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A trip to Floriade

A bed of tulips

Close up of tulips

We had such a beautiful day for our trip to Floriade last week. In case you don’t know it, it’s the annual spring flower festival that runs for a month over September and October. We missed it last year as we were overseas so it was nice to return again. My Dad came with us this time, we had been trying to get he and Mum to visit since we moved to Canberra but she was never well enough. He really enjoyed his time there and since he’s become quite the gardener he was literally on his knees examining the soil! He also, at age 81, had his first ride on a ferris wheel, which is the only way to truly appreciate the elaborate garden bed designs.

You can see by my photos what a glorious day we had. There’s nothing like Canberra in spring.

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My pod prints and photos that suck

3 pictures of screen printed fabric

I promised I would share these with you and I’m starting to think you’ll be sorry you asked to see them because my photos suck really badly. Oh my – this was the best of a very bad bunch so it will be back to the camera for me if for no other reason that to get it right.

So humour me OK and I’ll explain. You may be able to recognise my pod in a mustard yellow I was determined to use and mixed by hand and I’m so pleased that the colour made it’s way out of my head and into paint. It took quite a while to get the ‘right’ colour which loosely translates to I ended up with a very large quantity that I happily shared with my classmates. I was equally determined towards that blue but I arrived at it so quickly which meant I had such a little quantity that I had to be frugal to make it to the end of the class with some left to use. If you look closely you can see where it started to dry on the screen which resulted in a not perfect print.

On the second day I went for a red twill fabric but this time thought I’d experiment with a stencil pod shape, followed by the pods and then the ‘seeds’. I think the effect is quite striking and I’m planning a complimentary digital design to turn my hand printed yardage into something wonderful – what would you recommend? My teacher insisted I do the sole white pod on red – and I so wish I’d done more of them.

Now, when I take better photos I will share those with you too.

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Give me the child until seven…

Boy at 10 months and at 7

and I will show you the man. If you remember I did a similar post when my jolly monkey turned 7. Well the little one turns 7 today and thanks to this Jesuit motto it’s been looming on the horizon like some kind of use by date for me to get all my influence in before he becomes hard coded into the man. I don’t devote any space to my little men on this blog and I do this on purpose but this day, the 7th birthday, is my one exception.

My little one was a very serious baby, he studied us and the world around him like he knew the way of the world and we were clueless. We found ourselves thinking that he’d been here before. He was not a difficult baby, a bad sleeper or any trouble. He’s my cuddly one and still loves to snuggle at any opportunity. Here’s what I know, he’s got an inner sensitivity to his surroundings, he’ll stop to watch ants, pat a cat, give me a cuddle if he thinks I’m feeling sad. He gets excited by my new fabric purchases, he’s aware of changes and he pays compliments. He’s a man of few words and my brother summed it by saying he says so much in expression. The boy has turned into a truly funny kid, with a quick wit and strange sense of humour although he doesn’t laugh out loud very often. The bottom photo is him attempting his cackling witch impersonation because he only had one front tooth. He loves dancing and music.

To me he is somewhat of an enigma and the cyclist’s and my resounding question each week is ‘where did he come from?’. I have such a strange yearning in my core that wants to know what the world holds for him and at the same time I never want him to grow out of his eccentricities, like the random collections (rocks mostly), the way he assembles items on his toy box and his little drawings that appear all over the house. Here’s what I also know, he’s curious, smart and opens doors for women – I think the man will be just fine!

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Speaking of yellow…


I was so inspired by my yellow post yesterday I decided to do another one today. It’s slightly warm outside, I’ve just come back from the most amazing yoga class and I’ve discovered a single yellow freesia blooming in the garden. I dug out some pictures I took a few weeks ago when I started to really use all the dials on my camera. I setup a ‘studio’ in our very sunny family room with some foam core board, a piece of scrap fabric, a Mason glass jar and some freesias. The results are quite good and I sure did learn a lot from the exercise. What’s inspiring you today? I’d love to know.

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Floriade :: Canberra in Bloom

Floriade 2010

Canberra turned on a glorious spring day for our visit to Floriade yesterday. This was made even more delightful by finding a car park as close as possible. We had a friend visiting from Sydney and everyone had a lovely time in the tulips, on the ferris wheel and all the treats that seem to go with a day out at our month long flower festival. This year the theme was imagination and you would think I would get tired of taking photos of tulips but it seems not – I especially like the yellow one that is just starting to wilt.

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Something Seasonal

Japanese Maple in my garden

Winter is officially upon us (in Australia anyway) and tomorrow the weather person is promising us a whole day of cold, wind, rain and maybe even snow. I am a little obsessed with the weather – I think I may have mentioned it before. Even my blog name is homage to the inexact science of weather prediction. I think I inherited that trait from my Dad – he can tell you exactly how much rain has fallen each month for the last 20 years. When you live in the outback of one of the driest continents on earth it’s hardly surprising that rain becomes a hobby of sorts.

I do love this time of year and I especially love the seasons in Canberra. The last of the trees are changing and in our garden this means the Japanese maple is showing it’s colours. Do you have a favourite season?

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Sydney in Sunshine

Sydney Opera House

Hey, it’s been a little quiet on the blog front but nothing to do with my recent hacking and recreating experience. The boys and I were visiting a friend in Sydney and spent this Wednesday riding buses, ferries (the little one thought we were riding fairies) and trains. It’s so great that public transport can provide so much amusement for small boys. We took the ferry to Manly and they loved the view of the Opera House. I confess that even after 15 years of living there I never tired of it either. Can you believe the beautiful weather we had? I kept humming  the Paul Kelly song “Sydney’s in sunshine but it’s cold as sin…” although it wasn’t at all cold. It was a nice visit but it’s oh so nice to be home.

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Chocolate Anyone?

In our house Easter chocolates appear in nests in the garden on Easter Sunday. They build their nests (and ours) and our little men end up with a giant stash of assorted chocolate. It’s the only day of the year that they can have chocolate with breakfast. I think we are now all overloaded on it – if that’s possible. Here’s a picture of my little man with his stash (the Easter bunny is very organised and fair) and his Mannie bear hot on the trail of the eggs left by the Easter bunny. Happy Easter everyone.

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Can You See The Connection?

I promise this was a happy coincidence. I survived my visit to the handmade market last weekend… it was really busy but I managed to get my lamp from The Owls Are Hunting and even came home with some money in my wallet! My lamp is now sitting on a recycled wooden bookshelf in our family room and on the same wall sits my Party of Nine from Yumi Yumi etsy store. I did not make the connection in the colours until I gave my lamp a home. Do you think we are attracted to certain colours? I’m not sure I could have made this match so well if I tried.

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What’s On Your Bedside Table?

On my way past my bed this morning, it dawned on me that I have a lot of books that I’m part way through at the moment. I always read before I go to sleep and my choice is based on how the mood strikes. This started me thinking… what do other people have on their beside tables? I’d love to know. Here’s my lineup:

  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Steig Larsson– intriguing but I’m such a slow reader.
  • The Canberra Gardener – my garden bible that advises me on where to plant. If only it could teach me how to keep camellias alive and what to do with the dense Canberra soil.
  • Blogging for Bliss by Tara Frey – not a bad read but having working in the web world for more than a decade it didn’t teach me anything new.
  • The Non-Designer’s Design Book by Robin Williams – this is the textbook to the subject I’m studying this semester. I think it’s a funny recommendation for people that are studying graphic design. Having said that it’s been a truly informative book.
  • Designing Logos – The Process of Creating Symbols that Endure by Jack Gernsheimer. A really great book even just for the history of some of the world’s most recognised logos.
  • The last two copies of Real Living – the only magazine I read and too quickly because then I’m always waiting by the mailbox for the next one.
  • The last Hancocks of Paducah catalogue – a visual feast.
  • The Real Living summer cookbook – in case I need a little gastronomic inspiration before bed.

OK – your turn. What’s on your beside table?

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