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Sweet William – Digital Art

Look what arrived in my inbox yesterday… a Made It newsletter featuring art, digital and otherwise, available on the site. For those that don’t know Made It is Australia’s answer to Etsy. These gorgeous and affordable prints from Sweet William are so lovely, don’t you think? The houses, top left, was featured in the email and it so caught my eye that I had to see more. I could very easily accommodate all of these in our house. I especially love the chairs – because, as you probably know by now I have a thing for chairs. The balloons reminded me of those floating over Canberra on Tuesday morning (and most mornings in winter) on my way to work.

June 12, 2010 \ inspiration \ 1 comment

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Can You See The Connection?

I promise this was a happy coincidence. I survived my visit to the handmade market last weekend… it was really busy but I managed to get my lamp from The Owls Are Hunting and even came home with some money in my wallet! My lamp is now sitting on a recycled wooden bookshelf in our family room and on the same wall sits my Party of Nine from Yumi Yumi etsy store. I did not make the connection in the colours until I gave my lamp a home. Do you think we are attracted to certain colours? I’m not sure I could have made this match so well if I tried.

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Going crazy at Etsy

I have been having a lovely time browsing Etsy lately and in the process have bought myself a couple of housewarming presents. This one completes my Utensils collection. My eldest chose this one, I couldn’t decide between the spatulas and the egg beaters so he chose the egg beaters. It was such a good choice that he thought he deserved a star on his star chart! This comes from my favourite Etsy store – Studio Mela.
This was the second (and final) purchase from a store called the yumi yumi shop. This is my Party of Nine. I love these happy little owls and their big sparkly eyes. I haven’t worked out where it will go in the new house, but where ever it ends up I’m sure it will make me smile.

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I Love Your Spoons

Look what arrived in the mail today! A birthday present from my dear friend Lane in Atlanta. A gorgeous print from one of my absolute favourite Esty sellers – Studio M. I think this one belongs in the kitchen – what do you think? Now I’ll just have to increase my collection with the ‘I Love Your Spatulas’ and ‘I Love Your Forks’ prints. Just beautiful – thank you for thinking of me.

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The Little Family

I have just discovered Etsy. So much talent and so many beautiful pieces, I have literally spent hours browsing. This print by Studio M is on it’s way to me from Minnesota! It’s called The Little Family and besides the colours, which I love, it just reminded my of my little family. I can’t wait to choose a frame and put it on my wall.

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