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It’s Peony Season

So I have been struggling with inspiration lately but I’m currently hatching a few plans for a shakeup to my blog world come 2010. Nothing like a New Year for new beginnings but I’m loathe to call it a resolution. When it does strike, inspiration always seems to come in the shape of a flower and more so when it’s a peony. They are in season at the moment and I have had two weeks of being able to purchase them at the farmers market from the Peony Lady for the bargain price of $15 for 10. I can say that now as I saw them for $20 for 5 at the florist last week! Sadly the peonies all bloomed at once this year so this was her second and last week at market. The extreme temperatures are wreaking havoc on these blooms. Another reason to dislike the hot weather, can you tell I’m not a fan?

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iPhone Babycinos

On Thursday mornings the little one and I go to Belconnen markets. This has been a long standing tradition and one that I cherish. With shopping out of the way we have morning tea at the organic cafe. For some reason we started taking photos of his babycinos and each week we judge whether or not the latest is photo worthy. Then we browse through all the previous pictures. This morning I decided to turn all of them into one picture. I’m sure our barista, who sports a different hair colour each week, tries to outdo herself for him.

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A Taste of France

July is the month that has almost all of the Heasman family glued to the Tour de France – or the last 10km of each stage at least. With Bastille Day over for another year I started to think of all things French. These are from one of my favourite online stores – French Bazaar. A place in Australia for quirky French homewares. I especially like the la vie est verte shopping trolley and think I would definitely stand out at the Saturday morning farmers market with that one. The bottom picture is of paper placemats – which could be very useful in our house.

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Thursday Lattes

Excuse the quality of this picture, it was taken on my iPhone. Every Thursday the little one and I go to Belconnen Markets to pick up the few things we can’t get at EPIC farmers market. This has been a long standing tradition and our visit always ends in coffee and treats at the organic cafe – As Nature Intended. The little one has his baby chino (pictured) although he likes to call it a latte. The barista did such a special job with the chocolate on the top that we decided it was worthy of a photo.

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I absolutely love peonies but I always associate them with completely impossible to achieve interior design spreads in posh country style magazines (which I never buy by the way). When I came under budget in my produce shopping I just had to buy a bunch of these happy flowers from the woman wearing the “Super Mum” apron. They look just fine in my cluttered kitchen.

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Ahhh Poppies

Spring has well… sprung in Canberra. Yesterday was so warm and the outside so inviting the perfect start to Floriade – our annual tulip festival. Today is a cold, rainy and very windy but at least we’ve had a taste of what’s to come. I can’t help but take photos of flowers and this bunch I bought from our local farmers market at EPIC. I go there Saturday mornings with my beautiful friend K (Happy Birthday for tomorrow). There are so many beautiful flowers out at the moment and if I’ve come under budget with my produce shopping then I buy myself a bunch.

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Mad About Beets!

We in Australia are famous for beetroot on our hamburgers. No, it’s not an urban myth but very true and delicious – if you haven’t already, you should try it. I’ve recently discovered the fresh variety. I have been going to our local farmers market at EPIC very early on Saturday mornings and buying from the growers. This means I get local seasonal produce. Fresh beets have always eluded me. What to do with them? My darling friend Wil introduced me to this recipe and I finally put it to the test. I thought I would go and find a picture of a beet to include with the posting. I found the perfect one by Louise Lister and although she does do lovely things with food the picture wasn’t royalty free! Clearly I’m never going to be a food stylist but here is my attempt at photographing my beet, fetta and Spanish onion salad. Not only did it look pretty, but it tasted great!

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