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eCourses, Blogging Buddies and Chocolate

Look what arrived in my mailbox yesterday all the way from Amsterdam. So how is it that Dutch chocolate made it’s way to me? I’m glad you asked. I’ve had the pleasure over the last 7 weeks of taking part in the Blogging Your Way eCourse delivered by Holly Becker of Decor8 fame and Leslie from A Creative Mint. They managed to create a community of like minded individuals who have been so supportive and I’ve made some lovely friends. By way of saying thanks I offered my services of the web nerd variety and suggested that if anyone had a nagging technical question then feel free to ask and I would try my best to answer. I received a lot of great questions and I’m happy to say I managed to answer them all and make a few people very happy along the way (which is always nice). One such person is the delightful owner of Fat Fat Sheep (great name right?) who was so happy that she felt compelled to send me a present by way of thanks. Actually she pointed out that the S & T are for Super Thanks. I feel very special. Now I better go hide them from the cyclist who’s a chocolate fiend.

October 20, 2010 \ blogging \ 2 comments

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Chocolate Anyone?

In our house Easter chocolates appear in nests in the garden on Easter Sunday. They build their nests (and ours) and our little men end up with a giant stash of assorted chocolate. It’s the only day of the year that they can have chocolate with breakfast. I think we are now all overloaded on it – if that’s possible. Here’s a picture of my little man with his stash (the Easter bunny is very organised and fair) and his Mannie bear hot on the trail of the eggs left by the Easter bunny. Happy Easter everyone.

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Mmmm Koko Black

About two weeks ago after stumbling home from a doctor visit nursing the worst flu I have ever had there was this on my doorstep. The biggest box of Koko Black chocolates I have ever seen. They were a present from my gorgeous friend Mel by way of thanks for finally finishing her website, which I should plug here – www. . And about a week ago I regained my appetite enough to taste them – an indication of just how sick I was. 64 chocolates in all and if I pace myself they may last at least 2 months. Oh… and about 4 days after the chocolates half a dozen bottles of wine arrived. So there you have it… if you need a website done I happily take payment in chocolates and alcohol.

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter! Today is the one day of the year that the boys eat chocolate for breakfast! The easter bunny (who hopped out of bed at 4:18 this morning) left a few tasty treats in the nests we made in the garden yesterday. Not even the rain could deter him! This is a picture of the eldest with his chocolate bunny that he happily beheaded, broke into little pieces and ate.

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A New Favourite

I believe I have found my new favourite chocolate. Every Thursday my youngest and I have an outing together to the local produce market. After buying fruit (mostly) we stop by the organic cafe for a latte (me), babychino (him) and banana bread. Over the last few weeks or maybe months I’ve been sampling their organic chocolate range. I love dark chocolate and can make a block last a whole week and sometimes more – impressive huh? This has been my recent find, Green and Black’s Organic Maya Gold – it’s got just a little hint of orange and spices that makes it taste amazing. If you want to read the Green and Black’s story go to Craig Sams Homepage.

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