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Palette and patterns :: fruit

An open pomegranate

Did you know that iStockphoto release a free vector and image each week? Neither did I until I paid attention to the email in my inbox and now I watch out for them. This pomegranate came free a couple of weeks ago and fitted with my current fruit obsession. Something I haven’t done in a long while is a palette and pattern post so I thought I would make them a regular feature again. Now why did I stop?

2 patterns inspired by pears

My two patterns were inspired by the first round of logo development I did a couple of years ago. I came across a very rough single line pear drawing I did when brainstorming ideas for Crimson Pear. I thought it would be fun to reminisce and include it in a pattern. The second one is actually the middle of my current, but soon to be superseded, logo. I created both patterns using Illustrator CS6’s new pattern maker tool, which I’m not sure I completely understand how to drive and while I sit here and type I can see a couple of errors so don’t look too closely.

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Storybook :: Palette and Patterns

Image and 5 colour palette

I had forgotten how much I love making palettes and patterns. This is my first one in a while that started with that great photo titled bring me your colours that I might be with them by I, Timmy over at Flickr. I worked to get 5 colours that seemed to belong together and when I’d found a collection I liked it kind of reminded me of old time story books, which explains the name, in case you were wondering.

Image of floral and geometric patterns

This palette also seemed to work for my ‘Scandi Doodles’ that I’ve been doing this week towards my zine. I had a lot of fun drawing dandelions and other weeds and although my triangles were originally created for a different colour scheme they kind of work with this one. My patterns are Storybook Weeds (top) and All Geometric (bottom) and you’re welcome to recolour them over at ColourLovers. Enjoy!

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Pods revisited :: palette and patterns

Tree pods and colour swatch

I wasn’t very happy with my last attempt at my seeds and pods patterns so I decided to go back to the drawing board. I made a few colour modifications to the pattern template because I felt it would work better with a reduced colour palette. The other change I made was my palette and this time I used this one based on a photo of tree pods I took at the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) Discover Centre. A blogging buddy (yes Miss Robin I’m talking about you) made me promise I would post my changes, so here they are.

Two patterns

My patterns are Seeds take two (top) and Pods again (bottom), you’re welcome to download them and tweak them on ColourLovers. I’m much happier with the Seeds take two as they are a little less busy but I’m still not sure how I feel about the pods. If you have a thought I would love to hear it.

February 27, 2012 \ colour lover \ 2 comments

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Seeds and pods :: palette and patterns

flower with colour palette

I’m not sure why I’m thinking of spring since autumn is approaching for us. I have, however, been thinking of seeds and pods this week ever since picking up a gorgeous tree pod when we were on the beach. I guess these thoughts somehow led me to this gorgeous photo Garden: 0919, Day Lilly by Andy Ciordia. My palette was the basis for my patterns this week.

two small print patterns

To be honest I don’t think either of them are very successful but I think they have potential. This was my attempt at a small print and I will probably go back to the drawing board (or should I say Wacom tablet) to tweak them a little. I think they might be better with a reduced palette, what do you think? Maybe 2 colours or 3 at most. You’re welcome to download or tweak them on ColourLovers, they are Sowing Seeds (top) and Floating Pods (bottom).

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Trellis :: palette and pattern

Colour palette and crochet flowers by Carina Envoldsen-Harris

This adorable picture called Crochet Flowers by Carina Envoldsen-Harris was the source of my palette inspiration today. They just reminded me of spring flowers climbing a trellis. Of course after yesterday’s post I had to make a trellis pattern or two of my own so here are my patterns: Thinking in Circles (top), which I know is not particularly original but it is still a pattern that pleases me. Thinking in Square (bottom) proved to be quite a challenge to get it from Illustrator to Seamless Studio. Click on the pattern image to view the pattern in ColourLovers and you can download them from there as well. Enjoy!

Circle pattern in green, brown, blue and pink

Trellis pattern in blue and brown

January 13, 2012 \ colour lover \ 3 comments

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Palette and pattern :: tiny snowflakes

Palette inspired by frozen berries

It’s been a while since my last palette and I had forgotton how much I enjoy the process. Inspired by the snowflake image by Kathy I set about to create my palette, I paid a little more attention to what I like to think of as geography in an image. This is how much a colour occupies the real estate of the image and what colours immediately jump out at me – squinting helps me with this task. Remembering of course that at ColourLovers you are limited to a palette of 5 colours.

I think though I really enjoyed the beginning to end process of my pattern making this time around using my own hand drawn snowflakes. This was my first attempt and I learned a lot from the exercise. I was very judgemental of my drawings but once I started to incorporate scale and colour they really did reveal something different. My two patterns, which you are welcome to download and use are (top) Snowing Somewhere and (bottom) Primary Snow. If you are a ColourLover you can also use my templates to create a pattern with your own colours. And I’ve just spotted a flaw in the bottom one, can you see it? Oh well.

Handmade patterns

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Palette and patterns :: lightbulbs

Well my light is on it’s way and now I’m planning lighting for the rest of the house. I seem to be somewhat obsessed with luminescence this week so I thought I’d use that obsession for my palette and subsequent patterns. To be honest I like the palette a lot but I don’t think it does anything for my patterns.

Both patterns this week celebrate light and after drawing my light bulb I realised that not too many light bulbs actually have that shape anymore – I’m showing my age. My patterns are Lighting the Way (top) and Lightbulbs (bottom). I think I may have to go back to the drawing board with my colour choices but my patterns have potential.

November 11, 2011 \ colour lover \ 1 comment

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Palette and patterns :: chandelier

This brilliant photo titled Chandelier by the Li Family became my source of palette inspiration this week. I do love creating palettes from photos and there is a little method to madness – or should I say madness to my method. I squint and try to pick the prevalent colours – those that seem to take up most of the image’s real estate. This is actually easier than you think and made even easier with ColourLovers Photocopa tool. As nice as it makes the task it is sometimes easy to get distracted by what the tool selects so my second method is mood, a little harder to define. I select photos by how they make me feel or if I have some kind of reaction to them and then I select the colours based on that feeling. Do you want to make a guess how I was feeling with this image and subsequent palette?

My patterns this week had me exploring the shapes in chandeliers. With the top one, called Luminosity,  I set about to create the curves and perhaps infer the shape of a chandelier. I’m quite fond of the final result and template I created (called Chandelier) has been used quite a lot by other Colour Lovers with such a great range of colour choices. The bottom one, called Watch It Burn, has been a thorn in my side today. This was the 4th attempt at this pattern and what I imagined and what in actuality appeared were very discordant. I’m still not sure how I feel about it but I can’t just show the successes right?


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Palette and patterns :: handwritten

I fell in love with this image by jamelah e. – titled the scroll. She writes great reminiscences about her photos and I implore you to read this one – you won’t be disappointed. I knew it would also make a great palette and the range of colours in this image made it hard to narrow it down to 5 – I do love the final result.

In keeping with my handwritten theme that revealed itself this week I thought I would create two ‘handwritten’ patterns. The top one (below) called Persuasion, is one of my favourite passages from Jane Austen’s Persuasion that I blogged about here a while ago. The font I used is also called Jane Austen from daFont and I turned the passage into an SVG image. The bottom pattern is called Dream. I like them singularly but putting them together doesn’t really do either of them justice. My template for Persuasion, which I called Jane Austen has already been a hit on ColourLovers, with a lot of variations that are much lovelier than mine.

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Palette and patterns :: coffee

OK so I think I’ve  got coffee cups out of my system for a while. My last coffee related post – for this month anyway is my palette inspired by this serene photo Coffee Cup and Book by Rebecca Nichols.

This afternoon I’m off to Rockhampton for 3 days of work. I’m not a fan of travelling for work as it seems to mess with my body and I just miss my boys too much. Hopefully this will be my last work trip for a long time and I make the time away from my little men easier to deal with by imagining the things I can do that are not always possible at home – like have a morning coffee and read a book without interruption.

My patterns inspired by theme and palette are top –  Coffee anyone? and bottom Afternoons and coffee. While I love the palette I don’t think it really captures the serenity of the photo so maybe back to the drawing board. Have a good week, do you have anything special planned?

August 15, 2011 \ colour lover \ 1 comment

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