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What would you pay for these?

Selection of LostType fonts

I subscribe to Chris Spooner’s Blog Spoon Graphics newsletter. His site is a goldmine for people like me and he really piqued my interest with a post titled Top 20 High Quality Free Fonts Every Designer Should Own. Just the words free and font were enough for me to go and find out what I’ve been missing out on. It’s true, his line up are awesome but there’s a little catch and it’s more to do with my conscience that anything else. One of the fonts I simply had to have was Wisdom Script (top left in the picture) which is available at the font shop Lost Type Co-op. Chris was right, it is free but only if you want to name your price at $0. This is what they do – appeal to the user to place a worth of the font. How could I say it was worth $0 in order to get it for free?

This is a trend I have observed in other places in the last few days. Akismet – you know the folks that keep spam comments out of WordPress, well they’ve started asking the same questions – what is it worth? Although they do guilt you into paying more by having a little face that changes expression based on your choice; frown = no payment, neutral = somewhat correct in your amount and smiley = finally you’re paying us what we’re worth! Although in this case I ignored the frown, something I had to do when trying to get my business up and running and not being cashed up.

So I’m curious, what would you do? Are you happy to pay $0? Maybe I should start a barter system – what can you give me in return? Do you think it will take off?

Image showing a selection of fonts available from Lost Type Co-op

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Palette and patterns :: handwritten

I fell in love with this image by jamelah e. – titled the scroll. She writes great reminiscences about her photos and I implore you to read this one – you won’t be disappointed. I knew it would also make a great palette and the range of colours in this image made it hard to narrow it down to 5 – I do love the final result.

In keeping with my handwritten theme that revealed itself this week I thought I would create two ‘handwritten’ patterns. The top one (below) called Persuasion, is one of my favourite passages from Jane Austen’s Persuasion that I blogged about here a while ago. The font I used is also called Jane Austen from daFont and I turned the passage into an SVG image. The bottom pattern is called Dream. I like them singularly but putting them together doesn’t really do either of them justice. My template for Persuasion, which I called Jane Austen has already been a hit on ColourLovers, with a lot of variations that are much lovelier than mine.

August 22, 2011 \ colour lover \ 1 comment

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Loving :: wallflowers by Laura Worthington

I think I mentioned yesterday that I’ve turned into quite the font nerd or should I say fan or maybe fanatic! I’m quite enamoured with fonts and their designers and I am convinced that My Fonts has the potential to keep me very poor. One of my favourite font designers is Laura Worthington and I think her Origins font was the first I ever purchased… and you always remember your first right? Wallflowers is another gem from the Laura Worthington foundry and it may surprise you to learn that yes this is a font. See the letters on the images represent the keystroke for that pattern – aren’t these gorgeous? Based on her sketches of wallpaper patterns, Laura has put them all together into one must have font.

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Unleashing the inner font nerd – 300th post

Firstly… drum-roll please… this is my 300th post! Can you believe it? I really can’t. What started as an exercise to find my groove and document what’s inspiring me has turned into a truly enjoyable part of my week. Thank you to all those lovely people who leave comments (you know who you are), they mean the world to me.

Now let me see if I can get you to unleash your inner font nerd with this gorgeous book. Called Hyperactivitypography From A to Z, a book created by Studio 3; an in-school design agency run by 3rd year graphic design students at the Westerdals School of Communication in Olso Norway. From the cover it looks like a classic children’s activity book but it’s quickly becoming a great reference for typography nerds, like me.

It’s designed for you to work through exercises to distinguish different font faces, families, faux and true italics… you get the idea. I’m not sure I could bring myself to actually write in it though. The first edition sold out really quickly but a pre-order at Amazon and a few months later I now have a copy. If you’re that way inclined you’ll love it!

December 23, 2010 \ design, fonts \ 1 comment

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Face out of Fonts

Things have been a little quiet on my blog front… apologies. I’ve been settling back into normal work hours, fighting a cold and trying to make a start on my first Uni assignment which is due in a couple of weeks. This semester I’m doing Digital Publishing and Typography and part of my first assignment is to create faces out of fonts. We are not allowed to distort the characters but we can rotate, scale and reflect. Here’s two that I have come up with. My snobby man and my rich madam. The snobby man was my first attempt and I sat down to attempt a ‘pretty girl’ and he sort of evolved. My rich madam was my second attempt at a ‘pretty girl’. She may not be pretty but she doesn’t care because she’s incredibly rich! I’m not getting as much help from my fellow students this semester so I might appeal to you for a little feedback from time to time. I hope that’s OK. Feel free to comment on these two.



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