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Circle logos :: help me choose three

20 circle logos and text

20 circles logos

Here is one challenge that has been messing with my head for the last 2 days. The task was to create a logo for a restaurant called ‘circle’ and we were allowed to use the word circle and the circle shape and we had to come up with 40 variations. Let me just say at number 28 I was ready to give up. The word ‘circle’ no longer looked like anything I recognised and my eyes couldn’t take in any more circles. This was a great challenge for me since I’m not great at pushing my ideas and that number 40 goal post certainly made me do that. Somewhere around number 16 I had a great idea in my head that I wanted to try and so I made a start and it would end up somewhere completely different , so I started again and then end up somewhere different. I never did execute my idea and I’m not doing 41! So now my bigger challenge is I have to pick 3 of these to present to the ‘client’ and so I’m enlisting your help. What are your 3 favourites? Leave a comment and let me know – I’ve even numbered them all to make it easy for you.

P.S. Click on each image (there are 2) to see a larger version

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Dreaming of Paisley

Bungalow Denmark Handkerchiefs

Bungalow Denmark Kitchen Towels

These gorgeous handkerchiefs (yes really) and kitchen towels are by Danish company Bungalow. I have seen them mentioned a few times around the blogsphere but they have been slow to reach Australian stores. I love their use of traditional Indian woodblock printing to create these beautiful textiles. After stumbling upon these yesterday (can’t remember where) I was thinking it would be nice to do some woodblock printing and went in search of a block seller. This then led me to the traditional paisley design of Indian textiles. This gave me another idea for a web design of all things. My brain was seriously overloaded when I went to to bed and I had quite a restless night and when I was asleep I was, quite literally, dreaming of Paisley designs. Does this ever happen to you? Now, where was I? Oh that’s right paisley designs, I’ll be sure and show them to you when I’m done.

October 7, 2010 \ inspiration \ 3 comments

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Eames Design and the Story of Two Blogs

Without giving away too much… remember there’s a give away being drawn on Saturday. I have been researching stamp designs for an upcoming assignment. I do like being set the task to search for things that I don’t usually consider. There are some really amazing stamps out there.  I stumbled across this series celebrating Eames design. I do love the chairs and I think the Hang It All (left middle) would look great in our house and I’ve just discovered I can buy a replica from Matt Blatt. As part of my university studies all my research and final assignments are posted to a blog that I have on my subject site. So now I’m essentially writing two blogs but unfortunately I can’t share that one with you. I might give you glimpses though… is that OK?

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My computer is almost back to normal, thanks to a new hard drive. My darling husband is not convinced that the hard drive is the issue so we are keeping our fingers crossed. On the plus side I have more disk space that I shall ever have a need for – 1 terabyte! With all this rebuilding and reinstalling I felt it was also time for new wallpaper. I stumbled on the Desktop Wallpaper Calendar 2009 thanks to Smashing Magazine. There are so many great choices. I think we need some Southern Hemisphere input though as many of the designs are celebrating the arrival of spring when we are watching our leaves changing colour.

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All Things Scandinavian

I’m not sure why it is that so much great design comes out of Scandinavia. I really love these wooden birds, available from Great Dane Furniture. They really have so many beautiful things that I will just have to add to my wish list. My husband and I joke that we keep Scandinavia is business, with our many visits to Ikea, our Stokke Tripp Trapp chairs and my passion for George Jensen jewellery – namely their year pendants.

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Breast Cancer Awareness

I received my T-shirt this week – thanks Sidsel! This beautiful design is by Sidsel Gaustadnes a Danish graphic designer. You can view her blog here or if you can read Danish you can view her studio web site here. Mine is the pink one and it fits beautifully. This is the Breast Cancer Awareness T-shirt for 2007 and was done for the Danish Cancer Society – I recommend you read her blog to get the real meaning. And just to add another connection, Sidsel is sister to my dear friend Mette who was my yoga, chocolate and swimming buddy when we both lived in Sydney.

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