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Working on :: a treasure hunt

Mixed media art piece

The instruction from our lecturer was this – ‘Find/glean/imagine/gather/scavenge/ locate/borrow/steal/ download these images as you wish from ANY source’. The images had to number 30 and we were given a list 50 things/objects to choose from e.g. a dog. Then we had to assemble it into a book made from 6 large sheets of glasseine paper and make use of the transparent nature of the paper to create a whole image on each page, keeping in mind that what appears on other pages can also affect the whole. What you’re looking at above is my front cover done with collage, charcoal, pen and ink, sharpie and aquarelles.

Mixed media work page 2

For those that know me well, you’ll know that I’m organised and a little bit structured in my approach to most things, there’s a word for people like me. I’m not super fond of random except out of my iPod and so placing and changing seemingly unrelated items was quite a terrifying prospect that I dealt with by undertaking a serious amount of procrastination.

Mixed media work page 3

But once I started… oh my! This is such a wonderfully liberating thing to do and was designed to teach us the gestalt principle – that we approach the whole before seeing the details. So our task was to try and create some balance and unity for the unrelated. We were also encouraged to use different media and out of everything the pen and ink and my trusty Pilot G7 became my favoured tools.

Mixed media page 4

My final work is by no means a thing of greatness but I suspect the idea was more about the process than the product and I’m glad I got over my procrastination to lesson learned.

Your turn, have you ever had to do something you thought would be a waste of time and turned into a wonderful experience? I would love to know.

March 19, 2013 \ design \ 10 comments

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Fabric print sequel and fail

Hand screen printed and digital fabric

So I’ve been working towards some Christmas presents for my 3 best girlfriends. I thought I would make use of the fabric I printed earlier this year if you remember… and make a complimentary fabric that I would print at Spoonflower. Well this is a case of best laid plans and diminishing time frames and massive miscalculations. My colours came back perfectly thanks to the Spoonflower Colour Map,  but somehow my ‘small’ print became a ‘massive’ print and while it really matches my hand printed fabric the print is really too large to use side by side as I had planned. Somewhere along the line my fat quarter became a yard and well you can judge for yourself with the fabric on the right. Hmmm… so what to do?

Now that I’m the proud owner of a invisible zipper foot for my sewing machine I thought maybe I could use one fabric for the front and one for the back of a cushion cover, what do you think? I’ll make one and show you the results.

P.S. I have since corrected my bad calculation and uploaded a print that is much much smaller, you can view it and even buy it at Spoonflower.

November 29, 2012 \ design \ 1 comment

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Speaking of yellow…


I was so inspired by my yellow post yesterday I decided to do another one today. It’s slightly warm outside, I’ve just come back from the most amazing yoga class and I’ve discovered a single yellow freesia blooming in the garden. I dug out some pictures I took a few weeks ago when I started to really use all the dials on my camera. I setup a ‘studio’ in our very sunny family room with some foam core board, a piece of scrap fabric, a Mason glass jar and some freesias. The results are quite good and I sure did learn a lot from the exercise. What’s inspiring you today? I’d love to know.

October 28, 2010 \ inspiration \ 1 comment

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A Recent Failure

Bed Quilt Project

I started this quilt before moving and finished it just after we bought our new house. It was a fitting ‘house warming’ present for our new home. One small problem… as good as I like to think my maths is, something went awry in converting this pattern from a small lap quilt to one that would fit a queen bed. It never did sit right and you would think even when laying it out on our bed (above) that I would have figured that out. Regardless I persisted in putting it on our bed and we happily made our bed with this ill fitting quilt for about 6 months. Then one day… the cyclist accidentally put it on the wrong way, and guess what, it fits much better. It did not even occur to me to try this – he’s so clever. Has this ever happened to you?


July 16, 2010 \ 52 weeks \ 3 comments

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A Lofty Goal to Accomplish

My goal this week is to talk about a goal. If you’re wondering about the weekly challenges they come from 52 Weeks of Blogging Your Passion; eBook and forum from the lovely Tara of Scoutie Girl. My ultimate goal and one of the reasons for the return to study is to print my own fabric. To most maybe not a lofty goal but up until recently I’ve struggled with where to start? I had a few serendipitous moments this week, remember my cleaner (the lovely Lana) who asked me to make her a sakura design? Well in preparation for this I decided to teach myself the art of creating a repeating pattern. That’s my first attempt at the bottom – I’m not in love with it I think it’s too symmetrical but I am pleased that it repeats. Then I discovered Spoonflower and my goal suddenly had a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. I’m hooked and again, by way of experiment, I did the sakura tree (top) and turned it into a repeating pattern on Spoonflower. As a single image again I’m not crazy about it but as a repeat I think it has potential – do you agree? The repeat for this by the way is showing what a yard would look like. So right now I feel like I’m on the base of a big mountain that I definitely have the energy to climb – wish me luck!
P.S. It may be a little quiet on my blog front next week. We are off to the beach and staying in a spot that has no mobile coverage… nice.

January 24, 2010 \ 52 weeks \ 5 comments

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Quilting: A fine example of chaos theory

I have long held the theory that quilting is actually chaos theory in action. A small error in measuring or in my case in calculating yardage can result in a completely unexpected outcome. Maybe not of the magnitude of a cyclone caused by butterfly wings but try telling that to the quilter. Here is what is currently occupying my sewing table.

A very long line of stacks of six 10″ squares that is my latest quilt project and goes against everything I have done previously. Firstly everything is curved, these squares are cut into four pieces using lines drawn freehand as a guide.
This randomness is both liberating and just a little bit nerve wrecking for me. I’ve always dutifully followed patterns that involve squares and at most the odd triangle but never curves. Then comes the task of mixing the pieces up and sewing them back together, but they don’t go back together they end up a puckered and misaligned mess, which is normal and encouraged according to the pattern.
So now I have a stack that needs clipping and ironing and trimming down to size because these blocks were never destined to be 10″ squares. This is as far as I’ve got and I’m certain the result will be wonderful but the process is well… chaotic.

January 7, 2010 \ 52 weeks \ 1 comment

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Meet the Baron

My latest and way overdue acquisition. The final piece in my workspace puzzle. This is the Baron chair and it is even more comfortable than it looks! Ordering it was a lot of fun as I was dealing with a company that aren’t accustomed to selling one chair; their specialty is workplace fit outs for large organisations. I talked them into it! My darling husband was a little horrified at the price and tried to convince me that I didn’t need the Rolls Royce of chairs. I assured him that had I wanted the Rolls Royce I would have gone for the Herman Miller Aeron chair. My Baron is more like the Porsche of the chair world and if I ever tire of it then it’s 97% recyclable, how cool is that?

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Celebrations, Smiles and Frowns

What a week it has been! We celebrated the boys 4 and 6 birthdays last Saturday complete with jumping castle and castle cake. Note to self – never let them choose another cake that has royal blue icing. It’s really not an attractive food colour and it gets on everything! Saturday was also the arrival of the final pieces of my desk puzzle so I finally got to put it together on Sunday. I’ve still got a little bit to do and I had to compromise on the silver legs but I do like the industrial looking drawers. The frowns for the week came from a supreme act of stupidity on my part. I decided to rebuild my computer and thought I’d backed everything up but it turns out I hadn’t. So I inadvertently purged myself of many years worth of collecting web links and not so useless documents. Swampfire (my big boy’s alien in the bottom picture) was just menacing enough to remind me of my ordeal and I have carpet burn on my elbow from throwing myself on the floor in a dramatic turn upon the realisation that everything was gone. The only saving grace was all pictures were on a different drive. I’m trying to convince myself that this really is a blessing in disguise.

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My Work Space

OK… so maybe not the best photo in the world but try and picture it! This was a built-in wardrobe that the woman who owned the house before us had converted it into a sewing nook. I thought it would make a nice space for my computer and persisted for 6 months but the ‘desk’ she had in there was just too narrow so I pulled it out. This is my first time to paint in our new house and I went for an inspiring shade of green. The white gaps will be home to cork sheets so I will have enough space for all my notes, ideas and inspiration. I’ve just finished the first coat of paint for the trimming and am getting quite asphyxiated on the smell I think I had better leave the room.

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