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Working on :: crochet

That’s not what you expected from me, is it? I’m not exactly known for my amazing crochet skills but there you have it, I’ve been crocheting like mad, although I wouldn’t call my skills amazing. After being inspired by Bear’s rainbow blanket by The Purl Bee, I’ve been working away on many squares.

Crochet blanket from Purl Bee

Did you have the same reaction as I did to this blanket? Isn’t it amazing? I was determined to make one exactly the same and so excited to see that Purl Soho had a kit to do just that – BUT – at US$780 to make exactly this one, it was waaayyy out of my price range. So I moved to plan B, at least learn how to make that square. I was really taken with the circle that becomes a square and after many, many attempts I finally nailed it. Now I’m just waiting on wool from Nundle Woollen Mill so I can make my own colourful (but perhaps not so spectacular) variation.

In the meantime I discovered this wonderful ebook from Spincushions called More Than A Granny and made all 20 squares in the book using a weird assortment of wool that I inherited from my mother. Did you know that US and UK speak a different language in crochet? Well I didn’t, so being Australian of course I bought the UK version and then had to translate it back to US, cause that’s where my learning started. My brain is getting a work out and that can only be a good thing.

Then I bought some (truly terrible) wool and made my favourites out of the book.


What do you think? Don’t look too closely as you’ll see my mistakes and these squares haven’t been ‘blocked’, which apparently will give me the opportunity to make them flatter and more square. You can see I’m very drawn to those that start out round and end up square and the one in the bottom left has a neat stitch called a ‘popcorn’, which is fun to do and makes the centre 3D.

I’ve also been knitting, but I’ll save that story (read saga) for another time. So how have you been?

This images of Bear’s Rainbow Blanket are via The Purl Bee.

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Flickr three :: #E3A9CD :: sweet lips

Close up of flower blossoms

Close up of pink door with cracking paint

Colour swatch #E3A9CD

Wow – it seems all I have time for these days is my flickr three. Between work and university assignments due I don’t seem to have enough time for blogging which is making me think I should become a university drop-out! Well no, I’m not a quitter but in the last couple of weeks I kind of wish I was.

I’ve been toiling away at my zine and I hope to share some of it with you soon. This week I have also been helping the lovely Renee move into the world of self-hosted blogging over at Recreative Works blog. I must admit her use of pink in her blog inspired me towards my colour choice today. It’s not a colour I am naturally drawn to but this week it’s really working for me.

My flickr finds are from top:

flowerforest (zoom in, level 1 of 5) by -sel, Pink by Wade Harris, Emotional Outburst by Pulpolux!!!*

P.S. – you can also select my colour sweet lips or #E3A9CD to see it on my ColourLovers page. Are you a ColourLover? Let’s be friends.

* This is now the second week in a row to feature his work. He has the best names for his photos and his compositions really make me pause.

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An eye for :: yellow and grey

Products from etsy in yellow and grey

Remember a while back when yellow and grey was everywhere you looked? No, didn’t see that well in case you missed it I think it’s having a resurgence. What is it about this combination that is so very nice? It always makes me smile and because I’m in need of smiles today I went in search of some Etsy talent that really makes these two colours work. Oh and it doesn’t hurt when you add in a chevron pattern – lovely.

My Etsy finds are:

  1. 12 Yellow and Grey Chevron Heart Cupcake Toppers by MiLKKrafts
  2. Yellow and Gray Tulips Art Print by Pictorial Bloom
  3. Paper Garland 16′ Yellow and Gray Hearts by polkadotshop
  4. Elephant Baby Crib Quilt and Pillow in Yellow and Gray by Alphabet Monkey

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It’s just a question of price

Dollar sign on hessian

What is it worth? This has been a persistent question for me lately as I’ve had to place a price on my services. There quite a lot on this topic some helpful and some not so much. Since I’m new at this I went in search of some answers and found two great resources that may also help you. The first one is Brandi’s FREE (yes really) ebook An Artists Guide to Pricing. This small and to the point handbook really gets you thinking about what you’re worth and the biggest lesson of all – underpricing your work hurts everyone. The second book was Logo Design Love,  I realise it’s a book about designing logos but it also has an entire chapter devoted to pricing design. While neither books give you a figure they both offer lessons learned from experienced artisans and designers.

So why have I been pondering this? Well recently I feel I may have lost work because I’m pricing myself at exactly what I’m worth. What a shocking discovery to make! So in order to understand what is going on in the minds of my clients, without actually asking them, I decided to do two things; break down in time how long it takes me to achieve a blog design from Photoshop to cutup and the final product and see what my competitors are charging for the same service. So here’s my estimate for a standard website assuming a 7 hour day at modest $60 per hour.

  • Design mockup in Photoshop – takes me anywhere from 2 – 5 days, so let’s say it takes me 3 days on average – $1260
  • To cutup my design to HTML, CSS and PHP for WordPress takes me anywhere from 2 – 7 days depending on the complexity of the design and functionality.  So let’s say on average it take me 4 days – $1680
  • The recommendation from my university professor is to add 15% to the final quote since things always take longer than you think and you have to be profitable – $441

Total = $3381

So based on that what I’m currently quoting, a starting price of $1200, is almost a third of what I’m ‘worth’.

What are others doing? I went onto Etsy since I am also selling my pre-made blog designs there and offering custom work. The prices for a custom site design range from USD $180 to $800. So unless I can churn out a design and cutup in 3 hours or be willing to work $3.67 an hour I cannot compete with someone selling the same service at $180. The bigger question is, should I be trying to?

I think your price says a lot about how you value your experience and abilities. What do you think when you see a product that’s too cheap to be believed? My first reaction is, it can’t be any good which is closely followed by they can’t be very experienced. For my part I’m going to resolve to always quote what I am worth.

I know many of you have had similar experiences and I would love for you to share them. What is your approach? Have you come across obstacles with pricing and what your clients expect?

Dollar Sign in Stencil Design by Room 29 Etsy store

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Palette and patterns :: stripes

I couldn’t end my week of stripes without a palette and pattern. My palette was inspired by this photo (pictured in partial here) titled Red stripe by Glenn Scott. My pattern designs – my very own stripe (of course) – called Deck chair (left) and Four leaf hearts (right).

I’ve had a fun week of stripes and then in my inbox this morning from Decor8 was a link the stripemania pinterest board – an awesome collection of photos of Decor8 fans and fellow bloggers all wearing stripes. It’s so good to know I’m not alone. Oh and as an aside if you’re in need of something stripey to wear – my absolute favourite shirt is the Stripey Thing from Remo General Store.

August 1, 2011 \ colour lover \ 1 comment

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It’s July :: Vive le Tour

Yes it’s that time of year again! The Tour de France is now a week in, which loosely translates to I haven’t had a single conversation with the cyclist that hasn’t involved the dissection of each stage, points, jerseys, teams, accidents and GC standings. It sounds like the month of dread but to be honest I too am a fan of le Tour especially the sunflowers, castles and the antics of the spectators. It’s taken me a few years to work out the tactics employed in cycling so I will defy anyone who thinks it’s dull. I say Vive le Tour and let’s celebrate all things France – what do you think?

My le Tour finds are clockwise from top left: Vintage Yellow Recycled Bike Clock by, Vive le Tour – Tour de France Cycling Decal by Slaps, Tour de France Inspired Bike Chain Bracelet by Beach BMX DesignsLe Tour de France – Fine Art Photograph (partial) by Aaron Huniu Photography

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Palette and patterns :: ampersands

Using the gorgeous photo by Ji Young Yoon, I decided to create this candy palette. And in keeping with tradition I also created a couple of patterns but I just wanted to share one of them my aptly named and flowers for you – get it?. What I love about ColourLovers is how others use your pattern templates and it’s so cool to see what they do with your design. I thought I’d include 3 of them and I have to say they did a much better job with their colours.
They are clockwise from top right: Flowers for you (that’s mine), sweet cute sweet ˆˆ&@ , TimeToTweet


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Loving :: wallflowers by Laura Worthington

I think I mentioned yesterday that I’ve turned into quite the font nerd or should I say fan or maybe fanatic! I’m quite enamoured with fonts and their designers and I am convinced that My Fonts has the potential to keep me very poor. One of my favourite font designers is Laura Worthington and I think her Origins font was the first I ever purchased… and you always remember your first right? Wallflowers is another gem from the Laura Worthington foundry and it may surprise you to learn that yes this is a font. See the letters on the images represent the keystroke for that pattern – aren’t these gorgeous? Based on her sketches of wallpaper patterns, Laura has put them all together into one must have font.

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Seeing ampersands

Do you ever have a time when you become aware of a thing, or word or colour and then you start seeing it everywhere? Does the awareness mean that you’re just taking notice or is it really everywhere? For me this week it has been the ampersand – I have been seeing them all over the place – and before you say anything they’re not just on my lazy written page. Who is it that thought to decorate with an ampersand? Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love these looks and in the last year I have become such a font nerd (if there is such a thing) – I say why not hang an ampersand from your dining room ceiling. So quirky, what do you think?

My ampersands are, clockwise from top left: Butterfly and ampersand by Worker Design, Ampersand Chandelier by Revival Design, Armchair by the Lisa Barrett at Tango and James – this is probably not for sale but Lisa sometimes incorporates ampersands into her gorgeous projects, Ampersand (&) Typographic Wall Wedding White Literary by Slippin Southern

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