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Free Macaroon Clip Art from Pugly Pixel

Macaroons free clip art images

I had to do it! For my previous macaroon post I searched high and low for the perfect (creative commons) picture. I had completely forgotten about these gorgeous images from Pugly Pixel that I downloaded a few weeks ago. There is enough singles, stacks, profiles and macaroons with bites out of them to tempt the most discerning palette. Since tomorrow is farmer’s market day I think I may have to buy some to round off my macaroon obsessed week.

September 3, 2010 \ links \ 3 comments

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Are macaroons the new cup cake?

Macaroon picture by BakeFresh

A few weeks ago my parents were visiting and my mother declared that ‘macaroons are the new cup cake’. That’s funny I thought and dragged out the Wednesday Canberra Times Food & Wine magazine with a cover photo of, you guessed it, macaroons. Does this happen to you? You become aware of something and then you start seeing them everywhere. The makers of the cover picture macaroons, as it happens, sell at the EPIC farmers market that I visit each Saturday morning. So I thought I would buy some and see what all the fuss was about. It turns out the fuss is very underrated and last week I had to physically remove myself from the macaroon seller in favour of both budget and waistline. They are divine and I’m sure I will now find any cause for celebration by buying a macaroon.

{Image via flickr by BakeFresh}

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