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It’s Peony Season

So I have been struggling with inspiration lately but I’m currently hatching a few plans for a shakeup to my blog world come 2010. Nothing like a New Year for new beginnings but I’m loathe to call it a resolution. When it does strike, inspiration always seems to come in the shape of a flower and more so when it’s a peony. They are in season at the moment and I have had two weeks of being able to purchase them at the farmers market from the Peony Lady for the bargain price of $15 for 10. I can say that now as I saw them for $20 for 5 at the florist last week! Sadly the peonies all bloomed at once this year so this was her second and last week at market. The extreme temperatures are wreaking havoc on these blooms. Another reason to dislike the hot weather, can you tell I’m not a fan?

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Floriade 2009

Yesterday we finally made it to Floriade. The weather held out, which was nice. I have never been so late in the event when all the flowers are just starting towards the end of their blooms. This years theme was Mind, Body and Soul, which I think is fitting for a floral festival. There is something very serene about mass plantings of flowers. A few other things that struck me this year; it’s been raining so the flowers looked lovely and it’s expensive – $21 for the 3 of us to ride the ‘Giant Wheel’, although the view from the top was almost worth it. Lucky it’s only once a year.

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I absolutely love peonies but I always associate them with completely impossible to achieve interior design spreads in posh country style magazines (which I never buy by the way). When I came under budget in my produce shopping I just had to buy a bunch of these happy flowers from the woman wearing the “Super Mum” apron. They look just fine in my cluttered kitchen.

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Ahhh Poppies

Spring has well… sprung in Canberra. Yesterday was so warm and the outside so inviting the perfect start to Floriade – our annual tulip festival. Today is a cold, rainy and very windy but at least we’ve had a taste of what’s to come. I can’t help but take photos of flowers and this bunch I bought from our local farmers market at EPIC. I go there Saturday mornings with my beautiful friend K (Happy Birthday for tomorrow). There are so many beautiful flowers out at the moment and if I’ve come under budget with my produce shopping then I buy myself a bunch.

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My Parent’s Garden

Since moving to the small town they now live in, my parents are more avid gardeners. I guess it’s the climate that’s more conducive to things growing. I took this photo while visiting them on the weekend. The one on the right is such a bold colour for a flower and what you can’t see is that it was completely dwarfed by the reds, yellows and pinks of the others.

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