his old mates will too.

She blogged about the process here Custom Headline Folded Invitations and Reich Paper Review which gave me an insight into the finer points if paper selection.

Thanks Katrina for all your hard work, to say I’m happy with the results is an understatement.

{Images copyright of Ma Joie Press and used with permission}

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Stepping up on My Soapbox

This is a little out of character for me but I feel the need to rant today. Read on if you dare. I want to say there are some beautiful blogs out there, some of which I happily follow and they hold my interest because they showcase creativity both visual and written. I have to say that I’m very tired of ‘mommy blogs’ and I actually find them a little disturbing. Normally I just move on and pay no heed and let each to their own. Then I stumbled across one this week written by a girl with one young child expounding advice on all manner of parenting dilemmas. Is she an expert? As far as I can ascertain… no. Then why does she think she’s right? It’s like the most well meaning relative that starts giving you parenting advice when you’re first pregnant.

There’s another thing about ‘mommy blogs’ that really troubles me, and that’s the need to photograph and publish every waking (and sometimes sleeping) moments of ones child(ren). I wonder at the long term repercussions on said child(ren) of this trend. My very web savvy jolly monkey has been so schooled by us on what it means to give away his personal information online. He can rattle off a list of things that are out of bounds when interacting with others on kids community sites. Why would I then document him to the world? Our boys are the two coolest individuals on the planet – but I’m sure only the cyclist and I think that way. As far as parenting goes, my only advice to expectant parents is trust your instincts. Enough said.

P.S. The author of the blog in question, which I shall not name, also insulted the Australian accent. I’m not sure what made me more mad… I love the Australian accent!

{image via weheartit}

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I’m Moving…

Well not literally, this is a cyber move. I have decided to take the plunge and enter the world of a self-hosted WordPress blog. Thanks to the lovely Tara at Scoutie Girl I’m setup and good to go. I would like to think that everything will go swimmingly but, well, that would be too Pollyanna of me. I hope you can put up with me while I’m ironing out my technology teething issues and moving my domain name, posts, images and comments. I will be reverting this blog back to and reclaiming current-observations for the new one. Wish me luck and I’ll meet you on the other side.

{image via wehearit and treated to a little Poladroid by me}
{P.S. I found the photographer… I love it when that happens…. you can see this photo and more}

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Can I Help You?

I have a confession… I’m a bit of a web nerd. This has been many years in the making but it’s something I love and 3 days a week I get paid to be one. So here’s what I’ve been noticing. Many talented blogging artisans struggle with the technology behind their blogs. This was a resounding theme in Tara Frey’s book Blogging Your Bliss and it started me thinking. For a while now I have been harbouring the idea of adding Tutorial or How To posts to my blog. Do you have a nagging question that you would like answered by a web nerd like me? Have you seen something cool on a blog and thought ‘how did they do that?’. You have! Excellent… leave me a comment.
Image from Remo General Store shows the front and back of the Body tag t-shirt and yes, in case you’re wondering, I do own this t-shirt.

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Studio Tour :: Favourite Equipment

This week’s challenge it to take you on a studio tour or introduce you to my favourite equipment. I so wish I could take you on a studio tour but the truth is the magic happens in a study I share with my darling husband. You’ve already seen my lovely workspace and on the other wall sits my sewing table with my trusty Bernina sewing machine that I bought in Atlanta so I have to use a converter to change the voltage from 240 to 110 – one day I’ll change the motor. So let me introduce you to my favourite equipment. Without a doubt it would be my iMac… I just love it and being a Mac user is a new thing for me. I was 100% a Windows girl up until August last year when I took the plunge. There is no turning back for me and my darling husband now refers to me as an ‘Apple Fan Boy’ – thanks to my iPhone, iPod and iMac.. and yes I do want an iPad. My favourite tools on my iMac are without a doubt Adobe Illustrator (there’s a sneak peek of my next Uni assignment due tomorrow). Adobe Dreamweaver that I’ve been using since the time there was a company called Macromedia. My new favourite tool is Evernote, I have it on my iMac, iPhone, my PC at work and I can also access it online. It just keeps my overflowing thoughts in one easy place that I can reference. Now back to that assignment.

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Eames Design and the Story of Two Blogs

Without giving away too much… remember there’s a give away being drawn on Saturday. I have been researching stamp designs for an upcoming assignment. I do like being set the task to search for things that I don’t usually consider. There are some really amazing stamps out there.  I stumbled across this series celebrating Eames design. I do love the chairs and I think the Hang It All (left middle) would look great in our house and I’ve just discovered I can buy a replica from Matt Blatt. As part of my university studies all my research and final assignments are posted to a blog that I have on my subject site. So now I’m essentially writing two blogs but unfortunately I can’t share that one with you. I might give you glimpses though… is that OK?

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Dear Lynette, The Romance is Over

Our challenge this week is to write about falling out of love with a technique, fabric or pattern. For me the answer is easy… Thimbleberries. I used to adore the country stylings of Lynette Jensen’s fabric and now I’m really not a fan at all. My first real foray into quilting was in Atlanta where I did a course at Little Quilts in Marietta and the kit I bought for our sampler was all Thimbleberries fabrics. I was hooked,  I joined a Thimbleberries fat quarter club and received 6 fat quarters a month. Then my interest in Thimbleberries started to wane but not before I had built up quite a stash. Now I’m not sure what to do with it . Any suggestions? I do admire Lynette Jensen, I think she’s an amazing force in the quilting world but her work is just not my cup of tea anymore.

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