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Chasing the Maillot Jaune

As of tomorrow all normal television watching will be interrupted, most conversation will involve talks of the GC (general classification), tète de la course and the antics of the peloton – are you still with me? That’s right Le Tour de France starts tomorrow and nothing will return to normal in the household until the end of July and then we will suffer Le Tour withdrawals. To be honest I do enjoy watching cycling there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. Needless to say the cyclist will be glued to it and I may get some sense out of him in August.

{images by from top 1. Sonnentaler 2. Richard Taylor 3. J D Hancock 4. Apple Min 5. GIL 6. New Living 88 (Jacob Nybo) }

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I have the worst case of procrastination today! What I’m supposed to be doing is writing an essay and I simply cannot start. I have done all the research, I have all my references but… does this ever happen to you? How do you deal with it? I have managed almost every avoidance tactic in my repertoire. I have not, however, resorted to moving the furniture because I did that last week to accommodate the piano. I have made muffins, installed Google chrome, had coffee and catch up with my 2 best girlfriends, browsed flickr for pictures of who knows what.  I know if I just start all will be good… OK (inhale and exhale) wish me luck!
{image by Ana Guerrero showing exactly what I would like to be doing right now}

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Lately I’ve been pondering my attraction to things that are flawed. I have a diamond in a ring with a giant flaw that I feel like I have to justify to any jeweller that ever looks at it. I like dog-eared books, odd numbers and the idea behind rug makers purposefully tying one knot in a different direction to ensure the rug is not perfect. I received an email this week from one of my favourite stores and here was the opening sentence…

We have discussed wabi-sabi before. It bears repetition. This poetic Japanese theory says everything is transitory and in a state of flux, and there is unique beauty in what we are often told to regard as imperfection. Simplicity, maturity and irregularity are to be celebrated.

So next time you’re over analysing a creation you think is not quite perfect, look closer… it may just be beautiful.
{image by Andii. on Flickr}

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Flickr by Colour

This one is courtesy of Idée – a little tool that allows you to look at over 10millions Flickr photos by colour. You can select up to 10 colours and it will display pages thumbnails based on your choice. I went for a green hue, of course, and then added a pink to the mix! Click on any of the thumbnails to go to the original. I have no idea what this would be good for but what a great time waster.

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