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Manic theme creation and why I switched to Genesis

Blomst theme screenshot

Over the last three weeks I have been manically coding up a storm and developed six brand new themes, breathed new life into one and redeveloped a favourite. For all of these I made the conscious decision to embrace and commit to developing using the Genesis Theme Framework (affiliate link). Can I just say I’m glad I persisted?

It may surprise you to know that I had been a very loud naysayer of Genesis until my recent foray. All the reasons I had against it were:

  • It seemed to have a reduced feature set than say WooThemes Canvas, which didn’t seem to justify the very large fan base
  • You want me to pay for it? Why would I do that when Thematic and Underscores is free?
  • It didn’t allow me to develop easily using Sass (compiled CSS) in the same way as Bones – and I just loved Bones

So I removed my bias and took a deep breath and made the plunge. There were some frustrations, a few choice words were muttered (or yelled) but there were also a lot of ah ha moments and by theme six (Blomst theme, which is pictured above) I was really in a Genesis development groove. Here’s why:

  • That big fan base, well they are also a bunch of helpful individuals who are very good at sharing their own triumphs (and code)
  • The cost (US$59.95) is a one off, which makes it cheaper that WooThemes Canvas. Buying it also gives you access to code snippets and documentation, which were so very useful
  • Hooks and filters just seemed to make more sense and once I applied myself I achieved a lot. My greatest success was incorporating a masonry layout (kind of like Pinterest) on my Explore theme

My themes are available for sale in my revamped Etsy store (USD) and on my Crimson Pear web store (AUD). In the process I have retired a few themes and a couple of them are now available for free on my web store.

If you have any feedback, comments, suggestion or questions let me know. I’m off to start another theme.

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Lastest collaboration :: Realty Queen TO

This is the second time now I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Elizabeth from Be Brilliant Design. She is so great to work with and our latest venture was for  Realty Queen TO blog owned by the lovely Aleksandra in Toronto, Canada. Elizabeth created such a gorgeous design and then passed it over to me to do the coding. This involved some blogger wrangling and I really like these projects because Elizabeth challenges me in a good way. The panoramic image of Toronto cityscape was my first hurdle, followed by a little compromise on the background image and that date ribbon! The final result was worth it don’t you think? There is also something very cool about being in Australia, collaborating with a designer in the US for a client in Canada. Now we just have to get Aleksandra blogging.

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Eat.Live.Shop – Code Wrangling

Eat Live Shop Blog

While doing the Blogging Your Way eCourse recently I had the good fortune to meet Elizabeth from Be Brilliant A Design Studio. We recently collaborated on the redesign of Eat.Live.Shop – an absolutely gorgeous blog that you really must check out. Elizabeth created such a lovely design, don’t you think? Renee was so great to work with and gave instant feedback which made me wonder if she ever sleeps. What is the time difference between Toronto and Canberra? Her blog is on Blogger which I have used but this was the first all out customisation. There was a lot of code wrangling on my part but I got it to bend to my demands with only a little swearing (under my breath of course).

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