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500th Post :: Guest Post by Brandi & Giveaway

I am so incredibly excited today to have my good blogging buddy Brandi from Brandi Girl Blog as guest for my monumentous 500th post. As the girl who could never stick to keeping a diary this is a huge occasion. When thinking about how to celebrate I knew I wanted to ask Brandi. She’s been a great friend, sounding board and sanity check. She’s super talented and is the only other person I know who can talk colour as much as I do. So over to you Brandi…

Flower tree and colour palette

In the vast blogosphere, I don’t always remember where or when I met a blogging friend. There’s just a moment when I stumble across a blog that clicks for me, or a commenting exchange starts happening. And suddenly, three or four years down the road, countless emails have been exchanged, and I realize, hey, I’ve got a friendship going.

That’s the case with me and Libby.

We’ve known of each other for years. We blog in the same circles, share a crazy obsession for color, have taken online classes together, bounce ideas off of each other. But we are literally on opposite sides of the world from each other – she in Australia, me in the United States. There’s no telling if we’ll ever meet, but she’s still someone I consider a close friend.
So, when she asked me to stop by and help her celebrate her 500th blog post, I was totally honored and excited.

And then I got a little freaked out. Post #500 is a lot of pressure, people, I didn’t want to screw up. And then my mind went blank. All of the ideas I had for posts seemed a little “blah”, if you know what I mean. So, instead of talking about color theory or offering blogging tips, let me three reasons I adore Libby.

#1: She loves color

This is important, because I love color. Like, a LOT. Sometimes when I get started talking about color theory or that perfect shade of teal or why Pantone completely missed on their color of the year choice, I can see people’s eyes start glazing over through the computer screen. Lots of people enjoy color, but it’s not often I find people who obsess over it like I do. So, once I do find them, I must make them a part of my color tribe.

And, naturally, I’m a huge fan of the Flickr Three color series Libby does. I love them so much.

#2: She’s super insightful

Being a regular visitor here, you already know how insightful Libby is, right? And I love that about her. I love how she shares tidbits of herself through her blogging, personal things that makes me want to know more (like her screenprinting!).

But I especially love that when I send her a crazy email with another crazy idea I’ve just had, it’s more than her taking time to respond – it’s how she does it.

#3: She’s a super talented graphic designer

As an artist myself, my eye’s drawn to beautiful designs no matter the medium. So, when Libby started up Crimson Pear, I immediately became a fan and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. Libby’s use of space and color (of course) is spot on, and her designs so thoughtful.

I’d also love to see her develop her mini zines! (Hint, hint.)

So, thanks to Libby for letting me stop by today. Thanks for letting me in on your 500 post celebration! And thanks for reaching out all those years ago to a girl blogging on the other side of the world.

Thanks Brandi, and now I’m blushing. In celebration of my 500th post I have a 1 month subscription to Brandi’s Palette Club to give away. If you like the palette picture at the top (I got that one in my subscription), then you’re going to love the surprise package in the mail.

The fine print… the winner is the first person randomly drawn next Tuesday 23rd of October. Feel free to enter as many times as you like… I just love comments. Feel free to tell your friends… I just love comments. Don’t forget to leave your email so I can contact you if you are the winner. Good luck!!

To enter you need to do one or all of the following:

  • Leave a comment on this post.
  • Tweet about the give-away using the Tweet button below (make sure the twitter handle @current_obs is included)
  • Sign up to my new Find Your Inner Geek newsletter (it’s in the sidebar)

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