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Tutorial :: clipping masks & smart object


I have included a quick video tutorial today to explain how I use post formats with clipping masks & smart objects in Photoshop. The reason for this is that I have just created a blog branding kit called Indigo Days that is for sale on my Etsy store. The kit includes four post layout files (amongst other things) for adding some image zing to blog posts.

Working with clipping masks isĀ one of those great discoveries, at least they were for me. Smart objects have been my recent revelation so I thought I’d share how I like to work with them.

Indigo Days blog branding kit

Here’s a little overview of what’s included in the Web & Blog kit, there is a whole lot more than what is featured here.

If you have any clipping mask or smart object questions, leave me a comment.



July 11, 2016 \ screencast \ 0 comments - be the first

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Screencast #1 :: Creating a seamless tiled pattern

Here’s my first screencast, which has been a quest of mine for while now. Working with video file formats and video players has certainly been a learning curve and there’s been much frustration and a few expletives over the last week. My player of choice just wouldn’t play nice (pardon the pun) in Firefox and while I sort that out I’ve presented this one in Flash but if you’d like to watch it offline or on an iPad (or other Webkit browser) you can download it. It’s not very polished but I’m sure I’ll get better over time.

Running Time: 6:46

Direct Download: High Quality, Quicktime .M4V format (Apple TV Ready)


P.S. Let me know if you have any issues with viewing the video.

March 4, 2011 \ screencast \ 7 comments

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First pass with my vintage design

The one thing that has pretty much eluded me with designing is how to create a complex repeating pattern. Not that this attempt is complex but I wanted a brick pattern a per my scribbles. I found a great tutorial on creating a repeating hexagon pattern and applied the technique to this. What you’re looking at here is actually a screen shot of my starting design in Photoshop. The blue lines (the guides) are showing the area that I copied and used to create a pattern.

These are my three designs filled with the pattern and because I couldn’t decide which background colour I liked more I decided to post them all. Which one is your favourite? If you’d like to know exactly how this was done in Photoshop I’d be happy to put together a step by step… just say the word.

January 8, 2011 \ patterns \ 4 comments

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