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Inspired by :: August Empress watercolour patterns

Watercolour patterns

Watercolour patterns larger

Remember I said I would share some talent that makes use of watercolour and hand drawn graphics? I wanted to take some time out today to share with you the gorgeous watercolour patterns available for download from August Empress, the blog of the super talented Jo. These are just a small selection that Jo has generously made available on her blog.

I have been an admirer of Jo’s work for quite a while. Her work has such a feminine touch which is so enticing. I especially love how she combines watercolour and layers in a lot of the work she does.

All these patterns are available for download from August Empress.

  1. Geometric Watercolour Pattern – Circles
  2. Geometric Watercolour Pattern – Squares
  3. Chevron Watercolour Pattern
  4. Floral Watercolour Pattern

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Update :: a cover story

This is what I’ve been toiling away at for the last month. My next Uni assignment which is due in a little over a week. It’s an 8 page magazine and the mock-ups to a 5 page website for a fictitious magazine called LOL – Life out Loud. Drawing on inspiration from magazines like Dumbo Feather and Cellar Door I really wanted the minimalist cover to work. I think I mentioned how much I wanted to use Kassia’s gorgeous photo which, to me, makes my first attempt sublime with very little effort on my part. I was, however, over-ruled and have been forced to find a photo of my own that is cover worthy. My second attempt uses a photo that I took of my beautiful friend Jess, owner and creator of Brown Paper Bunny. She agreed to become the subject of my interview and put up with me taking literally hundreds of photos of her one Sunday afternoon. My interview is included in this mag along with two others from my fellow students. If you would like to provide any feedback at all on my cover I would be oh so grateful.


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Inspired by :: kassia photography

I confess I’m not usually immediately drawn to imagery with people in it. I sometimes look at the human form as detracting from a landscape or texture and if you have read my blog a while I’m sure you would know that about me by the images I choose. In a flickr search I came across the work of kassia photography and was so mesmerised by her images. She has the ability to capture that moment that attracts me to portrait photography. When I first started studying last year one of my lecturers got us to study faces on magazines – these images are why we buy them and in his words ‘the eyes have it’. Kassia has the knack of grabbing those moments of greatest depth, where you find yourself completely drawn in by a gaze wanting to know what they are thinking. Go and view her work on both her website, Kassia Photography and her blog.

I am so enamoured with the top image and I had high hopes of using it an assignment I am currently working on but alas I was overruled by my lecturer. Kassia gave me her permission and blessing and was so accommodating and helpful when I asked. She really is very special and oh so talented.

All images via flickr are copyright to Kassia Photography. They are from top lindsey, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. sort of and gina

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Sweetness and Light :: Gabrielle Kai Photography

Gabrielle Photography

In my quest for light blue inspiration this week I stumbled upon a single photo by Gabrielle Kai. I was going to include that photo (the one with the raspberries) but then decided to save her work for a whole post of it’s own. I’m so enchanted by the sweetness and light in her works. Her subject matter harps back to a not so distant past and the colours she captures just evoke a sense of calm. I would love to be able to take photos like these but I wonder if the Australian light is too harsh to get the same results. Or is it just working with what you’ve got.

August 21, 2010 \ etsy \ 2 comments

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mattt bags

mattt bags

The cyclist will almost definitely disagree with me on this but I’m pretty sure I need one of these bags. Mattt bags are proudly handmade in Melbourne using fabric from Australian designers. I’ve narrowed my favourites down to four that all use fabric by the very talented Lara Cameron who is also based in Melbourne. Which do you think I should go with?

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The Owls are Hunting at Handmade Market – 1 Week To Go

Only 1 week to go and it’s on again! The quarterly Handmade Market is of course what I’m talking about… go and have a look at the designers that will be attending and tell me you wish you could be in Canberra next Sunday. If you are already here then don’t miss it! I have already bought something.. this gorgeous Jenny lamp will be waiting for me (with a discount I’m told). This is by local artisan Jo Kent who is the talent behind The Owls Are Hunting vintage inspired lamps to light up your life. Now where should I put it?

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Getting Creative

My task this week is to talk about when I first fell in love with creating. For me it started with my mother and her love of sewing. She is such a beautiful seamstress and over the years has made everything from quilts, to dolls clothes to overly complicated Issey Miyake shirts (for me). She started to teach me when I was young and I had the best outfitted Barbie on the block. Eventually I started making my own T-shirts and painted them for myself and friends. I was the girl who always had a sketch book and my creative bent diverged from my mother into ceramics, photography and drawing. When I went to art school I was convinced that drawing was going to be my major – that was up until I met the chain smoking lecturer that we nicknamed Spacey Holliday. She single-handedly turned me off drawing and I haven’t sat and sketched for years. So design became my major and I built stages and furniture and now I’ve come back to sewing.
{Images via weheartit and turned into polaroids using my new favourite toy – Poladroid }

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A Lofty Goal to Accomplish

My goal this week is to talk about a goal. If you’re wondering about the weekly challenges they come from 52 Weeks of Blogging Your Passion; eBook and forum from the lovely Tara of Scoutie Girl. My ultimate goal and one of the reasons for the return to study is to print my own fabric. To most maybe not a lofty goal but up until recently I’ve struggled with where to start? I had a few serendipitous moments this week, remember my cleaner (the lovely Lana) who asked me to make her a sakura design? Well in preparation for this I decided to teach myself the art of creating a repeating pattern. That’s my first attempt at the bottom – I’m not in love with it I think it’s too symmetrical but I am pleased that it repeats. Then I discovered Spoonflower and my goal suddenly had a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. I’m hooked and again, by way of experiment, I did the sakura tree (top) and turned it into a repeating pattern on Spoonflower. As a single image again I’m not crazy about it but as a repeat I think it has potential – do you agree? The repeat for this by the way is showing what a yard would look like. So right now I feel like I’m on the base of a big mountain that I definitely have the energy to climb – wish me luck!
P.S. It may be a little quiet on my blog front next week. We are off to the beach and staying in a spot that has no mobile coverage… nice.

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