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In the swim

Hey friends – if you hadn’t guessed already I’m at it again. I’m talking of the MS Australia 24 Hour Mega Swim which takes place next weekend. This has been one reason for my blogging silence of late. Between swim training and university assignment deadlines I feel my blog has become a little neglected. That will change post June 10 which is my last exam and then I’m taking a leave of absence for a semester.

Enough about me… back to the swim. I know I talked about doing it last year but I don’t think I expressed how important the cause is to me. In January this year some of my boarding school friends got together for a day of too much food and reminiscing. Some of us travelled far (the 3500km from Darwin) and some of not so much. We haven’t managed to be in the same place for many years so it was such a special day. I love those friendships that stand the test of time, with people who still want to be with you even though they knew you as a surly teenager. Among our friends is someone who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in her early twenties and the disease is taking it’s toll on her and despite this she still has that sparkle in her eye, two gorgeous kids, beautiful husband and a strong faith. I know she would not want my pity so if I can swim for 3 hours to help her then that’s not a very big sacrifice from me. The money raised from sponsorship goes to help people living with Multiple Sclerosis. If you feel anyway inclined to sponsor me you can do so on my Mega Swim page. Wish me luck!

Image via flickr – Swim Training 14 by Michael Lokner

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Update :: a cover story

This is what I’ve been toiling away at for the last month. My next Uni assignment which is due in a little over a week. It’s an 8 page magazine and the mock-ups to a 5 page website for a fictitious magazine called LOL – Life out Loud. Drawing on inspiration from magazines like Dumbo Feather and Cellar Door I really wanted the minimalist cover to work. I think I mentioned how much I wanted to use Kassia’s gorgeous photo which, to me, makes my first attempt sublime with very little effort on my part. I was, however, over-ruled and have been forced to find a photo of my own that is cover worthy. My second attempt uses a photo that I took of my beautiful friend Jess, owner and creator of Brown Paper Bunny. She agreed to become the subject of my interview and put up with me taking literally hundreds of photos of her one Sunday afternoon. My interview is included in this mag along with two others from my fellow students. If you would like to provide any feedback at all on my cover I would be oh so grateful.


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eCourses, Blogging Buddies and Chocolate

Look what arrived in my mailbox yesterday all the way from Amsterdam. So how is it that Dutch chocolate made it’s way to me? I’m glad you asked. I’ve had the pleasure over the last 7 weeks of taking part in the Blogging Your Way eCourse delivered by Holly Becker of Decor8 fame and Leslie from A Creative Mint. They managed to create a community of like minded individuals who have been so supportive and I’ve made some lovely friends. By way of saying thanks I offered my services of the web nerd variety and suggested that if anyone had a nagging technical question then feel free to ask and I would try my best to answer. I received a lot of great questions and I’m happy to say I managed to answer them all and make a few people very happy along the way (which is always nice). One such person is the delightful owner of Fat Fat Sheep (great name right?) who was so happy that she felt compelled to send me a present by way of thanks. Actually she pointed out that the S & T are for Super Thanks. I feel very special. Now I better go hide them from the cyclist who’s a chocolate fiend.

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Baba Imambara (Lucknow) India

As part of 52 weeks we have to write about something in the news. This is not exactly in the news but do you ever have that feeling that the universe is trying to tell you something? I had a serendipitous moment a few weeks ago that really had me wondering whether I was being passed a note of karmic proportions. It all started with Wil, who I can boast that I have known for 30 years. She was the very first person I met on my very first day at boarding school and I don’t remember very much from those early weeks but I remember with clarity that moment she first spoke to me. She would probably laugh at the cheesy small talk that left her nervous 12 year old mouth. Last year I sent her birthday greetings and received a harried reply of her giving up work, dealing with the silly season and packing up house for a move to India with her husband and two gorgeous children. They had decided to walk the walk and her husband works in Micro Finance for 3rd world businesses (I think that sums it up). Her most recent email, without exaggeration, made me laugh and made me cry. I am in awe of what she is doing and really don’t know if I could do the same.

In the same week I received an email from an old friend I worked with at Microsoft. He’s now working for a not for profit that runs an orphanage in Tanzania – and wanted advice of the web geek variety. It just started me thinking… am I supposed to be doing something else? When discussing this with the cyclist he asked me where we were going to move to… I’m not sure that’s the answer but surely there’s a lot of good that can be done in my own backyard. Do you volunteer or work for a not for profit? I would love to know.

About the photos: The are both by Wil and used with permission. Here are her explanations:
Top: Bara Imambara (Lucknow) – built by the Imams 3 centuries ago – with a quirky labyrinth winding its way to the roof and this view.

Bottom: Zardozie embroidery work – elaborate, elegant & highly skilled. This is work for MFI clients in Lucknow. Here 2 men begin part of the design and then it is taken to women in villages to finish.

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My Own Canberra Moment

There are many quirks to living in the Nation’s capital. One is that they give directions by building names which is very confusing for newcomers who don’t know one building from another and have to navigate streets that appear to be just one giant roundabout. The other quirk is the ‘canberra moment’ – everyone knows everybody else. As a part time employee and relative newcomer I have never had a ‘canberra moment’ until yesterday. This invite was sent to me by beautiful Lisa of Tango & James and Canberra’s Got Style fame. It’s being held at Misschief Maker owned by Kate (who I have only met once). Kate is a good friend with my gorgeous friend Rach – who owns Mr Mudge. I work with Rach’s husband! I think I can now call myself a Canberran, or should that be an Australian Capital Territorian? Oh and if you are in Canberra come along to the High Tea Event – it should be fun.

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to All! I have had a text from Canada about all the snow and pictures from Seattle showing the same. The closest we are getting to snow is the sugar variety on the top of our gingerbread house. I wish I could claim credit or this work of art but this was a gift from our friend Sky – chef extraordinaire. By the time this photo was taken both the little girl and Santa had been eaten! As an aside in sunny Canberra it’s currently 27° celsius or 82° Fahrenheit.

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It’s My Birthday!!

It’s my birthday today and once again my family, nephews, sister-in-law, colleagues and friends have all managed to make me feel so special. This is my present from my darling husband but I have to confess I actually got it a week ago. Can you tell that I’m techno freak? I’ve also noticed that there is a pattern emerging to do with Apple products and my birthday – have a look at my birthday blog post from last year. Do you suppose that means I can get the 17″ Macbook Pro for my 42nd birthday?

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Ahhh Poppies

Spring has well… sprung in Canberra. Yesterday was so warm and the outside so inviting the perfect start to Floriade – our annual tulip festival. Today is a cold, rainy and very windy but at least we’ve had a taste of what’s to come. I can’t help but take photos of flowers and this bunch I bought from our local farmers market at EPIC. I go there Saturday mornings with my beautiful friend K (Happy Birthday for tomorrow). There are so many beautiful flowers out at the moment and if I’ve come under budget with my produce shopping then I buy myself a bunch.

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Turning 40!

You will notice that I didn’t wish you a Happy New Year yesterday. Not that I don’t want to wish everyone well, because I do, but I really don’t like January 1st. Just as I really don’t like the first page of a book. This post will appear on January 2nd which happens to be the 40th birthday of my oldest girlfriend. I have known her for a little under 35 years! This year is also the 40th birthday of my darling husband (February 1st) and my dear friend Mette. Since my 40th birthday has just passed, I still don’t know how I feel about hitting that milestone. My little 40 design was done using images of Amy Butler fabrics (credit where it’s due). She’s one of my absolute favourite fabric designers and I’m already planning my next quilt that will just have to include her designs.

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Old Friends

I get so sad when I think of the people I was close to and I no longer keep in touch or even know where they are. I’m very sentimental like that. Today I had a little experience in synchronicity. Lying in bed thinking of the person I miss most in Atlanta and then sitting down at my computer only to discover that she had signed up to Facebook and thought to search for me! This is Lane – foodie extraordinaire. If you really want to get your brain working, check out her Live Journal – Diary of a baaaaaad housewife! So glad you found me.

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