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Belated Pounce – Cards Cards Cards

Pouncing has taken on a very festive mood of late. I couldn’t resist including all three from a single pounce page as they were all cards – and nice too! It’s really fun doing a pounce so close to Christmas you can see what’s going to be in people’s stockings! These creations are from (top) AmeliaBeth etsy store, (middle) aruricards etsy store and (bottom) tomate d’épingles etsy store. Just lovely!

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Sunday Pounce – Chairs, Rooster and Hen

It was a long time to find the right pounce this morning but this is what I finally landed on. Firstly, the colour and then the chairs – I really have a thing for chairs. I also love the story that went with it .. “This is a picture of Martin the rooster’s beloved chair collection. He’s the kind of guy who can’t drive past a chair on the side of the road without taking it home and fixing it up; well, sometimes fixing it up, a lot of the time they just get added to the ever growing brokeny tree forest in the garage. Miriam the hen finds this all very vexing.”
This gorgeous print is from zukzuk etsy store. Her prints are beautiful and I think I could definitely find a place for this one in my house!

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Sunday Pounce in Yellow

This week’s pounce is this cute cushion from jamtart baby etsy store. Once I find a pounce I like to explore the store a little bit more. Jamtart baby is run by Christina Romeo, this is her selection for the modern baby (and Mum!). For some more really nice pieces have a look at her other etsy store ChristinaRomeo – I especially love the plates. I like her blog also both the name Dogwood Studio and the pictures showing today’s date – go and have a look to see what I mean.

Yellow is catching my eye this week if this spread from the Kikki-K christmas catalogue is anything to go by. I don’t wear yellow as it really looks hideous on me but could I stand to be surrounded by this much yellow?

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Sunday Pounce

I must confess that I was a little less random in my pouncing today. I purposefully went in search of snowflakes and knew that if I just kept hitting the Pounce Again button then something would appear – being so close to Christmas. It didn’t take that long to land on these gorgeous snowflake wall decals from Decorette esty store. And why the snowflake? Well it’s very cold and wet outside and almost 1 week before the official start to the Australian summer there is snow on the ranges surrounding Canberra! I thought it quite funny that Decorette is based in Melbourne. If I get brave enough this afternoon I may even go take some pictures of the snow to post here.

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Sunday Pounce

I couldn’t go past this bicycle charm in today’s pounce. I have a bike mad husband (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and we spent a very small part of this morning watching a criterium that he chose not to take part in. This charm, complete with moving parts, is from Charmed Living etsy store. Sadly I couldn’t spot anymore bicycles but the vintage charms are worth browsing through. I used to collect charms (mostly musical instruments) until I ran out of links on my bracelet which is probably just as well for my the sake of my bank balance.

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Sunday Pounce

It’s been a slow pounce day today. I hit the Pounce Again button many times before I stumbled upon this little star. I have a thing for stars so they will always catch my eye. This pretty little one is the work of d’Pholk Designs etsy store. Besides the stars there are many other cool glass pieces. We like to add a few more ornaments to our Christmas tree each year which always seems to include a star.

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Sunday Pounce

I seem to have an eye for the whimsical at the moment. It’s quite unusual for the first listing in a pounce to catch my eye, but here it is. This cute little glass pendant is from Designs by Linda Nee etsy store. With Christmas just around the corner, or so advertisers would have us believe, this might just be the perfect thing for the office Christmas party. Of course for us in Oz the weather is getting warmer and there is not a snowman in sight but we still are inundated with images of the cold, snowy and Northern Christmas.

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Sunday Pounce

So here’s my find from today’s etsy pounce. This little weirdo, named shaina, is courtesy of susarto etsy store. There are many others and I recommend you go and read about them, they have quite the personalities to go with their unique looks. With my dear friend Reneta having a baby about now (labour started yesterday) and my dear friend Mette due in January a little weirdo may just be the perfect gift.

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Belated Sunday Pounce

Due to my night away in Sydney (it’s alright for some) and celebrating 10 years of, I wasn’t able to do my Sunday pounce. So here it is a little belated. This was truly eye catching, and recently sold. These gorgeous bags are by the RaspberryFairy (aka Alice) and are available from her etsy store Raspberry. I think I love the photo as much as the bag. Thanks by the way to my darling husband for letting me sojourn to Sydney and browse The Rocks markets and go out for breakfast (all the things I used to love to do). It sure was lovely coming home to my boys.

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