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Colour Me Happy Wednesday :: Light Grey

Gaye Abandon Recycled Wool Scarf

Vintage Stapler

Icy wire handmade lampshade

The colour picker wasn’t my tool today because, as you know, grey is technically not a colour. Although it sure was the shade outside this morning on my early morning walk in a blanket of fog. Here’s what my keyword search found:

TOP: Gaye Abandon’s Recycled Wool Necklace Scarf. I love that this made the list as Gaye Abandon will also be attending the Handmade Market which is on again this weekend. I really love her upcycled wool accessories and she was featured artist on Made It this week.
MIDDLE: French by Design’s Vintage Stapler. I’m not sure why this appealed but I seem to have a thing for aging wood and metal. Conveniently this stapler was on the front page treasury when I started my search.
BOTTOM: Yoola’s Shop Icy Wire Handmade Lampshade. I’ve been on the lookout for lampshades as those in our house are all from circa 1985 and not in a good way. These are lovely and so are her crocheted pears – you know how I feel about pears.

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The Owls are Hunting at Handmade Market – 1 Week To Go

Only 1 week to go and it’s on again! The quarterly Handmade Market is of course what I’m talking about… go and have a look at the designers that will be attending and tell me you wish you could be in Canberra next Sunday. If you are already here then don’t miss it! I have already bought something.. this gorgeous Jenny lamp will be waiting for me (with a discount I’m told). This is by local artisan Jo Kent who is the talent behind The Owls Are Hunting vintage inspired lamps to light up your life. Now where should I put it?

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In Search of a Bag

I braved the Handmade Upmarket again last weekend and this time my mission was to buy an everyday bag now that I no longer have need for a nappy bag. I found the perfect bag at the moyou stall. Amy from moyou designs and prints her own fabric (top photo), amongst other things – you can see her talent in the moyou etsy store. The bag was just lovely but I was very put off with the way her ‘helper’ pried it out of my hands in much the same way you would coerce a full cup of milk from a toddler! Needless to say I didn’t buy it and I didn’t find anything else that really caught my eye. So my search continued.
The little one and I went out to Goldcreek together for browsing and morning tea. Here I found this bag by b.sirius at The Style Emporium. Perfect! The apple and cinnamon tea at Adore Tea was good too.

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Handmade Upmarket

{images via Nina Ribena Makes}
Well I survived a trip to the Handmade upMarket without too much of a dint in my wallet. I purchased some beautiful fabric from Moyou and met Amy who had also lived in Japan. My real find were these lamps from the effervescent Lisa of Tango & James and Canberra’s Got Style fame. It was lovely to meet her. I couldn’t go the pink but I just love the print used for the shade. Lisa has agreed to do one for me with a green base. I can’t wait for the next one!

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Handmade Market – Valentines

{pictures via RioACT}

The Handmade upMarket is on again on the 7th of February and this time with a Valentines theme. I’m really taken with these pieces by Canvas Wall. I can’t seem to find much about them except an email address. This time I’m going and with good friend Rach who shares my love of all things quirky and handmade. I’m looking forward to seeing the real thing and hopefully not spending too much money ~ that comment is for you sweetie.

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