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Palette and patterns :: stripes

I couldn’t end my week of stripes without a palette and pattern. My palette was inspired by this photo (pictured in partial here) titled Red stripe by Glenn Scott. My pattern designs – my very own stripe (of course) – called Deck chair (left) and Four leaf hearts (right).

I’ve had a fun week of stripes and then in my inbox this morning from Decor8 was a link the stripemania pinterest board – an awesome collection of photos of Decor8 fans and fellow bloggers all wearing stripes. It’s so good to know I’m not alone. Oh and as an aside if you’re in need of something stripey to wear – my absolute favourite shirt is the Stripey Thing from Remo General Store.

August 1, 2011 \ colour lover \ 1 comment

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Palette and patterns :: Japan

I had no photo inspiration for my palette today – just colours chosen on a whim and trying to channel the sometimes garish colours that appear in kimono fabric. Given that the universe seems to be reminding me of Japan this week I thought I’d put my recently purchased Seamless Studio to good use and create my own shapes to create a pattern. It’s taken me a while to wrap my brain around SVG images, much playing around with Illustrator’s Live Trace and I should also say – SO MUCH FUN! My pattern attempts are – on the left – Rising Sun v2 which makes use of Seamless Studio’s built in shapes, and on the right – Kimono – using my very own sakura blossom shapes.


July 23, 2011 \ colour lover \ 1 comment

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Palette and patterns :: France

Oh how I love Colour Lovers – here’s my latest palette which has been aptly named Musee France. Also my pattern attempts – I created the left modern looking Fleur de Lis, which I accidently saved without fixing those three lines in the centre and now they will forevermore bug me. There doesn’t seem any way to edit a pattern template once created and it only gives you a limited amount of shapes to work with which explains why it’s not very authentic looking. The left pattern is called Vestibule.


July 16, 2011 \ colour lover \ 1 comment

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Palette and patterns :: ampersands

Using the gorgeous photo by Ji Young Yoon, I decided to create this candy palette. And in keeping with tradition I also created a couple of patterns but I just wanted to share one of them my aptly named and flowers for you – get it?. What I love about ColourLovers is how others use your pattern templates and it’s so cool to see what they do with your design. I thought I’d include 3 of them and I have to say they did a much better job with their colours.
They are clockwise from top right: Flowers for you (that’s mine), sweet cute sweet ˆˆ&@ , TimeToTweet


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palettes & patterns :: balloons

I have a new love, well maybe an old love renewed. I’m talking about Colour Lovers, my number one source for palette inspiration. It has also become my new source for pattern inspiration and you know how much I love creating patterns. I used colour lovers to create a palette from one of my flickr balloon finds – can you guess which one? Then I used my palette to create two patterns. They are (left) Kiss My Argyle and (right) Caged Bird Sings – click on the images to grab a copy of the patterns.

May 24, 2011 \ colour lover \ 3 comments

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A Lofty Goal to Accomplish

My goal this week is to talk about a goal. If you’re wondering about the weekly challenges they come from 52 Weeks of Blogging Your Passion; eBook and forum from the lovely Tara of Scoutie Girl. My ultimate goal and one of the reasons for the return to study is to print my own fabric. To most maybe not a lofty goal but up until recently I’ve struggled with where to start? I had a few serendipitous moments this week, remember my cleaner (the lovely Lana) who asked me to make her a sakura design? Well in preparation for this I decided to teach myself the art of creating a repeating pattern. That’s my first attempt at the bottom – I’m not in love with it I think it’s too symmetrical but I am pleased that it repeats. Then I discovered Spoonflower and my goal suddenly had a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. I’m hooked and again, by way of experiment, I did the sakura tree (top) and turned it into a repeating pattern on Spoonflower. As a single image again I’m not crazy about it but as a repeat I think it has potential – do you agree? The repeat for this by the way is showing what a yard would look like. So right now I feel like I’m on the base of a big mountain that I definitely have the energy to climb – wish me luck!
P.S. It may be a little quiet on my blog front next week. We are off to the beach and staying in a spot that has no mobile coverage… nice.

January 24, 2010 \ 52 weeks \ 5 comments

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A Trip to Spotlight

My gorgeous friend Rach and I decided to brave Spotlight this afternoon. It really requires a strong constitution as it is such a store of chaos and yet if you are willing to persist you can most times pick up a bargain. I almost became trapped in the rug department. I went armed with my iPhone for inspiration and Rach went with a very long list for all her projects. There is a definite theme to the fabrics that I captured. The middle one I bought but it’s not pink and pale green but actually a very dark brown on a very dark green and I think will make a groovy pair of shorts for my boys.

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