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What says summer to you?

Everything I look at and read at the moment is reminding me that we are in the middle of summer. The snake in the courtyard on Saturday (that was a little bit of drama) reminding me that I live in the bush capital. To be honest I’m not a big fan of summer and my usual mantra is the colder the better but there are some things about summer I just love; mangoes, lychees, nectarines, the beach, the smell of sunscreen, fireworks, alfresco dining, cicadas, salads… just to name a few. What do you love about summer?

About the photo – The Sunbaker by Max Dupain. You may be surprised to learn that this photo was taken in 1937. This photo always speaks to me of hot summer days and I can almost feel the sand between my toes.

January 20, 2011 \ canberra \ 3 comments

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