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Colour Me Happy Wednesday :: Lime Green

Well friends, I present my last happy colour post. I have really enjoyed putting these together but I’ve decided not to continue with them in 2011. It’s very fitting then that my last post is what has become my signature colour… lime green. I hope you enjoy my finds today:

TOP: Paper Moth – Not as Easy as it Looks 8 x 10 print. This is from an original illustration and she certainly does have a wide range of styles. I just liked the simplicity of this print and I confess the name had me intrigued.
MIDDLE: Blu Lima – Keep Calm and Carry On Giclee Print Poster. I have avoided these posters all year but when one appeared in lime green then I thought I would include it. I know this is the forgotten poster of a series that were commissioned by the British Government in 1939 to be used in times of ‘crisis or invasion’. Even as I type that makes me laugh… were they effective? But here’s what I really don’t understand, why are they so popular now?
BOTTOM: Ashita – Old Wooden Door Photo Locket Necklace. I have such a thing for aged doors and door handles in case you haven’t noticed my Flickr choices. I love the idea of putting this on a pendant – what fun!

December 29, 2010 \ etsy \ 2 comments

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Colour Me Happy Wednesday :: Brown

Sage and Image - Mocha Cardamom Body Sand

Dark Chocolate Wee Chunky Book

Nest No 37 original fine art watercolour

I love brown! Love it love it! I wear it and choose it when the opportunity arises. I love that it’s rich and tactile and I’m pretty sure my choices today echo that. Here’s what I found:

TOP: Sage and Mage – Mocha Cardamom Body Sand. My first reaction was that I wanted to plunge my hands into it.  My second reaction is that I wanted to taste it! I can only imagine how divine it must smell. I love the description from the maker “I spent some time moulding a batch into sandcastles. Imagine walking along a beach scented with rich organic cocoa, dark coffee and the fresh spiciness of cardamom…”. Yum.
MIDDLE: Wee Bindery – Dark Chocolate Wee Chunky Book. Firstly I love anyone that uses ‘wee’ in a sentence let alone a store name. I think the grain gives this away but can you tell that this book fits in the palm of your hand? It really is wee and chunky at 220 pages.
BOTTOM: Golly Bard – Nest No 37 original fine art watercolor. Isn’t this just lovely? This painting just stopped me in my tracks and I could not go past it. I love the details of the branches and berries and the contents of the nest. This store has such a quirky selection of original art.

Mmmm… my hexadecimal brown is looking quite red

December 22, 2010 \ etsy \ 3 comments

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Colour Me Happy Wednesday :: Anqitue White

Hey friends, I’m back. Please excuse my absence but it was beyond my control. We had no internet connection for almost 4 days. Too many phone calls later we are finally back online. So here I am in time for a happy colour post for a colour that is not technically a colour… you get what I mean. It turns out that a search for antique white returns antique and white. I love this non colour and infact I just finished painting a chest of drawers and two bedside tables Antique White USA (the official colour name). My search took a while but I do like my selection today. Here’s what I found:

TOP: Karcharz Photography – Time 8 x 8 Fine Art Photograph. I do love time pieces and clock faces. I had a job when I was at university working for a Swiss watchmaker in Sydney and he certainly fueled my passion. I’m not sure what it is about this photo but maybe it’s time standing still that makes me smile.
MIDDLE: Bluebirdheaven – Distressed White Jewelry Organiser. It’s hard to know what I like more; the done up antique printers drawer or the splashes of red accessories. I have been on the look out for a printers drawer as I think it would be the perfect thing for the boys rooms. I’m not sure I have enough jewels to justify this one.
BOTTOM: Precious Pastimes – Shift Key Vintage Typewriter Pendant. Aren’t these a great idea? The typography nerd in me just loves the idea of wearing an antique typewriter key. I also like the Shift Key – shift focus, shift gears, shift your thoughts… the possibilities are endless. Very nice.

December 15, 2010 \ etsy \ 2 comments

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Colour Me Happy Wednesday :: Tan

Tan is such a weird colour that I don’t devote much thought to – to be honest. Having said that there were so many great ‘tan’ choices out there on Etsy. Here’s what I found:

TOP: Integrity Studio – Last Year’s Lace Fine Art Photograph. This store has an amazingly varied range of photos. I’m particularly fond of the ‘Resting Sheep’. This print starts me singing ‘You’re Going to Make Me Lonesome When You Go’ by Shawn Colvin. Do you know it? “Purple clover, Queen Anne lace, Crimson hair across your face, You could make me cry if you don’t know” .
MIDDLE: PillowMio – Cornwall Garden 12 x16 pillow cover. I know this one is a stretch for my tan search but look closely you’ll see it! Besides this cushion is just so fun and I was also taken with the white wicker chair.
BOTTOM: Aliette – La Foret 3. Isn’t this adorable? I love to shot of red amongst all that brown. This print can also be bought as part of a set of 4.

December 8, 2010 \ etsy \ 2 comments

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Colour Me Happy Wednesday :: Light Yellow

I didn’t hold out much hope for light yellow. It’s a colour I associate with the impending births of babies of indeterminate sex. I suppose I was expecting (pardon the pun) a whole lot of booties and blankets. As it turns out my choices were a little more eclectic than that. Here’s what I found:

TOP: Coco Rose Couture – Jane Austin inspired rosette headband with doily and vintage buttons. I thought this was so sweet with a nod to times past. I especially like the photo frame for the product shop.
MIDDLE: Shabulous Creations – Pretty Princess – Yellow Electric Chandelier. This store specialises in chandeliers and lighting and they are so fun. I think this would be great in a little girl’s room.
BOTTOM: Mai Autumn – Fine Art Photograph. This print is appropriately named ‘Slow Down’. The image caught my eye but the title just made it better. At this time of year when the craziness of the silly season is well and truly upon us sometimes I need to be reminded to stop and pause.

December 1, 2010 \ etsy \ 2 comments

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Colour Me Happy Wednesday :: Cornflower Blue

I have a very strong attachment to cornflower blue. I do love cornflowers but this colour always makes me think of my Mum. This is the colour of her eyes and she wears it so well. I’m very fond of my choices today, here’s what I found:

TOP: By Sweet Mum – Chunky Poncho and Mitten Set. While it’s a little warm out to be thinking of knitwear I’m very aware of my growing love of ponchos. I think this is the second one on my blog this year. I can see that this will be a must have come autumn. This store has so many cute styles.
MIDDLE: 3 Girls + a Goat – Cornflower Blue Wax Paper Garland. Aren’t these so lovely? This store from Brisbane has the cutest paper goods and garlands. I think I may have to buy a Christmas garland this year.
BOTTOM: Summersville – Scandi Print Screen Printed fabric. Two of my favourites in one, screen printed fabric that is a homage to Scandinavian design. This fabric is beautiful – I could think of a dozen projects that I could use it for.

November 24, 2010 \ etsy \ 3 comments

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Colour Me Happy Wednesday :: Silver

Did you know that an etsy search for silver returns 800,000+ results? Does that overwhelm you like it does me? Can you believe I narrowed it down to three? I just knew that silver would yield some beautiful results and I didn’t wade my way through all the results but here are three that I just couldn’t go past:

TOP: Prince Design UK – Flock flying ducks. These are actually a cute take on the ceramic 1950’s trend. Do you remember these? I had many an elderly relative with flying ducks up their walls as well as the beach house we used to stay in as kids. These really made me smile with the memories.
MIDDLE: Jewla Hand Crafted Silver Butterfly Earrings. Aren’t these intriguing? I love that the pearl is also silver… nice.
BOTTOM: Artisan Look – Hold your breath – Sterling silver mixed yellow gold ring inlaid fresh water pearl. These talented fellows from Montreal have the most amazing silver and gold creations I could probably do a whole post on their work I was so taken with it. They also have the coolest names for their pieces like; let me in, breathe and a lesson in life. I really love silver rings – not that I need any more!

November 17, 2010 \ etsy \ 2 comments

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