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How about coffee?

Now that my non work days are no longer dedicated study days I have had time to dedicate to my own projects – some of which will be revealed soon. I’ve also had time for coffee out with friends – one of my favourite things to do. Yesterday morning my two closest girlfriends surprised me for what we later called a power coffee – they had places to be so the coffee was consumed quickly. I spent this morning at the Australian Museum Store with my yoga, cycling, swimming and walking partner in crime who thinks of coffee as her drug of choice and it’s the most reliable currency we can use with her. We arrived 10 minutes before the store opened so we sat in the museum’s giant sunny foyer and drank coffee. Are you a coffee drinker? Or am I speaking a foreign language right now? I wouldn’t call myself an addict and I’m strictly a single (very large) cup a day girl but I do feel my day is complete after a coffee.

I have probably mentioned this before but I’m big fan of the coffee cup motif. I think it all started with the Java logo. Here are some other gorgeous coffee cup finds:

From top left: Miniature Food Necklace: Breakfast with Croissant and Espresso Coffee Cup by Allart’s Kitchen, coffee cup vinyl wall decal by beep art!, Tour de Cafe Latte short sleeve t-shirt by Aprés Velo after cycle wear, Fuel III short sleeve t-shirt by Aprés Velo after cycle wear

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iPhone Babycinos

On Thursday mornings the little one and I go to Belconnen markets. This has been a long standing tradition and one that I cherish. With shopping out of the way we have morning tea at the organic cafe. For some reason we started taking photos of his babycinos and each week we judge whether or not the latest is photo worthy. Then we browse through all the previous pictures. This morning I decided to turn all of them into one picture. I’m sure our barista, who sports a different hair colour each week, tries to outdo herself for him.

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Thursday Lattes

Excuse the quality of this picture, it was taken on my iPhone. Every Thursday the little one and I go to Belconnen Markets to pick up the few things we can’t get at EPIC farmers market. This has been a long standing tradition and our visit always ends in coffee and treats at the organic cafe – As Nature Intended. The little one has his baby chino (pictured) although he likes to call it a latte. The barista did such a special job with the chocolate on the top that we decided it was worthy of a photo.

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