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What’s On Your Bedside Table?

On my way past my bed this morning, it dawned on me that I have a lot of books that I’m part way through at the moment. I always read before I go to sleep and my choice is based on how the mood strikes. This started me thinking… what do other people have on their beside tables? I’d love to know. Here’s my lineup:

  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Steig Larsson– intriguing but I’m such a slow reader.
  • The Canberra Gardener – my garden bible that advises me on where to plant. If only it could teach me how to keep camellias alive and what to do with the dense Canberra soil.
  • Blogging for Bliss by Tara Frey – not a bad read but having working in the web world for more than a decade it didn’t teach me anything new.
  • The Non-Designer’s Design Book by Robin Williams – this is the textbook to the subject I’m studying this semester. I think it’s a funny recommendation for people that are studying graphic design. Having said that it’s been a truly informative book.
  • Designing Logos – The Process of Creating Symbols that Endure by Jack Gernsheimer. A really great book even just for the history of some of the world’s most recognised logos.
  • The last two copies of Real Living – the only magazine I read and too quickly because then I’m always waiting by the mailbox for the next one.
  • The last Hancocks of Paducah catalogue – a visual feast.
  • The Real Living summer cookbook – in case I need a little gastronomic inspiration before bed.

OK – your turn. What’s on your beside table?

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Don’t You Just Love Telephone Companies?

We have had an interesting time with our telephone company this weekend. We lost phone and internet on Friday night, we had no phone (just mobiles) all Saturday and no internet. Our phone returned on Saturday evening but still no internet.. can you imagine? No *gasp* blogging. Do you remember what you did before the internet? Let’s just say our garden is practically free from weeds, trees have been trimmed, my blog redesign is taking shape and this morning I finished the 25km of the Big Canberra Bike Ride. By Sunday we had a phone… or so we thought… that was until a lovely lady called (using speed dial) her parents and got me… a lot of confusion ensued and we finally established that we had a phone alright but not our number. We now had someone else’s phone number, they had nothing and our number had presumably disappeared. And still not internet. You may have already guessed that since I am now back at my blog then all has been fixed… and you would be right. And the problem? Some vandals who thought it would be a good joke to quite literally get our wires crossed.
{image via wehearit}

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Tree of Life

I really like this wall decal from the Wall Sticker Company. My darling husband is not so sure but I think it would be wonderful focal point from our kitchen through to our dining room. I just wonder if I would get sick of it really quickly. I’m not really a blue person… or gold for that matter so I would have to come up with a different colour combination. What to do?

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Foam Letter Accidental Art

With a lot of ‘help’ from the boys, we cleaned the foam letters last weekend. We had a real production line going with frames, letters and inserts filling every available space. My darling husband decided they were not drying quickly enough laying flat on the table. So I came outside to find that he had slotted them all together to hasten the drying process. The overall effect was quite cool – we had created our own backyard installation.

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It’s Autumn

Actually it’s almost winter but I never tire of autumn. I love the colours and the crisp mornings and warm days. I also love that I now live in a city that shows autumn in all its glory. We have nearly seen out an entire year in our new home and I have enjoyed watching the garden bloom, grow and now go dormant. This tree pictured is the most surprising. It sits outside our front courtyard wall and really makes our house stand out on the street.

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Meet the Baron

My latest and way overdue acquisition. The final piece in my workspace puzzle. This is the Baron chair and it is even more comfortable than it looks! Ordering it was a lot of fun as I was dealing with a company that aren’t accustomed to selling one chair; their specialty is workplace fit outs for large organisations. I talked them into it! My darling husband was a little horrified at the price and tried to convince me that I didn’t need the Rolls Royce of chairs. I assured him that had I wanted the Rolls Royce I would have gone for the Herman Miller Aeron chair. My Baron is more like the Porsche of the chair world and if I ever tire of it then it’s 97% recyclable, how cool is that?

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Celebrations, Smiles and Frowns

What a week it has been! We celebrated the boys 4 and 6 birthdays last Saturday complete with jumping castle and castle cake. Note to self – never let them choose another cake that has royal blue icing. It’s really not an attractive food colour and it gets on everything! Saturday was also the arrival of the final pieces of my desk puzzle so I finally got to put it together on Sunday. I’ve still got a little bit to do and I had to compromise on the silver legs but I do like the industrial looking drawers. The frowns for the week came from a supreme act of stupidity on my part. I decided to rebuild my computer and thought I’d backed everything up but it turns out I hadn’t. So I inadvertently purged myself of many years worth of collecting web links and not so useless documents. Swampfire (my big boy’s alien in the bottom picture) was just menacing enough to remind me of my ordeal and I have carpet burn on my elbow from throwing myself on the floor in a dramatic turn upon the realisation that everything was gone. The only saving grace was all pictures were on a different drive. I’m trying to convince myself that this really is a blessing in disguise.

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My Work Space

OK… so maybe not the best photo in the world but try and picture it! This was a built-in wardrobe that the woman who owned the house before us had converted it into a sewing nook. I thought it would make a nice space for my computer and persisted for 6 months but the ‘desk’ she had in there was just too narrow so I pulled it out. This is my first time to paint in our new house and I went for an inspiring shade of green. The white gaps will be home to cork sheets so I will have enough space for all my notes, ideas and inspiration. I’ve just finished the first coat of paint for the trimming and am getting quite asphyxiated on the smell I think I had better leave the room.

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The Unfolding Mystery

It’s quite strange buying a house in winter when all the shrubs and trees are dormant. It’s been such fun watching the garden bloom and trying to work out what’s what. Here’s three flowers that are currently enjoying Spring. The irises are dotted all over the garden. I have no clue what the centre one is but it changes colour from pinks to orange and finally a beautiful shade of purple just as the flowers are wilting. The roses are huge and smell divine.

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New House!

Well it’s been too long between posts, my sincere apologies to the 3 people that actually read this. I include myself in that number. There is a good reason for my lack of inspiration – house hunting!!! To everyone who has ever done this you will know what a stressful and time consuming venture it is! Well the good news is that we have bought a house but we haven’t exchanged contracts yet. I had to include this photo even though it’s not one of mine. It was used in the advertising for the house, but wasn’t the reason we bought it. It just struck me as such a strange picture to use, but somehow I like it.

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