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Palette and patterns :: handwritten

I fell in love with this image by jamelah e. – titled the scroll. She writes great reminiscences about her photos and I implore you to read this one – you won’t be disappointed. I knew it would also make a great palette and the range of colours in this image made it hard to narrow it down to 5 – I do love the final result.

In keeping with my handwritten theme that revealed itself this week I thought I would create two ‘handwritten’ patterns. The top one (below) called Persuasion, is one of my favourite passages from Jane Austen’s Persuasion that I blogged about here a while ago. The font I used is also called Jane Austen from daFont and I turned the passage into an SVG image. The bottom pattern is called Dream. I like them singularly but putting them together doesn’t really do either of them justice. My template for Persuasion, which I called Jane Austen has already been a hit on ColourLovers, with a lot of variations that are much lovelier than mine.

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A Head Full of Jane Austen

Kersting Girl Embroidering

There, he had learnt to distinguish between the steadiness of principle and the obstinacy of self-will, between the darings of heedlessness and the resolution of a collected mind. There, he had seen every thing to exalt in his estimation the woman he had lost, and there begun to deplore the pride, the folly, the madness of resentment, which had kept him from trying to regain her when thrown in his way.

Jane Austen ~ Persuasion

{Image via Jane Austen’s World}

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