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Back from a short break

Hey friends… sorry for my absence, did you miss me? I’ve had a very emotionally charged week that has left me feeling exhausted, confused and just plain angry. I’m hoping to get back on track next week.

About my photo – the high point of my week was visiting my parents house with the boys. They live in Braidwood, a gorgeous heritage listed village just an hour from us. The boys and I went out for morning tea at this awesome mud brick building complete with loft, raked ceilings and large picture windows (and lots of smurfs). Misty rain was falling and the autumn colours were in their glory and it was very cosy inside with sofas and lots of books. It was very serene, which is just what I needed and being with my little men made me realise what is important.

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High tea anyone?

It’s school holidays and I’m hoping to take the boys to visit my parents next week. What does this have to do with high tea I hear you ask? Well, in my recent visits my mother has progressively been handing back all my treasures that have been stored in her house for way too long. Among my years of accumulated memories are two complete Royal Doulton cup, saucer and plate sets both of which were left to me. The first by my great aunt after whom I was named and one of the loveliest women I have ever known. The second was from my paternal grandmother a gorgeous woman who sat down to tea every morning at 10:30am on the dot and when I was home from boarding school my favourite thing to do was to join her for this ritual. I miss them both. Seeing this china again has made me wonder why we don’t do high tea… or do we? I know they are popular in 5 star hotels but does anyone hold high teas anymore? Do you? I’m thinking it would be a lovely thing to do with my girlfriends, especially if I make it home next week with my tea cups.

My high tea finds are from top: High tea giclee print by Lucy Joy, Alice Wanders Not Far Tea or Cupcake 3 Tier Stand of Pink Roses Vintage China for Garden Birthday Party or Wedding Dessert Table by High Tea for Alice, Spoon and cup fine art photography print by Chocolat Negro Photography and Vintage Accessories

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Made in Denmark

There is a joke in our house that we keep Scandinavia in business – betweeen my penchant for Georg Jensen jewellery, Stokke chairs and our many trips to Ikea we seem to represent almost all of it. Our heads are full on Denmark at the moment (Legoland for the boys) as we are planning a visit in September to see two friends (and Legoland). We have never been so it’s all very exciting. Have you been? Any suggestions on things to do?

My Danish finds are from top: I heart tea print by Roofchimp – Illustrations and prints by Marielle Lebrun, Sprint trees and Winter trees by MyMazing, Pink bicycle print by Eeli-Ethel Polli

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Taking a look at stones

At the end of our kitchen counter are a dozen or so beach pebbles – smooth and weathered. Every year we bring home a few more and to the collection we add seed pods and any other unusual organic objects we find. I confess I’m quite attached to this little pile and amongst it sits a smooth black shiny stone that the little one loves and he carts it around for days on end until I find it in some random spot and return it to the pile. I stopped to consider this today and could easily see why the fascination – it’s dark, cold, smooth and heavy. So many negative expressions include stone – as cold as stone, nothing is set in stone, a heart of stone… and yet somehow soothing. Why is that?

My stone finds are from top: Various Black and White Henna Designs on Natural Stone Tile Coasters by Killing Time Designs, Message Stone Custom Engraved Black Ocean Pebble by Monkeys Jewels, Forest Green Tree Tile Coaster by Paizley Polka Dot


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Time to weigh anchor :: nautical themes

Despite being raised and educated in land lock locations I really like to think of myself as a seafarer. My maternal Grandfather ran away to sea from the UK and ended up in Australia as signal master for Macquarie Lighthouse – Australia’s first lighthouse. My favourite uncle was in the merchant navy and could tie every knot imaginable. On my 21st birthday he sent me three charms for my charm bracelet; a key with the number 21, a horn and an anchor. He had bought them in Adelaide, sent them in Sydney on his way to the Persian Gulf. The inscription on the card read ‘now you are 21 you can weigh anchor and blow your horn’. So you see – it really is in my blood.

[my nautical finds are clockwise from top left: Compass Card – Vintage DICTIONARY Art Print8×10 from Memory DustAgainst the Tides Clutch from 23rd/first, Knotical Notecard Set from Ruby Red Design Studio, Keep Calm and Sail On 11 x 14 print from Poster Pop,  Letter E – Stencil International Code Flag from Bexpert, The Stockholm Navy and White water resistant tent canvas from IkabagsSailing to Bluer Skies8×10 Limited Edition Signed Print from The Extent of Silence

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Seeing the blues

I’m not a blue person – I think I’ve said that before. So it strikes even me as odd that this was my desktop wallpaper choice for January 2011. Have you seen these? They are courtesy of Smashing Magazine and I think I might submit my own design before the year is out but I especially like the exposed rough plaster next to the brushed metal.

Then I found this:

These ones you can get from Quality Hand Cut Mosaic Tiles by Judy Snow on Etsy. These pieces make me want to create a mosaic or at least find some chipped tea cups and cut them into pieces. And speaking of tea:

Doesn’t this little guy make you feel a little blue? He’s a “cute, sad little owl that thinks its time for tea” by Tabitha Emma Etsy store. On that note I think I’ll go make a cup of tea.

P.S. We are also feeling a little blue this week since the little one lost his bear at the farmers market. Strange to be so attached to a stuffed toy.

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80th Birthday Invites and Ma Joie Press

Birthday Invites by Ma Joie Press

Birthday Invites by Ma Joie Press

Birthday Invites by Ma Joie Press

Birthday Invites by Ma Joie Press

I’m so excited to share with you the finished product of my Dad’s 80th Birthday invites. These were created by the ever talented Katrina at Ma Joie Press. I’m not sure how we became blogging friends but I have always loved her work so when making plans for my Dad’s birthday I knew I had to ask her if she was up for the challenge.

My Dad turns 80 on the 31st of October (yes I know Halloween in some parts of the world but fortunately for him it’s not celebrated here). I wanted to create something special and opted for a ‘in this year’, including two sporting records from horse racing and cricket in 1930. My Dad is a sport trivia freak and short of explaining the finer points of cricket to her Katrina happily accepted that cricket has 1 innings or 2 innings. I sent her two paragraphs and Katrina took my idea and made it something special. She created a 1930’s newspaper style and I love the result and I know his old mates will too.

She blogged about the process here Custom Headline Folded Invitations and Reich Paper Review which gave me an insight into the finer points if paper selection.

Thanks Katrina for all your hard work, to say I’m happy with the results is an understatement.

{Images copyright of Ma Joie Press and used with permission}

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Stepping up on My Soapbox

This is a little out of character for me but I feel the need to rant today. Read on if you dare. I want to say there are some beautiful blogs out there, some of which I happily follow and they hold my interest because they showcase creativity both visual and written. I have to say that I’m very tired of ‘mommy blogs’ and I actually find them a little disturbing. Normally I just move on and pay no heed and let each to their own. Then I stumbled across one this week written by a girl with one young child expounding advice on all manner of parenting dilemmas. Is she an expert? As far as I can ascertain… no. Then why does she think she’s right? It’s like the most well meaning relative that starts giving you parenting advice when you’re first pregnant.

There’s another thing about ‘mommy blogs’ that really troubles me, and that’s the need to photograph and publish every waking (and sometimes sleeping) moments of ones child(ren). I wonder at the long term repercussions on said child(ren) of this trend. My very web savvy jolly monkey has been so schooled by us on what it means to give away his personal information online. He can rattle off a list of things that are out of bounds when interacting with others on kids community sites. Why would I then document him to the world? Our boys are the two coolest individuals on the planet – but I’m sure only the cyclist and I think that way. As far as parenting goes, my only advice to expectant parents is trust your instincts. Enough said.

P.S. The author of the blog in question, which I shall not name, also insulted the Australian accent. I’m not sure what made me more mad… I love the Australian accent!

{image via weheartit}

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Something Seasonal

Japanese Maple in my garden

Winter is officially upon us (in Australia anyway) and tomorrow the weather person is promising us a whole day of cold, wind, rain and maybe even snow. I am a little obsessed with the weather – I think I may have mentioned it before. Even my blog name is homage to the inexact science of weather prediction. I think I inherited that trait from my Dad – he can tell you exactly how much rain has fallen each month for the last 20 years. When you live in the outback of one of the driest continents on earth it’s hardly surprising that rain becomes a hobby of sorts.

I do love this time of year and I especially love the seasons in Canberra. The last of the trees are changing and in our garden this means the Japanese maple is showing it’s colours. Do you have a favourite season?

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