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It’s beginning to feel like autumn

This chill is already in the air and the leaves are just starting to turn heralding my favourite time of the year. It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of summer and I get quietly excited when nature reminds me that winter is approaching. The mornings are dark, the fog appears on sunrise, the hot air balloons are out and loveliest of all, the days are warm. So begins autumn in the Nation’s capital and one of the many reasons I love living here is that it has real seasons. This year it seems autumn is arriving a little early but then I may be mistaken. What’s your favourite season?

My autumnal finds are from top:

Red – signed decorative print by Slight Clutter Photography, Silver Oak Leaves Necklace by Wearable by Design, 25 Oak Leaves Recycled Maps by Card Expressions

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M is for Market :: alphabet walk blog hop

EPIC Markets Canberra

This is my contribution to Piper’s alphabet hop. In case you’re wondering Piper, from One Sydney Road has put together an alphabet hop and today is my turn as the proud owner of the letter M. The idea is you take your letter and go and photograph things that show your interpretation of that letter. When you’re done reading go and check out the other contenders for today, letters K, L, N and O. A special mention for my fellow M bloggers – Magpie and Muttonfly, The Maddie Chronicles and Deros.

For my letter I went with M is for Markets. These photos are from the EPIC (Exhibition Park in Canberra) Farmer’s Market. I visit these practically every week with my good and sometimes bad (she travels a lot) market buddy. To say I love going is an understatement. How could you not love a location that lets you buy local wines, organic chocolate and vegetables that have travelled 10km from the farm to your table? It’s the highlight of my Saturday and I could never go back to buying fruit, vegetables, bread, wine or even meat anywhere else. The best part is that this is a real farmers market and most of the market sellers travel to Canberra every Friday evening or in the wee hours of Saturday morning to setup shop for the morning. The official start time is 8:00 but I usually arrive around 6:45 and by 11:00am it’s all over for another week.

My market buddy and I are the devoted attendees that brave the elements and most especially the Canberra winter. These photos were taken 2 weeks ago and I think the temperature sat at -1 (Celsius) the whole morning. Is it worth it? Definitely.

{P.S. Getting this published on the right day in two time zones was an interesting challenge… thanks Piper for letting me take part}


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Sweet William – Digital Art

Look what arrived in my inbox yesterday… a Made It newsletter featuring art, digital and otherwise, available on the site. For those that don’t know Made It is Australia’s answer to Etsy. These gorgeous and affordable prints from Sweet William are so lovely, don’t you think? The houses, top left, was featured in the email and it so caught my eye that I had to see more. I could very easily accommodate all of these in our house. I especially love the chairs – because, as you probably know by now I have a thing for chairs. The balloons reminded me of those floating over Canberra on Tuesday morning (and most mornings in winter) on my way to work.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums out there. I spent my morning with a number pinned to me (a first for me), did a short aerobic warm up with 1000 other people and walked a 5km circuit along the shores of Lake Burley Griffin for the Mother’s Day Classic walk or run for breast cancer. The top photo was taken on my iPhone while we waited to get started. You can see what a spectacular day we had and also the number of participants – apparently over 4000! The bottom photo are me (in the middle) and my good friends and walking buddies after we’d made it home with our ‘medals’. We are already planning the next one.

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Easter Eggs

This time not the chocolate variety. The boys and I did this little easter craft project last night thanks to a template and instructions from Sidsel of Spagat Blog. You can download the PDF here and don’t forget to get the front and the back for the bunnies. The little one and I went out searching for suitable sticks this morning, it’s not difficult as we have a very large front area to our house filled with several varieties of eucalypt. Our easter display has a very Australian feel

as he insisted on including the stick with the leaves still attached.

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Thursday Lattes

Excuse the quality of this picture, it was taken on my iPhone. Every Thursday the little one and I go to Belconnen Markets to pick up the few things we can’t get at EPIC farmers market. This has been a long standing tradition and our visit always ends in coffee and treats at the organic cafe – As Nature Intended. The little one has his baby chino (pictured) although he likes to call it a latte. The barista did such a special job with the chocolate on the top that we decided it was worthy of a photo.

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