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New pattern :: sunshine rain

Pattern swatch called sunshine rain

I finally finished up my little rain cloud pattern. I had a bit of a problem with the dashed lines behind the clouds so I had to make a deviation, which I like better. I’ve added this pattern to Spoonflower and once I have received my sample swatch it will be for sale on the Crimson Pear Spoonflower shop. I think it needs a complimentary pattern, what do you think? We’ve just got new grey couch covers in our family room and they are in need of some new throw cushions, I think this pattern may be just the thing.

May 28, 2013 \ patterns \ 1 comment

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Palette and patterns :: fruit

An open pomegranate

Did you know that iStockphoto release a free vector and image each week? Neither did I until I paid attention to the email in my inbox and now I watch out for them. This pomegranate came free a couple of weeks ago and fitted with my current fruit obsession. Something I haven’t done in a long while is a palette and pattern post so I thought I would make them a regular feature again. Now why did I stop?

2 patterns inspired by pears

My two patterns were inspired by the first round of logo development I did a couple of years ago. I came across a very rough single line pear drawing I did when brainstorming ideas for Crimson Pear. I thought it would be fun to reminisce and include it in a pattern. The second one is actually the middle of my current, but soon to be superseded, logo. I created both patterns using Illustrator CS6’s new pattern maker tool, which I’m not sure I completely understand how to drive and while I sit here and type I can see a couple of errors so don’t look too closely.

January 21, 2013 \ patterns \ 2 comments

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Summer trees free pattern download & a plan

A tree inspired pattern

I’m putting this out there today for you all to hear – by the end of this year I want to have created a full fabric collection of my own designs – there I said it! Ambitious? Definitely. Possible? Absolutely.

This has been a burning desire for a very long time but I seem to always be doing what I ‘have to’ do and not doing what I ‘want to’ do. This was an old adage of my mother’s and while she seemed to juggle both so well I’m going for a happy medium and I vow not to beat myself up along the way. I’m letting you know today since I suspect I’ll be running ideas by you as I go and I hope you’ll keep me focused.

The only reason I have not done this sooner is a belief that I couldn’t, didn’t have the skills, the time, didn’t know where to start – you name it I had many reasons for not just starting! Crazy right? That  all changed after I recently read Jessica Swift’s ebook Jump + Trust + Repeat. If you are even vaguely interested in the path to becoming a licensed surface designer then this book is for you. It’s hard to explain what I loved the most but I think it was Jessica’s absolute honesty in telling her story, what has worked for her, what hasn’t and most importantly of all the mistakes she has made along the way. She does not at all pretend to know the absolute truth but shares her version with humour and honesty. This is a girl you want in your corner. She is really inspiring.

In celebration of my ‘annoucement’, I thought I would share a little tree pattern I made this week, yes I’m still a little obsessed with trees. It’s here for you to download, just click the link below. The tile is a 500px square so feel free to size it down to create a smaller pattern, which is what I’ve done in the example above.

Download now and don’t forget to read the Terms of Use and enjoy!

January 7, 2013 \ downloads \ 4 comments

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Being a little :: cushion crazy

Pictures of some cushion projects

I’ve been going a little crazy making cushions lately. The bug began with the one on the top right, remember my Zine that I had to create for a Uni task? Well in celebration of my topic of Scandinavian surface design I thought it would be neat twist to do some stencils from Lotta Jansdotter Stencils collection. In true last minute fashion I had the wrong painting tools but I did have the red paint and plain calico, well after all it was more about the process than the product. And then my vintage cushion cover breathed it’s last so I salvaged the backing with the lovely sewn in zip and turned my stencil fabric and plain red fabric into a replacement cushion cover. It actually worked quite well.

Then I needed a project for my screen printed pods so I thought, you guessed it, cushions! This time they will be gifts for my 3 best girlfriends. They are complete with invisible zippers (my new sewing machine foot is fabulous), The pods are now the cushion cover front (bottom left) and the complimentary design (bottom right) I ordered from Spoonflower, that ended up much larger than I had calculated, has become the cushion back.

P.S. I have not managed to photograph the red without it looking somewhat garish. Will you trust me when I tell you it is much richer, cooler and lovelier that it appears here?

December 14, 2012 \ projects \ 6 comments

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First pass with my vintage design

The one thing that has pretty much eluded me with designing is how to create a complex repeating pattern. Not that this attempt is complex but I wanted a brick pattern a per my scribbles. I found a great tutorial on creating a repeating hexagon pattern and applied the technique to this. What you’re looking at here is actually a screen shot of my starting design in Photoshop. The blue lines (the guides) are showing the area that I copied and used to create a pattern.

These are my three designs filled with the pattern and because I couldn’t decide which background colour I liked more I decided to post them all. Which one is your favourite? If you’d like to know exactly how this was done in Photoshop I’d be happy to put together a step by step… just say the word.

January 8, 2011 \ patterns \ 4 comments

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Gift Tags :: Download

Downloadable Gift Tags

Do you need some gift tags? I’ve been playing around with some patterns and colours for an idea I have and thought I’d share my experimenting with you. These are not colours I normally go for but I do like how they go together. Here’s a PDF that you are welcome to print and use. And, once again for my antipodean friends I’ve included a US Letter version. Enjoy!

October 25, 2010 \ downloads \ 2 comments

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Design Dilemma – Help Please

I’m appealing to you for help with my next assignment… again. We have to design a small brochure for a restaurant opening and this is just the front cover. The assignment is quite prescriptive in terms of text content but the style of food that the restaurant serves is really up to us. I’m going for tappas style that’s fast and fresh. I know each of my designs are a variation on a theme but I’m really not sure which one to go for. Can you help?

August 14, 2010 \ university \ 7 comments


My fabric designs on Spoonflower

I was waiting until I received the swatches before I shared this with you. Here they are – fabric of my design direct from Spooflower. I’m really please with how they turned out, it was a giant learning curve for me to create a repeating pattern but it seems to have worked. Also trying to work out how the colours would translate from screen to fabric was an uncertainty. I went with a familiar design in three colours plus a complementary stripe. I think I’m done with my medallion now, although I do still like it. If you want to purchase any yardage you can see it on my Spoonflower profile. Any purchase you make earns me some Spoonflower dollars and if you end up using it make sure you send me a picture. I’m thinking my green medallion on an upholstery weight twill to cover a chair would look just lovely. What do you think?

August 7, 2010 \ fabric \ 6 comments

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