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Today I sat and wrote a card to a friend – there was no occasion. The card seemed to speak to me and I know how much she’ll love receiving it. How often do you do that these days? How much do you love receiving handwritten notes? I remember some years ago (early days of the internet) a friend who was singing the praises of email as her sister was having a long distance relationship that was being kept alive via instantaneous electronic notes. It was her mother who pointed out that there would be no history of love letters and when I think of that comment it still makes me a little sad. Fortunately for me, my (sometimes long distance) romance with the cyclist was pre internet and I have every letter he’s every written me.

There is value put on the handwritten word – go and read Letters of Note to be awed by correspondence. Oh, and send a handwritten card to a friend – you know it will make them smile.

My handwritten finds are all via etsy, clockwise from top left: Make Haste- Pride and Prejudice Mug by Brookish Handmade Goods, Hope is the Thing With Feathers Ring – Emily Dickinson by lisa hopkins designRed Butterfly on Handwritten Script Pillow by Word GardenI LOVE YOU – Deluxe 8×10 inch print — handwritten with love by the love shop

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