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Decorating the tree

Christmas decorations

We got our tree yesterday and decorated it in the afternoon. Here is a selection of photos of our decorations that I took while waiting for cookies to bake. We have a rather eclectic mix since we buy 3 new ornaments each year and these are some of my favourites. What about you? Do you have a Christmas tree tradition?

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It’s beginning to feel like Christmas fonts

Christmas picture font collection

I’m relatively new to the world of picture fonts, but what a world it is. I know I’ve mentioned a couple of them before but I’ve really just started using them in earnest and I’m about to publish my first free theme that makes use of elements from my current favourite picture font… but more about that later.

I’ve gathered together a collection of Christmas and holiday fonts. I thought it was fitting since we ventured out in the wee hours this morning to get our tree from the farmers market (the jolly monkey is still complaining about getting up so early). We’ve got the new decorations to put on and it’s quite warm outside so Christmas is definitely upon us. Even though we celebrate Christmas in summer all our imagery is still very wintry, which is why I love the Holiday Doodles Too font with it’s bikini, barbeque and sunscreen – now that’s more like it.

If you’ve never used a picture font before they can take a little getting used to as each letter creates a different picture with uppercase and lowercase usually creating different pictures. Good picture fonts will come with some kind of chart to help you navigate your keyboard and get the perfect picture. All of these come via My Fonts and in case you want to purchase them follow these links because I am a MyFonts affiliate. The are – Xshnee Flaken by Ingrimayne Type, Holiday Doodles Too by Outside the Line, Just Christmas by Outside the Line, Christmas Doodles Too by Outside the Line.

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Christmas and Paper Boat Press

Ceramic ornaments from Paper Boat Press

In our family we have a tradition of buying 3 (yes just 3) new ornaments for our tree each year. As you can imagine our tree has a very eclectic mix of one of a kind ornaments collected over the years. Fortunately this tradition has only been in existence since moving to Canberra so our tree still has room for more. These gorgeous ornaments are from Paper Boat Press – the creation of Brisbane based poet and ceramic artist Kylie Johnson. I absolutely love stars so these instantly appeal to me I really just love the simplicity of them. Do you have any Christmas traditions? I would love to hear them. Since we already have our 3 new ornaments for this year I think I’ll save these for next Christmas.

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas one and all. Thanks to the beautiful rain that is still falling we were not woken up at the crack of dawn by our little men. They are well pleased with their stash and as I type my darling husband is trying to build one of two Lego gifts and they are ‘helping’ him. I have a few more minutes of peace before my kitchen duty begins. It is just us four for lunch today but I’m still going all out and we’ll be having lamb cutlets with mint aioli, asparagus and snow peas and a roasted pumpkin, spanish onion, spinach and fetta salad. Topped off with an orange and chocolate pudding for dessert. That should keep us going until Boxing Day.

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6 Sleeps to Go

As the boys would say… 6 sleeps to go! Between the advent calendar and the counting of sleeps they are getting very excited about Christmas. School is now over for the year and our tradition of baking and creating for our friends is all done. The last of our little Christmas treats left the house this morning and I think they looked quite cute all packaged up with ribbon and gift cards from Kikki-K. Now all I have to think about is what to cook for Christmas lunch. Suggestions anyone?

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The Silly Season

The silly season is upon us and moving at lightning speed this year. Our tree is yet to be purchased and even though December 1st has past we tend to do things later in our house. Mostly because we like to buy live trees. We also have a tradition of adding 3 new Christmas decorations each year to our growing collection. The picture at the top shows 2 of the 3 we bought this year from Country Road. All were chosen by the little one and while I really wanted the red plaid glass ball he went for a plain red instead. And speaking of red, I love this Nordic Light candle holder from Design House Stockholm. The arms can be moved and they come with 4 or 7. Now I think that would look lovely in our dining room.

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to All! I have had a text from Canada about all the snow and pictures from Seattle showing the same. The closest we are getting to snow is the sugar variety on the top of our gingerbread house. I wish I could claim credit or this work of art but this was a gift from our friend Sky – chef extraordinaire. By the time this photo was taken both the little girl and Santa had been eaten! As an aside in sunny Canberra it’s currently 27° celsius or 82° Fahrenheit.

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Gingerbread People

Every year I make some little sweet treats to give to good friends and the boys’ teachers. Every year I wonder why I do this to myself. My kitchen is now, quite literally, being invaded by gingerbread people, red iced heart shaped German Christmas cookies and spekulatius (Austrian I think) stars. Fortunately it’s all over for another year as I am finished!! No doubt I will forget this experience and do it all again next year.

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The Transformer That Doesn’t

Here’s a picture of the my eldest son holding his Christmas present from Santa. It’s now known in our house as the Transformer that doesn’t transform – this is also how he introduces it to friends and family. For the past 3 months he’s wanted one – so we got recommendations from other parents and were told that this one was the IT toy. A whopping $50 later we were convinced we were going to have one happy little boy on
Christmas Day. After struggling through the packaging Daddy was the first to point out that it does nothing. After intense scanning of the box we find the fine print (very very fine) at the bottom of the box – DOES NOT CONVERT. We made up for Santa’s ‘mistake’ by buying him one that does convert and this one has been relegated to the space under the sofa where all forgotten toys go.

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